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The Best of Friends

By Ash, age 13, Year 8th, School, Blanchard, Oklahoma

Ding, dong. "I'll get it," yelled eleven year old Allison Nichelson. Allison dashed to the door, excitedly, to see who it was. She looked out the window. "Yes, it's Jamie!" exclaimed Allison. Jamie Yuler was Allison's best friend, who also happened to be eleven years old, just like Allison. Allison opened the door and greeted Jamie even before she could say anything. "Hi, Jamie!" exclaimed Allison.

"Hello, Alli," Jamie said back. "I was wondering. Would you like to come to my house?" asked Jamie.

"Sure," replied Allison. "I'll go ask my mom." Allison hurried up the stairs. She barged into her mother's room. "Mom, mom! Can I go to Jamie's house?" asked Allison.

"Sure," her mother answered.

Allison hurried back downstairs. "Let's go!" she said.

"Be back by 5:30!" her mother shouted as Allison ran out the door.

As soon as they got to Jamie's house, they ran up the stairs and went into Jamie's room.

"I need to talk to you about something really important, Alli," began Jamie. "Well, you know how my family really likes Arizona, right? This year when we go on vacation, we are going to stay there longer. Longer than we usually do," Jamie said in an uncomfortable voice.

"How much longer?" asked Allison

"A lot longer. What I'm trying to say is...well...I'm moving to Arizona," Jamie announced, in a very sad voice.

"When?" asked Allison, almost crying.

"In eight months," answered Jamie. By then, the two girls were both crying, with their arms crossed, each staring at their own newly wallpapered wall.

As soon as the girls were done crying, Jamie was the first to speak. "How do you like my room?" Jamie asked, still in an uncomfortable voice. Jamie's mother had recently put up new daisy wallpaper and painted the walls yellow, hoping to make people more interested in their house. The Yulers also made many other improvements in the house to attract people to their home.

"Do you remember when we, Allison?" Jamie asked.

"Sure I do! I remember that day like it was just yesterday," answered Allison, forgetting all about what Jamie had told her.

"It was our first day of second grade," Jamie told Allison.

"You were in a race with all your friends from first grade. And I was walking through the field," added Allison. Allison had been new to the school in second grade. Jamie had attended the school since pre-school.

"When all of a sudden, I ran into you and we both fell down," Jamie said laughing.

"The next day we both had black eyes. Ever since, we've been the best of friends!" Allison said, smiling ear to ear.

"Allison!" shouted Mrs. Yuler, "You have to go home now. It's 5:30!"

"Uh, Oh," Allison said, worrying that her mother would be upset. Mrs. Nichelson got really worried when Allison was even a few minutes late. "I have to go. Bye, bye," Allison said, while rushing out the door.

That night, Allison and Jamie were both up crying. Allison decided she wanted to call Jamie to talk about the move. Ring! Ring! Jamie picked up the phone. "Hello?" Jamie said in a very tired voice.

"Hi, Jamie. I called to tell you that I was up crying last night. I don't know how I will survive without you!" Allison told Jamie.

"Me, too!" Jamie said.

"Well, it's kind of early," Allison said.

"We really should get going," replied Jamie.

"Bye, Jamie," Allison said while yawning.

After eight miserable months of hours on the phone and many sad sleepovers, It was finally time for Jamie to leave for Arizona.

"I am going to miss you sooooooo much, Jamie!" said Allison.

"I am going to miss you, too, Alli!" said Jamie.

"Allison!" shouted her father. Allison ran over.

"Yes, Dad?" asked Allison.

"Well, I just go a call from work. They said they want to transfer me to a store in Arizona," Mr. Nichelson whispered into her ear.

"YES! I'm so happy!" Allison exclaimed.

"But it's not until one year," explained her father.

"It's better than nothing," Allison said while running off to tell Jamie. On the way, Allison did four back-hand springs in a row. Alli and Jamie had been taking gymnastics together for four years now. "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!" shouted Allison. "You won't believe what I'm about to tell you!"

"What, What?" Jamie said excitedly.

"I'm moving to Arizona, too!" Allison said so excited at the moment, she felt like crying. Jamie got out of the car and the two girls hugged each other. "Oh, I forgot one thing," Allison added, "It won't be for one year." The girls just sat there for a minute.

"I can't wait!" they both said together!



By Allyson, age 12, St. Luke's School, New York City, USA

Elements of Life

I cry
Tears pierce my soul
Emotions run rapid
Joy, love, and grace can only describe
My life

Live & Learn

Tears never burned so badly
They pierce your skin like the vicious bite of a leech
It crawls all over you with no remorse
It's your friend
It's your enemy
It's your heartbreak


By Kirsti, age 9, Riverbend School, Springfield,OR, USA

There was a dog
Who had a bone and dropped it in the river.
He dived down under
Couldn't find it
And ran back home for another.

The Diary

By Kerri, age 12, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


Shara is dead.

I am not going to be one of those people who gets you to really come to like someone, then kills their character off at the end. I don't like that kind of book. So just for the record, Shara is dead. She was murdered and there is nothing else to it.

In life, Shara had been a great person. She was an active Student, and a all around good person. Her life ended before her time. I know why. I am going to tell you her story and I hope it teaches you something.


March 26, 1999 3 A.M.

A terrifying gunfire rang out from Shara's bedroom. Neighbors quickly notified the police, but it was no use. By the time they got there, it was too late. Shara was gone. Devastation hit everyone. Her parents, me, my family, me, the town, me; mostly me. I tried to run into the house; but the police blocked me. They said it was to horrifying for me to see. They turned their backs and walked away, and I sneaked in. They were right. It was horrifying. Her lifeless body laid on the ground. The stench of blood hung in the air of the house. I tried my best to stay composed; but the scene got to me. I ran to her body; but I tripped on something square. No one is about, for all of them have gone to comfort her parents, so I took the square object. It's her diary.


March 26, 1999 4 A.M.

I was dumbstruck. Here, in my hands lay a crucial piece of her life. It may even be a even more crucial piece of evidence. I started to fiddle with the little lock on the side of the diary. It opens right away. It was cheap. I looked at the 500 pages filled with Shara's neat scrawl. I looked at the first date to see when she had started it. It had been in last November. I was sort of shocked. To finish 500 pages in a matter of months was pretty amazing. I read the first page. It was a bunch of stuff I didn't understand. It was very deep, and I didn't get it. Not that I am THAT shallow... but maybe just a little. I decided that if she had written it, then I was going to get to the bottom of this by reading her diary. It was what she would have wanted; wasn't it? I figured so, and went to reading.

Her entries were all about the basically the same thing. They spoke of her hiding her true feelings, and never telling anyone how unhappy she was. Or at least, I think that's what they were about. As I said, she was a lot more deep then me. Her entries mentioned me as "the reason worth living" and "my light to carry on". It was flattering, but also scary. What did she mean? I wasn't sure that I wanted to know.

Not all her entries included just me. Many included her enemies. She wrote of weird twisted things she would do to make them pay if she made it through. I was baffled for two reasons. Shara had always been someone who said revenge was not the key. She seemed to hate it when people did that, so why was she talking of doing it herself? I shook the thought to the back of my mind. She was probably just blowing off steam. I went on. There was nothing to explain what she meant by "made it through". As I was getting to the next entry, a heard someone entering the house. I quickly did my best to stuff the little book into my trousers, and then climbed out the window as not to be seen.



March 26, 1999 6:30 A.M.

I ran as quickly as I could back to my house. When I flew into the door, the only face I saw was my cat's. I figured that my parents had gone to Shara's parents to comfort them. I flew to my room and flung the little book on my bed. At first, I was afraid to touch it. I didn't want to know who had killed her; but I knew that I had to do it for her; I had to. I sat down on my bed and reluctantly opened the little book. I felt I was trespassing on her guarded secrets. I forced myself to look down upon the page and read further.

It seemed to be hours between the time I started reading and the time I couldn't take it any more. I tried my hardest to convince myself it was for the best; but I found that hard to believe. The more I read, the more it didn't make sense, so how was it going to help for the best? I felt like an overworked energizer bunny; I had to keep going and going, and it just wasn't any fun. Still I read on.


April 2, 1999 1:00 A.M.

I had been reading the diary for a whole week. I was incredibly irritated at Shara. If she had been so unhappy, why hadn't she told me? I could have helped her. She had been such an idiot. Tangling with those people who in her Diary were her enemies.

The word "were" struck me like one-thousand knives. She was no longer here. She was a memory. I closed the little book and looked at the clock. It was 1:17 A.M. I laid the little book next to my bed, and tried to get some sleep. This would all seem better in the morning.


April 3, 1999 10:00 A.M.

I wasn't right. It seemed worse than ever. My best friend's killer was out on the loose, and Shara had had so many enemies, it was impossible to blame just one. I pressed on in her Diary; determined that today would be the day I figured out who it was. Of course, I had been saying that every day for over a week and where had it gotten me? Nowhere, that's where. It took me awhile, but I finally decided I needed to keep reading her diary. In the first sentence something caught my eye... I repeated the sentence to myself and then thought about it hard.

Dear Diary,
The day of my departure is drawing nearer.

Was she talking of the departure from the world? If she had known someone was going to kill her, why didn't she say something. I kicked myself for being stupid. Because if she did they would still kill her. I knew then that someone in the diary had killed her. I read the names of the people she listed in her diary again and again. The facts weren't coming together. None of these people had a real motive. Sure they didn't like Shara, but that was no reason to just kill her out of nowhere. It must have been blackmail. It was the most sensible thing that I could come up with. It was the only thing that I could come up with.



May 6, 1999 3:30 P.M.

I had managed to avoid the diary for a month. I was scared of it; scared of finding out what had happened. I was just plain scared. One day I knew that I had to read it. In that first week, I had managed to read over half. I had pushed myself to read it to much. Now I knew I had to finish it. I did everything I could to stall, but it was no use. I gave in and read another entry. The more I read, the more her entries grew worse. Always talking about how the end was near. I knew she must have been going insane, there must have been something wrong, but she hid it to well in life for me to notice.


May 8. 1999 10:15 P.M.

I had just finished the diary. I was now thoroughly scared. I was also incredibly ticked off. Somewhere out there my best friend's killer was walking free, having a normal life after she or he had destroyed so many others. How could that person live from day to day? How could they go on as if they didn't do something so heinous? It made me sick to my stomach to think about it. The stupid diary hadn't helped at all. It had just given me a list of suspects longer than the Constitution! I was so angry, and so frustrated. I didn't know what I was doing. The next thing I knew I was hurling the little book across my room.



May 8, 1999 10:25 P.M.

It broke. It had been so cheap that it broke in half. As I retrieved the broken pieces, I noticed something about the front cover. It had been sewn up in an expert manner. I had never known that Shara could so, but I knew that this was strange, so I got out a pocket knife and sliced open the seems.

A note in neat scrawl fell out. I picked it up from the ground and read it aloud to myself:

To whomever (if anyone ever does) finds this:
My name is Shara. This is my suicide confession. If you read the diary, you can tell I was unhappy. I don't know if this problem is fixable so this is why I am killing myself. Please tell Tony that it's not his fault, and then tell my parents the same. Sometimes they were the only things that kept me going. But I have worn out my welcome. I have only one true friend and that is not enough for me to change my mind. I don't blame anyone but myself. Goodbye.
Shara Grove.

Guess who was Tony...

I broke down crying. There had been many hints. I had been so thick-headed. I had known that somebody in the diary had killed her, I just never expected her to do it herself. I had been right about one thing. She had been murdered. She had been murdered by herself.


The Tragedy 'Delight'

By Laura, age 12, Colbayns High School, Clacton-on-sea in the U.K

The boat which was called Delight was just about to leave the port. There was four people riding on the boat, Amy, Matt, Liam and their father Josh.
People were shouting "Good luck" and cheering to the family. Josh and Matt had been preparing their boat for this very special moment. They came from Dublin and were going to sail to Lisbon which is near Portugal. It seemed pretty far to the people not going but to the family it didn't. They had sailed before but not on their own made boat. It could sink but they had put all their faith into this boat and they were sure it wouldn't sink.
They had set off at around 11:00am they wouldn't get there for at least 2 days because the boat wasn't that fast in sailing and the seas would get rough and slow them down. People that didn't go had watched the T.V and had discovered that there was a huge storm it was heading towards them and would probably go past Lisbon and Portugal. That was were the boat was going. The next few hours were like living in a small wooden box with no holes in for Josh's wife and the children's Mum. She was called Andrea.
"Dad look ahead what's that?" shouted Matt over the loud strong winds.
"Looks like a storm get Liam and Amy into the bottom of the boat. Quick!!"
Matt had led Amy and Liam down into the bottom of the boat and told them not to move. Amy and Liam just sat on the table and talked. "Matt put the sails down!"
Matt did this. Josh was watching the storm hoping it would turn away, but it didn't it was coming straight for them. They couldn't turn the boat away now because it was to late.
The storm hit them, tipping the boat side to side with water pouring onto the deck of the boat the winds were so strong that you couldn't hear anyone shout, scream or even talk. It was the most scary moment of their lives but it wasn't over yet....
"Mattttttt" shouted Josh in his loudest voice.
Matt had fallen overboard.
"Matt I'm coming!!"
Josh had jumped in after Matt and basically saved his life.

They made it to Lisbon and rang Andrea and told them what had happened. They went back to Dublin they decided to go a more safer way this time. While Matt recovered from shock Amy and Liam played for hours and made little models of boats. They didn't understand what had happened.
Andrea was happy when they all came home the first thing she said was:
"Well I'm glad you're home safe and well!"
"SO ARE WE!!!"
There was huge celebrations and parties that the Bell family were safe and well and guess what their party theme was..... BOATS!!!!!

"I hope you all enjoyed my story!!!!"
Lurve Laura xxxxxx


By Christopher, age 13, England

A lightning-bringer
A rain-bringer
A thunder-singer
A sound-maker
A natural-disaster

The Deep Blue Sea

By Chloe, age 9, Mourya, N.S.W., Australia

I am the sea.
Please listen to me.
As I can hear the sea.
People love me.
Driftwood with seaweed floating all over me.
As you see.
So please don't pollute me.
Shipwrecks, treasure chests, sunken in me.
But please! I like to keep the world clean.
I have fish, sea creatures that are diving in and out of me.
Coral colourful and bright living in the depths of the sea.
Divers diving through me.
The sun up above me and a slight breeze.
Please look after me.
Don't pollute me.
As I am the deep blue sea.

The Beautiful Butterfly

By Maria, age 7, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful butterfly. Her name was Kim. Every butterfly was wanting to be like Kim. But there was a caterpillar in the town too. But none of the butterflies wanted to be like him. One day the caterpillar was walking down the street when BOOOM!
The caterpillar smashed right into Kim!
He didn't know what to do in front of the prettiest butterfly in the town of Bugsville. So he just said "Sorry," and walked away.
Kim didn't mind at all. Just then the caterpillar was on a leaf spinning a cocoon! He stayed there for 6 days. On the sixth day, the caterpillar cracked the cocoon in 2 pieces!!!!!! Then he was a beautiful butterfly like Kim only better!

Earth calling Lulu

By Ellie, age 9, Leicester, England

Earth calling Lulu
your head is in the clouds,
Your homework's down the toilet
And your drink is down your blouse!

Earth calling Lulu
Listenings not your thing,
The only thing you think about is...well...nothing!

Earth calling Lulu
Your head is hollow,
Don't get out of your chair dear,
There's much, much more to follow.

Earth calling Lulu
Your always half asleep.
Is it hard to sleep at night?
Try counting sheep.

Earth calling Lulu
Just one more thing to add.
The history you did today wasn't too bad!

The noise

By Chris, age 13, England, Macclesfield Cheshire

The creak of a shack, wooden and old,
The crash of the seas, icy and cold,
The crack of a cane, the scream of a child,
The claw of the wind, vicious and wild.

The snap of a ruler, broken and bent,
The squelch of some mud, my feet make the dent,
The slither of a snake, the echo of a roar,
The slap of my hand, the slam of the door.

My Cat, The Poem

By Chris, age 13, England, Macclesfield Cheshire

My cat Jim was born in may, soon his nine lives would fade away.
My cat Jim likes apple pies, he ate too much and nearly died.
My cat Jim likes to make dens, he suffocated in there and nearly died again.
My cat Jim he likes to fly, he flew too high and nearly died.
My cat Jim he plays with knives, he threw it too high
And nearly died.
My cat Jim he likes to dive he went too deep and nearly died.
My cat Jim he climbed a tree, he fell out of there and nearly died again.
My cat Jim likes to play with fire, he got burnt there and nearly died again.
My cat Jim he always cries, he cried too much and nearly died.
My cat Jim he went into the road, he got knocked over there and died.
My cat Jim has lost all his lives all because of those apple pies.

What's in my diary?

By Amna, age 12, Sialkot Cantt, Pakistan

What's in my diary.
My alarm clock's ringing
Wake up in the morning
Have a bath,
And follow the path to school.
Sometimes weather is cool
Or sometimes hot.
My teacher says
Work hard a lot.
I come back home.
Read a book or
Help to cook
Rice which are rather nice.
I help her to bake
A cake
Or I go for fishing in the lake.
Go to sleep
Order comes from my dad.
Put that heap of toys
And I go back to sleep.

The Rise and fall of Martin Timpson

By Ashley, age 13, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

This is a story about a man called Martin; Martin was a Man who lived in London in an old flat with his girl friend, Deborah. The flat was grubby and the landlord as an old woman that words "being nice" didn't come in to her vocabulary. Martin was a bit low on cash reserves.
And his job was a shop assistant in an old shop what hadn't had a customer in the last 50 years, so he decided to put a pound on the lottery.

Four years later Martin had won about Thirty pounds. One day he watched the T.V and on the National lottery update he noticed he had quite a lot of numbers. Martin had won Seven hundred and fifty pounds so he threw a big party and got drunk. The next day he thought what to do with the money but he found it difficult to do so with a hang over so he went to bed. When he got up he had and idea -- to start a business so he did so but it wasn't doing so well so he hired a new chief executive.

Martin joined the navy and was away for four years but when he got back the company was a major corporation and it had made millions! In fact he had made Three and a half million pounds martin went out and bought a massive house and a Red Ferrari. Seven years later his financial advisor said that he was loosing money and fast so he had to sell the business and move out of his house, The Ferrari was nicked!

Martin had two hundred thousand pounds in the bank so he bought a nice house with a Ford Mondeo and had a job as a technician. Martin was back to a normal life with a normal car and a normal bank account.

Martin Lived in that house for 40 years and had a son, then he moved out and lived in a cottage for 15 years and died at the age of 75. Martin was cremated and his ashes scattered over the Dover cliffs.

His son joined the army and was killed in action.

The holey path

By Jack, age 11, Highfield Primary School, Nottingham, England

As I was walking along it seemed to be a usual day. When all of a sudden the path started to move. I was really scared when the path dropped. I was hanging on for dear life.

I pulled myself up and stared to run but some more of the path started to move and all of the path started to drop behind me

I was running for my dear life. I got to the end and it was a dead end. And I was stuck.

I seen a boy on top, he helped me up just in time and when I turned around he was gone.

I ran home and I was wondering where the boy had gone

When I got home I told my mum all about it.


By Mpumelelo, age 12, Bindura Primary School, Bindura, Zimbabwe

Our car had broke down. We had no choice but to sieep in a unusual motel. The moon was full and the smell of a werewolf was floating in the air. You could hear frightening noises from the basement.

'WOO WOO...'were the sounds that rang in our now swollen ears. For a second I thought it was Halloween because of the beasts we saw outside.

A strange smell of fire was all over. The lights switched on and off constantly. Papers from the floor started floating.

We hid in terror. It seemed as if a troop of ZOMBIES was coming towards the motel. All we could do was pray for a short night.

The next morning we found our selves sleeping besides our car on the parking lot. The motel was nowhere to be seen. Our only clue of its existence was the blankets. We told ourselves that it was haunted. Believe it or not!

The End

The Zombie Frogs

By Jessica, age 12, Arkansas, USA

There are a lot of frogs in Greenwood, Arkansas. Every night you could hear the frogs while going to sleep. That night, though, the frogs were louder than ever and making stranger "ribbots" than usual. Some people liked to leave their bedroom windows open so they can listen to the frogs. Joan Quinn said, "I wonder why the frogs sound so strange tonight." Her window was open.

The next day someone found Joan dead and called the police. All the police found was a little bite on the back of her right hand. Another victim was found later with the same bite in the same place.

Every day there was another victim. People had noticed that the frogs still sounded strange. They were also getting bigger, but no one thought much of it.

While the police were searching for a clue to the mysterious deaths, they found an ugly, crazy looking old man. He was having a slug sandwich and saying, "Slugs are very good for you. You fellas ain't lookin' so well; maybe you should have some, too."

Weeks went by, and more and more deaths occurred. Loni, a girl in Greenwood and Joan's next-door neighbor, was spying on the old man.

"Tomorrow is Halloween!" he yelled. "Come, my zombie frogs. Tomorrow night you shall feast!" Loni was afraid, and she told the police what had happened as soon as she could.

It was a small town, and soon everyone knew of the ugly old man. On Halloween night, no one at all trick-or-treated. They were too afraid of the zombie frogs. Police secretly guarded every house.

Suddenly there was a cackle from one of the houses. An officer left his post to see what had happened. While he was gone, his house was unguarded. A cackle was heard from that house. People in both houses and two officers were dead. Each had the same strange bite on their hand. Now they knew it was the old man and the frogs that were committing the murders. There was no death warning because you could hear the frogs everywhere.

The police kept trailing the man and the frogs house to house, death to death. Finally, a policeman found a pattern the man was using. They were able to reach the next house just before him. After a struggle, they caught the old man. Three policemen died trying to kill the frogs. They forced the old man to tell how many frogs there were. He replied, "Twelve, but you'll never be able to kill them." All twelve frogs, however, were found in the house and finally killed.

The old man went to trial, and the judge decided he should be in an insane asylum. They found out he was concerned the frogs would starve, so he taught a dozen of them to drink blood. He had hoped these would teach the others.

He was never heard from again, but people in Greenwood, Arkansas, don't leave their windows open even to this day.

The Animal Friends

By Liana & Dominic, age 8 & 6, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Once upon a time, there was a bear named Cubbie. He wanted to go to the park and go on a walk. So he decided to go the long way to the park because it was like a walk. On the way, Cubbie met a cat named Amber. Amber said, "What is your name?"
"My name is Cubbie," said the bear.
"Where are you going?" The cat asked.
"I'm going to the park. Do you want to come with me?"
"Yes, I would love to go to the park."
So Amber hopped on Cubbie's back and they were on their way.
Soon, they met up with a dog named Doby. He said, "What is your name?"
"Our names are Cubbie and Amber." Then Cubbie said "Would you like to come with us to the park?"
"Yes, I would be happy to. Thank you." So the three of them began to go to the park.
After a long time Doby noticed a duck swimming in a lake. The duck was named Quackers. So the three of them said their names, Cubbie, Amber, and Doby. Then they told the Duck to join them at the park. So Quackers went on Doby's back, and they were on their way again.
They had to walk around the pond so they could get to the other side, because there was no bridge. When they were half way around the pond, they saw a swan. "Hello swan," said the duck. "Our names are Cubbie, Amber, Doby, and Quackers. What is yours?" "Mine is Gracie. Nice to meet you, but where are you going?"
"We are going to the park," said Doby. Now they were around the pond and they were at a farm. There, they met a frog who was sitting by a puddle, saying "Croak." Then he turned to them and said, "What do you need?"
"Well, we wanted to see if you would like to join us at the park. The bear is Cubbie, the cat is Amber, the dog Doby and the duck is Quackers, and the swan is. What is your name?"
"Mine is Smoochy." So all of them moved on. Then they noticed a big plump pig, whose name was Squeeler. They said to him, "Would you care to join us at the park?"
"Oh, I would love to, but first let me get a snack."
"We can see the rest of the farm while we wait for you, but before we go I think we should say our names," said Gracie. " I am Cubbie," said Cubbie in a low voice. "I am Amber," said Amber, showing off. "You can't forget me! I am Doby, the wonderful dog."
"That's enough Doby. My name is Quackers and that's Gracie. Gracie! Don't drink the ox's water! He'll kill you!"
"You already know me," said the frog. "So let's get on our way to see the rest of the farm!" So off they went. They saw a donkey, but he didn't want to come, and they skipped the ox because he'd kill Gracie, so they went to the barn. There, they met a cow named Daisy who came with them, and they met two handsome and beautiful horses named Black Beauty, a boy, and White Beauty. But White Beauty could not come because of the baby she was going to have. Then Cubbie said, "Can you come Black Beauty?"
"Oh yes, I can come, as long as I can get back at around six o' clock." So they agreed that he would be back soon. Then they went to pick up Squeeler, and they were glad he was done with his snack. Then they went to the park. When they finally they got there, Gracie and Quackers went to the swing while Cubbie went on the slide. Smoochy went on the monkey bars. Squeeler went on the tire-swing, and then decided he wanted to jump through. Black Beauty wanted to run, so when everybody was bored they played baseball. After that, the animal friends went home.
Before they went to their different houses, the friends decided that they would meet together tomorrow for another fun time with the animal friends.

The Two Dachshunds

By Roseanne, age 11, Westwood Basics Plus School, Irvine, CA, USA

Once there was a Dachshund named Oscar, and he was a light- brown Dachshund. He loved to play all day, but since he was a stray, he had to avoid the pound truck all the time.
As he walked back on Diamond Alley, he spotted Ms. Welt, the bossy Maine Coon. "How are you, Oscar, you little twit?" She asked.
"Oh I'm fine." Oscar replied, holding on to his anger.
Oscar walked deeper into the alley, and spotted the Mutt family. There was a female Jack Russell, Smax, and her husband the Chihuahua, Pepe, and their three puppies.
"How do, Oscar?" Pepe asked.
"Fine." Oscar replied.
"Hi, Uncy Oscar." Pinty, the youngest puppy said.
"How are ya?" the middle- aged one, Sarah, asked.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!" the oldest one, Mak said smiling.
Oscar grinned.
" Bye, Oscar!" Smax called as Oscar left.
Oscar went back to his "pack". There was Milo, the frisky Cocker Spaniel, Chico the clumsy Great Dane, and Mira, the Irish Setter. "Hey ya, Oscar!" Milo said, slapping his paw against his back.
"Fine." Oscar moaned.
"Ooooooo. Oscar's love struck again." Mira cooed, "with that Dachshund Amber, the house pet?".
"Yeah," Oscar sighed tiredly.
"Oh." Chico said in his deep voice.
Oscar walked down Walnut Shell, up to house 149, to see his love. Oscar looked up through the window, balancing on his short little legs and his long body. Amber popped out of the window.
"What are you doing here? Butch will come any minute!" Amber said, who also liked Oscar back.
"Butch?!" Oscar squealed. Butch was a nasty Pittbull who loved Amber, and Amber hated him. Butch despised (Hated) Oscar.
Butch came strolling down the path carrying a bone that the Dachshunds gasped at the size at.
"Oh!" Amber gasped. But, instead of what she thought (Which was he gave it to her,) he sat down and ate it himself. "Want to come, Ambie?" He asked, in his slobby voice.
"Hmph." Amber stuck her nose in the air, disgusted.
Oscar, who had his bone behind his back, showed Amber the small bone.
Amber came out. "It isn't much," Oscar said, "but it's yours."
"Oh Oscar, my sweetie!" Amber gasped.
"Hey! She's my girlfriend!" Butch snorted, crushing the bone.
"No she isn't! She doesn't even like you!"
Butch leapt at Oscar, and they started a major fight. If Amber's owner hadn't come to his rescue he would have been dead.
"Shoo! Shoo, you ugly beast!" Amber's owner, Mrs. Millack shouted at Butch. "Oh you poor thing." She said, picking up Oscar.
She led the dogs in and she adopted Oscar.
The End

The Bet

By Jeremy, age 16, Lewisville High School, Lewisville, Texas, USA

I usually don't take bets anymore, I thought that they were a little childish, but when my best friend bet me I wouldn't go into a house, which was suppose to be haunted, and stay there for five minutes I just couldn't refuse. I mean how much better of a set up do need to scare someone out of their mind. A large old house on the outskirts of a small town with a dark night overhead. It was too perfect, at least that was what I thought.
Sam didn't like to loose bets so if I was guessing right he would have someone all ready in the house waiting to scare me out once I walked in. But what if I turned the joke around on him and had someone outside waiting to scare him. What if I paid a kid to dress up as a ghost and jump out from a tree and scare him. As the plan took shape in my head I was all ready thinking about what I would say to him the next day at school. I would say something along the lines of hey do you want me to call the Ghostbusters for you?
Now the million dollar question was, which poor sap he would get from school to scare me. The person used could make or break a good scare. He wouldn't want to go after Will Dull, because he was the biggest wimp to walk the face of the Earth. He lets his four year old sister beat up on him at his age of nine. The person I would recruit for this mission would be, Dillian Fry. A muscular kid with the speed of Barry Sanders and the hiding ability of a mouse. He would be the perfect person to scare me. Now that I know who it will be I need to know how to convince him not to do it. Money might work but Dillian was a man of the Spiderman cards. He would want some cards for his trouble. That was no problem getting him the cards, the problem was getting to him before tonight.
I met up Dillian at the play ground and slipped him the newest pack of Spiderman cards at the Gas station, but he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about when I told him not to come tonight.
I selected Timmy Green to be my Ghost for the evening. He was a fifth grader with hair on his face. He could scare his own parents so scaring Sam wouldn't be a problem. But he asked for money, a lot. He wanted fifteen dollars and free launches for a week. Who was I to argue, all I wanted was to see Sam's face in a state of Panic.
When the night dropped over the small town and the mothers and fathers pulled their kids off the street for diner, Sam and I went to Old Man Wilson's house on the outside of town. The house was like one I had read out of a book one time. Two stories with a balcony around the second. The wood was as old as dirt and the front door was being held together by the spider webs in the corners. It was the perfect place for a good scare.
"Ready," he asked me as we started up the driveway.
"I'm ready to win my twenty dollars," I replied as he stopped and watched as I went up to the door.
"Good luck," he said with a little smirk.
As I walked into the house I was met by the worst smell I have every smelt. The smell of rat droppings mixed with some sort of odor I couldn't place. I took a quick look around to see a staircase on the right side of the entrance lobby, a dining room on the left of the lobby, and a living room on the right. The place looked like a bed and breakfast I had stayed at once in Toronto.
The time was running and I didn't have a problem yet with the house, that didn't mean I wasn't scared. My heart was racing and my palms and neck felt like a river. At least I was fine until I heard a telephone ring from the living room. I remember my eyes grew wide as I started towards the noise. In a house that was suppose to be vacant and undisturbed for forty years there was a ringing from a telephone.
When I picked the phone up to hear a voice I didn't know my first intention was to hang up, but then the deep strange voice said, "are by the kitchen?"
I turned to my right and looked straight through an opened archway to see a dark kitchen with knives and pans hanging from the ceiling.
My response was a low yes in a little squeaky voice.
"Leave now! Get out of the house before it's too late!" yelled the voice from the other end.
I didn't have to be told twice to get out. I started on a mad sprint to the door where I found what Sam's little trick was going to scare me with. He locked the door.
"Open the door!" I yelled as I started to kick the ever living crap out of it.
"What's that I can't hear you," he replied through the door with a little giggle.
"Open the doo-," I was interrupted by footsteps in the kitchen.
The pans and the knives then fell to the floor causing a terrible noise throughout the house. I still couldn't see what made the noise but I didn't want to. All I wanted to do was leave and leave quickly.
I don't remember anything else about that night but I do remember that when I awoke I wasn't in my bed, or a hospital bed, I was in a cold green tiled room that was referred to as, the morgue. My name is Zack Baker, and I took a bet one day.

Rock star

By Joe, Wallingford, UK

I used to pass people,
they used to shout,
we used to bring in 850,000
now just 250

but still when I'm there
its the same old feeling
just the one
it's beautiful

Lucky charm

By Kate, age 8, Solihull, England

There was once a girl called Lucy . she was tall with brown hair and she was very pretty and she was 15. Her best friend Ellie gave her a lucky charm witch was made of glass .It was light blue and white. Ellie told her that if you hold it tight and warm it up and make a wish it would come true so Lucy tried it at once .First she wished that she would have five house points at the end the day she got 5HP! What luck! So in English she wished that every girl in her class wanted to be her best friend so at the end of the day she got four gel pens ,two CDs and some rings. When she got home she immediately ran up to her bedroom and wish that they would win the lottery . Then blue smoke filed the room air shot out charm and out popped a genie and said that whenever somebody makes this wish he would take the charm away so Lucy had no lucky charm.

Popcorn Poetry

By LaKeva, age 9, Year 4th, Lynn Haven Elementary School, Lynn Haven, Florida, USA

Popcorn, popcorn in the air,
I think I see it everywhere.

I put it in my mouth,
It is really yummy,
I chew it up and swallow it,
It goes right to my tummy.


By Allyson, age 11, Year Grade 6, Saint Luke's School, Brooklyn, New York

She is boring
Lackadaiscal, narcissistic and spoiled
I envy her

How The Ham Sandwich was Invented

By Liberty, age 13, Tarboro, NC USA

Once there was a cat in a hat on the back of a flat truck. He was singing with a duck that didn't have a buck. A little boy came by with a toy. The cat in the hat and the duck without a buck didn't know what to think of the boy with a toy.
a few days later they say a gater with a grater walking in the cheese store. He walked in the store and said," Mr. Fish, with a dish of pink ham I need cheese!"
But Mr. Fish knew of no cheese as awesome as ham. He ran out side and said, "What cheese would compare to a slice of pink ham? If you can tell, you may have ham and TURKEY.... MY treat!"
Everyone came rushing from stores, cars stopped and they all came rushing out. The cat in the hat said," Swiss for a Miss Gater with a grater would be superb!"
All was silent and suddenly duck without a buck said," If Ms. Gater with a grater was any later, Mozzarella would have been an appetizing treat!"
Everyone agreed with them both, but still there was something better than Swiss. Everyone grew quiet with the idea of the best cheese.
Moose who knew a goose yelled," How about make our own cheese! Put cheddar, American, Swiss, Feta, ricotta, AND mozzarella in it."
There was complete shock in the eyes of everyone. Then, "Mix the cheese. Mix the cheese. Mix the CHEESE. Mix the CHEESE! MIX THE CHEESE!!" Everyone was chanting to mix the cheese.
Mr Fish ran inside and cut every kind of cheese he had and out and put it on a plate. When he got done with the many varieties, the pile of cheese was so high that he had to stand in a chair to reach the top.
Everyone outside was waiting for Mr. Fish to get done and he finally came out and yelled, "IT is IMPOSSIBLE to fit all of the cheeses into one sandwich!"
The crowd spread in silence as people were filled with a challenging loss. Then Miss Gater with a grater said, "If the ham is so good for any cheese, maybe ham itself is good enough!"

The Room

By Joe, age 14, Year 9, Wallingford School, Wallingford, UK

I lay there on my back, cold, wet and hungry. Chained up tightly and hardly able to move. The constant dripping of water echo's round the cave, drip, drip, drip the same rhythm never quickening or slowing just permanently fixed as though it was a song sent from the devil to torment me. The wind howls as it enters the cave and crosses my face chilling me all over, making me shake.
It's getting darker by the minute; soon the only thing I'll be able to see will be the thoughts that cross my mind to remind me why I'm here. He will soon come again, almost to the same moment every day. I can almost count down to the minute he will scramble up the small slope that brings him up to the cave where I lay and take out his demonic equipment to start another operation.
Still the dripping continues, relentless in its rhythm, drip, drip, drip. Will it never stop and give me just a moment's peace. The chains cut into my already ruined arms and legs and the wet gets into every one of my joints making them ache and burn constantly. The cold is no better it seems to reach down into your throat and lungs and twist them until every breath is like swallowing a thorn bush or a burr.
Already its pitch black and all I know now is that the rocks in every corner are still there and the dripping continues. Anything else that happens in the cave is just another sound in the eternity of night. Soon it will get lighter again and that's when he comes. He comes in not saying a word and carries out the procedure that he has practiced to perfection. First comes the knife, shining and glinting in the light, newly cleaned every day as though it was his prize possession. He wipes it one last time with the bright red cloth and then gets out the glass that he uses to collect the blood. He makes cuts to my arms and legs and collects the blood into the glass until it is full. He then wipes off the knife then places it back into its holster with careful precision. Then he raises the glass up to his mouth and drinks the blood bit by bit with a steady pace until it is all gone with me forced to stare at him. He never speaks a word and after he has finished he gives me a measly slice of stale bread and a glass of dirty water. He can't let me die because then he'll have to find another victim.
I still remember the day when I first got here, though I can't remember how long ago it was, it was cold and I ventured into the cave for shelter out of the rain. It was then I was knocked on the head and woke up chained to the damp, cold floor. I thought about when I would get out for the first couple of weeks, surely someone would come for me. But now I just think about when I will finally die.
The pitch black is disturbed by something like a stone rippling on a clear lake surface. Was it he? No. It couldn't be. My counting wasn't that far off.
I lay staring for a moment for any sign of the pitch-black shadows to be disturbed once more, but nothing happened, nothing at all.
The dripping continued but it seemed to be slowing, not to the untrained ear, but to me, who has been here listening to this dripping for well over six months it was a significant change that I noticed straight away. It also seemed to be getting warmer, again only slightly but it was a welcome relief to my insides as the cold loosened its grip.
Then a white flash no more than a thousandth of a second long came and went like a fairy in the night. "Hello?"
My voice was dry and almost like a whisper, I realized I must have gone six months without saying a word.
"Hello," I said again.
I must be seeing things; I was finally losing it, which filled me with happiness, as it was the first signs of death creeping up on me, not long now.
But I wasn't seeing things because there it was again bigger and whiter this time. It filled the room with warmth and light for only a second and in the flash I saw a figure standing over me.
It was only for a second but it seemed like an eternity, the face peered into my eyes filling me with strength and warmth and suddenly I was able to break free of the chains with all the ease of putting a knife through butter. My joints were warmed and healed of all their pain and aching and I was dried from head to toe. I felt like a new man and that every one of my worries were gone. I stared the figure in the eyes and as I did I was filled with sorrow, for years of suffering and pain flashed across my mind. The long sad face stared back at me his hands and feet bleeding from wounds and as tears rolled from my eyes the figure vanished in a flash and the warmth and light slowly retreated into the corners of the cave and the cold and dark over took once again.
As I stood there, cold starting to get to me once more, I was filled with many questions. Who was that figure? Would I ever see him again? How long would it be before my captor realized I had escaped and started to look for me?
I would find the answers to these questions.
One day.

Memories of Max

By Jenna, age 13, The Montclair Kimberley Academy School, West Orange, NJ, USA

People and animals we love always have to die. Some die when they have not even lived long at all. That is what happened to Max, my cat.
Max's mother was left in a basket on the steps of my veterinarian's office in a blizzard. The next day the nurse found the cat and brought her in from the cold. The cat was shivering and skinny. That day she gave birth to five kittens. A few weeks later my family drove to the vet's office because Silky, our cat, needed a check up.
When we noticed a sign that said "Free Kitten", we asked if we could see it. The nurse brought out a little male. He had a big tummy for such a small thing and she told us that he loved to eat! He was a tabby with white markings and had a half-pink and half-black nose. We all thought that he was so cute. Everybody in my family wanted him. So what did we do? Of course, we took him home.
Max ate and ate and grew and grew and he was as gentle as could be. He always wanted to play with Silky. If Silky was on my bed, he would jump up on the bed, put both paws around her neck and start licking her. He would also chase her. Silky found him extremely annoying. If there was company over, Max was underfoot.
If everyone was in one room, he was there. If somebody was in the kitchen, he was definitely there! All he wanted to do was eat. Max would gulp his food and Silky's. That is why he grew so fat. He would get into the craziest positions, such as sunbathing with his stomach up and legs spread out. He loved to do things like that. Max would usually only purr for me because I made him happy. His purr was so soft I could barely hear it. Max's meow didn't seem to fit his body either. It was high pitched and soft. Max also liked to play with his toy mice which were furry and looked real. When guests came over Max would fetch one, carry it in his mouth, and drop it at their feet.
Then Max became sick. He was two and a half years old when he developed what appeared to be a bad cold, runny nose, and had difficulty breathing. He wasn't happy. One of his eyes became cloudy and we weren't sure if he could see out of it. Over time it became red and according to the vet he could only see shadows. My parents had to give him all different kinds of medicines. He was given pills, eye drops, and an oral medication four times a day. My parents didn't mind. They loved him so much and they wanted him to get better. He even traveled with us on three vacations. He stayed in our hotel rooms so that my parents would be able to give him his daily medicine. Little by little he showed signs of slight improvement and seemed to be his old self.
But by spring he started looking very thin and we began to worry. The trips to the vet became more frequent and Max began to show signs of a certain cat disease that was incurable and deadly. It was now almost eight months since Max first became sick. Every day I would come home and the first thing I would say was, "How's Max today?"
We weren't sure what was wrong with Max. We didn't know whether it was Cancer or FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). We thought it FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) or cancer . We thought it was more likely FIP,
but we were not sure. The thing that was so bad about Max having FIP is that it is incurable and always leads to death.
One day Max was so sick that again we had to take him to the veterinarian. He could barely walk and he had stopped eating. The veterinarian asked if Max could stay the night so that they could do a test. The next day my father answered a call from the veterinarian concerning Max. He had died in his sleep that night. You can't imagine how much grief we all felt. It took us the longest time to realize he was not coming back. I would walk into my room and expect to see Max sitting on my chair. I would then remember that he was not there.
There will never be another Max, just like there won't be another you or me. Max had a personality that was unique. He was really a member of our family.
We had Max cremated. We have a special box containing his ashes and his name engraved on it. We always think of him. I have a two-page list of all the things I miss about him. I also have an entire album of only his pictures. We have folders of his medical papers and pictures of him around the house. Although Max lived with us for only a short time, it was worth it. He made us happy. He gave us so much love. I'll never forget his funny little face and cute habits. I'll treasure the time we had with him and always remember how he made my life be.


By Daniella, age 9, Neve Oz School, Israel

I once had a dog. his name was Herbie. he was all black except for a little white mark on his chest. he had floppy ears and sad brown eyes. my brother always said that Herbie was stooped. but I think that some were in the back of Herbie's mind he had a story. a story about his life. and when he would die he would tell his story to the one he loves.
we found Herbie wandering the streets. my mom always said that he was brought here by another dog. but I didn't believe that. I think that he was thrown out of his house when he was 4 months old. well, as you might guess we decided to keep him. dad wasn't too happy about that. he said that it's too much of a responsibility. but I didn't care.
the only thing that was bothering me was that we had a cat. and as you all know, cats and dogs don't go well together (nor does dads and dogs but that doesn't matter).
when Herbie had come home from the vet on the first day that he was staying with us he ate everything that was in site. of course we thought that he was just starved. because, he was a street dog. but as time passed we found out that he was just one of those dogs who doesn't know when he's supposed to stop. well any way, it was near the holidays. so when are grandparents came over they were not too pleased to see Herbie there. he kept licking their knees.
finally when we started eating a disaster happened which knocked all hope of keeping Herbie out of me. While we were eating I noticed Herbie sitting there not doing anything (which is odd because he always does something). then I said "look" something brown and gooey was coming out of Herbie's bum! Herbie was just sitting there, his brown eyes staring sadly into space, and a pool of poo! Dad got really mad and said we had to through the dog out. after we cleaned the mess up we finished dinner and we all went to bed.
after three days of having poo all over the garden I went down stairs too get ready for school and some very sad news met my ears. Herbie had been taken away by the police saying that Herbie bitten a little girl and they think he has rabies. what a bunch of idiots! I mean you can always tell when a dog has rabies. and wasn't it obvious that he was just playing? he was just a puppy! I cried the hole way to school. then after nine days of waiting we met a women who told us that we have to get the dog the next day other wise they'll kill him.
so on Saturday I was forced to close my book of Harry Potter because I heard barks from out side. I ran up the stairs and called "is Herbie hear?" and I was greeted by a lot of muffled barks.
we gave him a bath ('cause he really stunk) and then my nanny, Helain, put baby powder on him! she said it was the only way to get the smell off.
so he stayed with us another day and then we were going to go on a vacation so we asked the women ,who told us that we had to get the dog, to keep him for five days because we were going to Jordan. she took care of him willingly (even though she had 10 dogs and 20 cats.) and named him moody. (I personally think that moody is the stupidest name I ever heard and doesn't deserve a capital letter)
when we got home from our trip we learned that Herbie was very sick and couldn't come home until he's well again. and in the mean time the women offered to look for people who will want to keep him because we couldn't keep him. so one day after three miserable weeks with out Herbie, he came to visit. the women brought him and said we couldn't take him because he was still a bit sick.
after another week we got a call from the women saying that we have to take care of Herbie for ten days. ten absolutely fantastic days. dad got really mad about that one and refused to talk to mom for the rest of the ten days. but I don't care.
so now Herbie is with us on the second day of the ten days. and my cat is really mad about that too.
so now I'm sitting at the computer and writing all this down with my cat at my side. mewling every now and then for some attention.


By Rajni and Holly, age 9, Year 4, Raddlebarn J & I School, Birmingham, UK

At Night, by Holly

The glittering sky,
the very silver river
and the trees moving.

Fruit, by Rajni

Berries grow on trees,
people eat juicy apples.
Monkeys eat salads.

I Never Knew This Would Happen

By Barbie, age 13, Framingham

I Never Knew This Would Happen--a story about a girl who became a slave
On Friday, while I was walking back home from school, a boat arrived, a boat that would change my life forever. I was nieve, and only reaching 7 years, so I sneaked onto the boat. The boat was the biggest I've ever seen, so big, that I thought everybody living in my village could fit in it. A man with the color of a peach boarded the boat. he was speaking a language I've never thought existed. I snuck behind him, and entered what seemed to be the captain's headquarters. I knew a lot about boats, they were one of the most clever things made.
Another day has passed, and my stomach was filled with hunger. I decided that I would go explore the ship, and find some food. When I reached to the bottom, I couldn't believe my eyes. Two hundred and seventy-five people were tied up to the base of the boat. I kindly asked them why they were here, tied in chains. They could only speak one word, captured. At this word, I was terrified, who would do such a thing do my people. I told them to stay calm, that I would bring each and every one of them food and drinks. They thanked with cries of joy, and warned me not to talk to those who had white skin. They were the ones who treated them like animals.
An hour has past, and I have finally found what I was looking for; lots of bread and clean water. It took 6 hours just to pass out the bread. By that time, the guard came. I was passing water when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The guard used a loud voice, that signaled me to run. I was up on the stairs until the worst thing happened. He took a switch and grabbed me by the buttocks. The force hurt so much, that drops of water filled my tears. The put me on an extra space on the ground, and tied me in..........chains.
I was yelling with fear, but no-one was able to help me. A few days have passed, and we still haven't reached land. Sixty Africans caught the cough, and then perished. The crew members just threw them overboard!!
Forty days have past since the time I climbed onto the boat. We have reached land! We are what the colonists call slaves. I was sold to Mr. James, he is rather nice. he treats me to candy when I finish my work. Mr. James has a daughter, the same age as me. She plays with me when I get everything done. My life was fairly good, until I reached my 17th birthday. I saw someone's master beat up their slaves. That was when I started to work against slavery.
After the Civil War, we got our freedom, and that's how I am here today, as Mrs. Jillian Jacobs.

Pokemon is great

(By Riley, age 10, Year 6, Coleridge Primary School, London, England)

Chocolate is so Yummy

By Laura-Jayne, age 12, Year 7, Colbaynes High School. School, Essex (U.K)

Chocolate is so yummy.
It really fills my tummy.
No need for peas.
Or mustard seeds.
Cause they are so scummy.

I love Chocolate so much.
I would have it for my lunch.
Munch, munch, munch.....

I Love Monkeys

By Laura Potter, age 11, Year 7, Colbaynes High School, U.K Clacton-on-sea

I just love Monkeys don't you?
The way they run in the zoo.
The way they play.
Every day.
I wish I had a monkey.
It would be really funky.

"Hitler Will Never Win"

By Haley, Wawasee School, Milford, IN, USA

As I hear the screams
echo through the night,
my body trembles
with familiar fright

The air raids get louder
and the Nazis draw near,
the screams and cries
growing more severe

When they pound on the door,
my heart skips a beat
when I see who it is,
I jump to my feet

I cry for my family
as we are taken away
"Keep them safe"
I repeatedly pray

That was the last time
I saw my family alive
They, unfortunately,
did not survive

As I am a victim,
and witness of Hitler
I ask you friend,
to always remember

Don't let this crime
ever happen again
Hitler and the Nazis
must never win


By Rena, age 12, Year 7, Yorkshire Martyrs School, Bradford West Yorkshire, UK

My life is brill
When I do well
My life is ace
When I have fun
My life is great
When I pass my tests
My life can be boring
When I do not have much to do
My life could be hell
If I had nothing to do


To EXIT again and again

By Leisa + Beth, age 11, Year 7, St Flannans School, Zillmere, Brisbane, Australia

Once upon a time there were 2 girls. Their names were Beth and Leisa. They were at Writer's Club. Leisa was designing an Exit sign and Beth was laughing at her. Then Beth read what Leisa had wrote. She said it again and again and again. This is what she said: "Once upon a time there were 2 girls. Their names were Beth and Leisa. They were at Writer's Club. Leisa was designing an Exit sign and Beth was laughing at her. Then Beth read what Leisa had wrote. She said it again and again and again. This is what she said: Once upon a time there were 2 girls. Their names were Beth and Leisa. They were at Writer's Club. Leisa was designing an Exit sign and Beth was laughing at her. Then Beth read what Leisa had wrote. She said it again and again and again. This is what she said: Once upon a time there were 2 girls. Their names were Beth and Leisa. They were at Writer's Club. Leisa was designing an Exit sign and Beth was laughing at her. Then Beth read what Leisa had wrote. She said it again and again and again. This is what she said............"

The Mysterious Wood

By Laura, age 12, Year 7, Colbaynes High School. School, Clacton-on-sea, UK

Ellie and Matthew were brother and sister. They had just moved to a small village in Essex called Hampton Village. Down the end of their road was a very large wood. Ellie was 11 and Matthew was 12.
"Mum can me and Ellie go in the woods. Please?"
"I don't know. O.K but only if you look after Ellie and don't be to long. O.K?"
"Thanks mum. See you later."
Matthew ran to the woods with Ellie close behind him.
"Wait up Matthew!"
"Come on you slow coach!"
When they finally reached the woods...
"Ellie I'll race you to that big tree."
"O.K but don't go too fast cause then I won't win!"
"O.K 1...2...3..go!"Matthew shouted.
Then all of a sudden Ellie stopped dead in her tracks.
"Matthew!!!!" She yelled.
"What? Why have you stopped? Is something wrong?"
"Didn't you hear it?"
"Hear what?"
"That really loud bang. Ohhh Matthew I want to go home I don't like it here!."
"O.K if we must. Come on then get up. Right which way is it?"
"I don't know. You're the one that's mad about all that Geography stuff. You tell me. You do know don't you?"
It was getting dark. Matthew and Ellie were lost.
"Matthew we have to get out of here! What shall we do?"
"I don't know Ellie. What are we going to do?"

When I Go On A School Journey I'll Take

By Rosie And Sherene, Age 11, Coleridge Primary School, Crouch End, London, England.

Austrian amphibians,
which attack the bulging baboons,
bulging baboons,
which batter crazy cuckaburoos,
crazy cuckaburoos,
which charm the devilish dragons,
devilish dragons,
which dine on elaborate eels,
elaborate eels,
which electrecute frolicking foxes,
frolicking foxes,
which frighten genteel goblins,
genteel goblins,
which gather the hooligan hippo's mess,
hooligan hippos,
which harass the innocent iguanas,
innocent iguanas,
which idolise the jerky jellyfish,
jerky jellyfish,
which jellify chronic kangaroos,
chronic kangaroos,
which kill loving lovebirds,
loving lovebirds,
which long to be manic marmasets,
manic marmasets,
which muddle up nasty newts,
nasty newts,
which nibble on the obtuse octopus's,
obtuse octopus's,
which organise the petrified penguins,
petrified penguins,
which pierce the quarelling quail's ears,
quarelling quails,
which quench the ravenous rabbit's thirst,
ravenous rabbits,
which rattle the shells of the slow snails,
slow snails,
which slither on the territorial turtles,
territorial turtles,
which take up the space of the unruly umbrella birds,
unruly umbrella birds,
which unravel the vile vultures presents,
vile vultures,
which vomit on wild whales,
wild whales,
which whine at the xenephobic x-monsters,
xenephobic x-monsters,
which play their xylophone at the yawning yaks,
yawning yaks,
which yodel at the zany zebra,
zany zebra jumps in to the suitcase last and everything is well packed up.

When I go on School Journey

By Jessie, age 11, Year 6, Coleridge Primary School, Crouch End, London

When I go on School Journey I will bring
an angry, anteating army
Who will march behind the
barmy, bonkers, banana band
Who will play to the
corny, cocky, cramped cocktail
Who will be drank by the
diving, dangerous, doodling ducks
Who will splash and splosh in front the
elegant, electronic, elderly eel
Who will electrocute the
flipping, furious, fighting flamingo
Which will stalk and stamp on the
grinded, gushing goblins
Who will juggle and jump on the
hollow, hockey-playing, happy holidaymaking hairballs
Who were coughed up by the
informal, inhuman igloos
Who will fidget and fight over the
jutting, judging, jocking jumbo jet
Who will rumble and roll after the
kicking, keen, kinky kaleidoscope
Who will look and stare at the
lagging, lame, looping lemon
Who will struggle and strain to serve the
machine-reading, mouldy, male mango
Who will squeeze and squash the
nesting, nervous next-door neighbour
Who will who will whimper and whine behind the
objective, oblong, offside ointment
Who will wipe and wash the
plucky, plugging, plopping, PVC pygmy
who will pick and prod the
quacky, quivering Quaker
Who will duck and dodge the
ragged, rampaging, random, rubber, red ripple
Who will shimmer and shine beneath the
scheming, shooling scrambling, squashed seagull
Who will circle the
tackling, tubby trump
Who will tease and sneer at the
uncanny, uncertain undercurrent
Who will sweep and swish at the
vanishing, variable vanilla-tasting van
Who will catch and carry the
woolen wally-watching wellies
Who will rubble and bubble at the sight of
yanking, yelling Yankee
Who shall moan and groan at the
zigzagging, zero zombie.

A Season That No One Knows

Rebecca, age 10, Year 5th Grade, Our Lady of Fatima School, Florissant, MO USA

A season that no one knows
But me
I can imagine it
Frogs jump through the two feet snow
Clouds live on the ground
Trees live in the sky
Flowers dance around me
The sun is full of darkness
And a cave is full of light
It's a dream I have at night
A season that no one knows
I can't wait for bed tonight!


By Joe, age 14, Year 9, Wallingford School, Wallingford

Smoke hits you in the face and you end up without knowing it stinking of the stuff.
Alcohol swims through your blood stream and makes you underestimate what you do.
All over the place there are people almost unconscious, this is a result of an overdose of smoke alcohol loud music and the occasional tongue down your throat.
The incredibly loud music is added to by the bitch fights that start in corners here and there.
overenthusiastic dancers knock people over and cause outright chaos.
people make new friends and break old ones in the fight for a quick snog.
punchdrunk boys fall about thinking they are still looking cool.
the heat increases and people start dropping like flies.

but still the music plays.

Conservation Poem

By Eleanor, 9, Stanford Junior School, Brighton, England

The forest is a beautiful place
it should not be ruined
the forest is a wondrous place
parrots and monkeys and chimps
all dwell in the forest
all live in the forest
depend on the forest
if one tree falls
by fault of wind
or mankind
you could kill hundreds
if not thousands
of living things
which all, every one of them
depend on that one tree
you are destroying life
by chopping one tree


By Claire, 9, Stanford Junior School, Brighton, England

The forest is pretty,
The forest is full,
Especially with animals,
All bright not dull,
Butterflies and cheetahs,
And howler monkeys and birds,
So don't go round,
Chopping things down,
You could kill all the animals,
Like butterflies and cheetahs,
And howler monkeys and birds,
Or death could invade the forest.

It was my turn next

By Kelly, London, UK

It was my turn next!

I was next in line. I wondered what lied ahead of me, was I doing the right thing?. As I took another step I heard screaming and shouting. Did I dare to take another step into the on known. I stepped forward and to my amazement a green blob was plopped on my plate. " Ah jelly my favourite."

A Mother

By Lauren, age 12, Dawson School, Longmont, CO, US

A mother who will hold me tight
A mother who kisses me goodnight
A mother who makes everything alright.

A mother who will help me grow
A mother who will never go
A mother there to help me cry
A mother to make the hurt go, by and by.

A mother always there to talk to
A mother who comes, as if on cue
A mother who always knows just what to do.

This is my mother
A mother with love,
And I am her daughter,
A daughter with love.

21st Century

By Amna, age 12, Army Public School, Askari Colony, Sialkot, Cantt, Pakistan

In this century,
no cricketer will be able to make a double century.
Pollution, pollution
will be the discussion everywhere
or something else will have an explosion with it.
Food will be electronic.
Cars will be supersonic.
This century will indeed be introducing
new styles,
followed by old trials.
Boys will be devious.
Girls will be mischievous.
New inventions
or explosions
will occur in the scientists' lab
or people will start liking
I hope ozone layer is alright &
her future is bright.
Will this century be a threat?
Or something extraordinary?
Will we be ahead
still lying in bed
depending on

The Sun is God's Sombrero

By Elen, age 11, London, England, Great Britain

The Sun is God's sombrero,
He wears it out at night
Then brings it back, when darkness lacks,
To give us morning light.

The shooting stars are fireworks
Who hardly ever show.
They fly everywhere, without a care,
The colours of the rainbow.

The Moon is but a mirror,
Reflecting everything.
She hates the days, nights when she plays,
She's married to the King.

The stars are explosives,
Always looking for a fight.
They give abuse, and then their fuse
Burns down and they alight,

You're so special

By Mary, age 16

You are my light on the dullest of all days,
you have delighted me in so many ways,
every rose, every kiss will always belong to you,

you've given the whole world to me,
even the pretty sky so blue,
I sit and watch the stars so bright,
sweet smell of flowers remind me of you,
good memories of us I will cherish forever,
and in my heart I will always remember you.

A Rose

By Sarah, age 12, Easton CT, USA

They walk along the boardwalk,
Standing hand in hand.
The salty sea breeze surrounds them,
Engulfing them in a cloud of mist.
He stops and leans over,
And gives her a kiss,
A kiss, a single innocent, pure sweet kiss.
He hands he a rose,
One single rose,
Fresh picked from the bush,
Whose sweet smell fills the night air.
The moonlight reflects off it,
giving it an eerie, mystical red glow.
A single rose can mean all.

The Face On the Wall

By Laura, age 12, Woodbridge Middle School, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Who's that girl staring back at me,
The face on the wall I'll always see,
That face on the wall I'll always be,
That face on the wall I'll never know,
The kindness it will never show,
Never satisfied with itself,
Always wishing to be someone else,
Always dreaming of a better place,
Instead of being just "that face",
A place in life with milestones passed,
Instead of stuck inside that glass,
The face on the wall a reflection, you see,
The face on the wall, it's always just me.

A Haiku

By Beth, age 12, St Flannans School, Brisbane, Australia

Darkness everyday
Until the day comes for me,
Then my wings take flight

A bad fall

By Annette and Jobel, age 9, Year 3, WSPS School, Singapore

One day, J O was very bored then he decided to climb a tree to see a cat on the branch. So he climb up the tree and sit on the branch.

Suddenly, the branch broke and Jo shouted ,"Help, help, help". He fell down on to the grass
and did not move.

Then his friend Jane came walking down and saw Jo and went to a telephone and called the hospital.

Soon the ambulance came and took Jo to the hospital and Jo felt better and thanked Jane, so they became very good friends.

Sometimes when they did not know to do their homework, they called each other. They promised to look after each other.

The Silent Sea

By Ben, age 9, Year 4, Porchester School School, Nottingham, UK

The Sea is as salty as a tear rolling from a child's eye,
As sorrowful as a man just about to die,
As dirty as a babies nappy,
And as raging as a dragon when its happy.

The sea is full of creatures spitting and spurting,
And as splendid as royal king,
As furious as an angry witch,
And as worried as a child just about to snitch.

The sea is full of happy swimmers,
It is beautiful at night when it shimmers,
It is raging like a cross vast dog,
And as misty as a silent town covered in thick, swirling , smokey fog...

The Secret Cave

By Kent, age 9, UK

One day, a kid named Janet went to the supermarket. When she got there, she saw many people buying the same item. Janet tried to see what it was, but the crowd was too squishy. Finally the crowd was finished, and Janet saw a food can(at least it looked like one) called "the new stinky bomb: bewitch your friends and stink your enemies".

Janet grabbed the last can and then went to the counter to pay for all the stuff. She then asked her mother to go to Jill's house to play. She smuggled the can of the stinky bomb and when she gat there she showed Jill what she brought.

Jill said,"Oh, I already got that. My mom bought 30 cans of that for my birthday." Janet said," Let's throw the bombs at Carlo's (their enemy's) swimming pool".

They went to Carlo's house with 20 of the stinky bombs. When they got there, they found out that Carlo wasn't home, which made it easier to throw the bombs at the swimming pool. They sneaked to the pool and started throwing the bombs. After the pool water level started to mysteriously sink and before their eyes, they saw a huge hole in the middle of the pool.

The girls jumped in, and they saw a cave. They followed the cave and before they knew it, they ended up back in the street. A few hours later, they were relieved that Carlo's family would throw the pool away, since they saw that there was a huge hole in the pool.

The showoff

By Mariette, age 10, George Vanier Catholic School, Kanata, Ontario, Canada

Once upon a time there lived a very rich girl who had everything she wanted. Her mom was the meanest person I knew and she had to kill a man to have money. The girl went to school once and started to showoff about he mom being so brave and her being rich and perfect.
One day I saw her walking in the fields and she was abusing a cat just for fun. Her favorite star is Britney Spears. Her mom will let her see Britney Spears otherwise her daughter will threaten her. The showoff is very violent because she'll see violence on t.v. and try it on other people because she thinks it's fun. Every time when she goes to school she'll show everybody that she can do splits, cartwheels, roundoff, the bridge and even a front handspring. That girl name is Jessica.

A Friend is like a Flower

By Beth, age 11, Grade 7, St Flannan's School, Brisbane, Australia

A friend is like a flower,
that never ever dies,
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or could they be a cabbage,
Not alone in the patch.
Or maybe like a brand new gate,
That never will unlatch.
A friend is like a rainbow,
colourful and bright.
Maybe like a brave lion,
That never gets a fright.
Maybe like a fresh egg that
doesn't give up till the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend?

Stories from Chiddix Junior High School, Chiddix, Illinois, USA

My Bull Ride

By Heston, Age 12, Newton Middle School, Littleton, CO, USA

As I was on this bull I nodded my head which was a big mistake, as I was out in the arena on top of the bull I didn't see anything , then when I hit the ground I new instantly I had a broken nose. The reason I knew instantly was because there was a pain in my nose. Then when I got up I didn't think I needed to tell anybody because all you can do for it is put ice on it. So when I got back behind the fence my mom noticed immediately because she said "look at Heston's nose it's flat" so when everybody was done looking at me my dad escorted my to the ambulance to get my nose checked out and get ice. While the doctor dude was checking me out he said "I would be surprised if it wasn't broken" but you can't put a cast on it because you couldn't breath, so he just gave me some ice and we left. When we got out of the ambulance I decided to go into my aunt's trailer to look at my nose in a mirror, and it was flat, after I looked at my nose in the mirror we decided to go home because I felt nauseous. While we were coming home I just laid back and rested but half way into the ride home I sat up and said to my mom "when can I ride again". And then the rest of the ride I felt just fine.

Would you blame her?

By Amna, age 12, Sialkot, Cantt, Pakistan

She was lying on her bed in the ward tears were rolling from her eyes. She was having an operation on the other day.
Her tonsils were to be removed. She was afraid of operations. That was because her uncle had an operation of heart bypass & he died after the operation. She feared death. At her left was an 11 year old boy about whom she didn't know anything except that his name is Nomi & his star is cancer. She often thought about the boy & had questions about him in his small mind like that why the boy always has a big smile on his face, what is the problem with him, why is he here & questions like that but she couldn't answer any one of it.
One day he was reading a novel by Dickens.
"What are you reading?" she asked.
"It's a novel of Charles Dickens".
Then a doctor came in & took him with him. She was alone in the room. Then after some time the doctor came in with the boy's parents and another doctor.
"Your boy has got blood cancer.I can tell by the reports of the tests."
"Can't say anything., Your flower will not bloom more than two or four months"
She knew about cancer. She told the boy about his disease which was forbidden by the doctor. After a week she saw that the boy's bed is empty. She asked the nurse about him.
"Someone told him about his problem and the sensitive boy couldn't take it and died".
She was ashamed and she knew that there is a killer inside her. She could not forget him & her mind often says that you are a killer, Samia, and she had bundles of thoughts on her mind.

What Moms Are...

By Kelly, age 11.5, Mississippi Heights Middle School, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, USA

Moms are the sugar on your wheaties,
The butter on your toast.
The first person you talk to when you feel down.
The shoulders you cry on.
The ones who raise you and make you how you are.
The first person you saw,
first word you spoke (mama)
The ones who brought you into this world,
The ones who will always be there for you no matter what!


By Kelsey, age 10, Year 5, Custer Elem School, Broken Bow, NE

There once was a bird that was bright yellow
And he was quite a funny little fellow
He was as small as a mouse,
just as fast as a grouse
And he would fly through his house and bellow.

The Boy from Mars

By Dusty, age 12, Engish Elementary School, USA

One day there was a a boy name Josh and he was going to school and one day he was at lunch and no one would talk to him or sit with him.His best buddy did not sit with him. Josh asked the teacher and the teacher did not say nothing. One day a kid was going to Josh's house and Josh was leaving and he was leaving for Mars.
So the boy went back to school and said and the boy never came back.

Wacky Poems from Caleb of Indiana, USA

Rosa Parks: Her Life Story

By Kristine, age 13, 8th grade, Almont Junior/ Senior High School, Almont, Michigan, United States

Rosa Louise Parks

Sometimes called the mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement;
Thought that most white people that she met could use some major improvement.

She refused to give up her seat for a white man on a Montgomery bus;
And wanted to teach black people's rights to all of us.

Rosa knew that blacks were supposed to sit in the back;
But didn't think that that was very fair for blacks.

Her refusal, which occurred in 1955, helped bring about the civil rights movement in the United States;
For the black people's civil rights, Rosa Louise Parks would be one of the best candidates.

Then, a boycott was started that was run by Martin Luther King Junior;
If Rosa were never born, then black people's rights wouldn't have come any sooner.

Detroit is where she lives;
In 1967 Rosa joined John Conyers Junior, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives.

The life of Leonardo Da Vinci

By DL, age 14, 8th grade, Almont Jr/Sr High School, Almont, Michigan, USA

He grew up in Italy starting in 1452,
He was a painter and a sculptor too,
He moved many times during his life,
Through his travels he had no wife,
A good painter always was he,
I don't know what he charged as a fee,
His talents were shown at an early age,
Many things he did on a page.

During his life he did lots of stuff,
Many of them I would consider tough,
He discovered things that at the time were new,
The Mona Lisa was started in 1492,
This painting was one of many,
I don't know if it earned him a penny,
Machine guns and other things he began to make,
By now we know that was a mistake,

At age 65 he worked for the king,
Sculpting and painting were his thing,
17 of his works have survived,
That's why his popularity has thrived,
Planning a statue, 12 years were spent,
To build a cannon its materials went,
Where he was buried was overthrown,
Now the whereabouts of his body is unknown.

How Saturn Got Its Rings

By Todd, age 13, Norwell Middle School, Ossian, IN, USA

Once upon a time, there was a huge annual carnival for all the gods. The carnies' tents were as colorful as a flower garden. This carnival was started because the gods were so busy that they had no time for vacation. The carnival also gave the new gods a chance to get aquainted with the other gods. Gods came from all over the world to participate in this festive event. Because so many gods attended, they were crammed into the carnival like sardines. Most gods were just another face in the crowd, but one god stood out.

Sammy Saturn was a fat round god. He was as short as a duck but as fat as a gorilla. He always cheated on carnival games. Sammy was so bad at cheating that he made Hades look like an angel. Most of the gods liked him, but they kept away from him because he would always get them in trouble with Zeus. None of the carnies liked him.

Sammy cheated on a game where you would try to shoot a basketball into a peach basket. Sammy jumped into the air, over the line that he was supposed to shoot flat-footed on, and jammed it into the basket. The carnie running the booth got so mad at Sammy that he threw eight basketballs at him. Higher and higher they went until they were caught by the sun's gravatational pull. This formed the planets that we know today as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.

This year at the carnival, Sammy played a game where you threw rings around pop bottles. Sammy decided that he was going to win the game by cheating. He paid Carl the carnie twenty rupees and started to play. He leaned over the mark that his elbows couldn't go past and put all the rings on a bottle. Carl the carnie was so furious at him that he threw the rings at Sammy.

All of a sudden, the rings floated into the air, expanded, and dropped around Sammy's middle. Sammy was able to dodge two of the rings, but seven of them got caught around him. Sammy looked at Carl and shouted. In response to Sammy's crude remarks, Carl kicked Sammy in his tummy. Sammy flew far out into the midnight black sky and into the line of the planets. Later, people dropped his first name and called the planet that he had become Saturn. Because of its large rings, Saturn always sticks out, just like Sammy did, when compared to the other planets.


By Helen, age 10, St. Colmcilles School, Dublin, Ireland


Pokémon,that stupid, stupid game it really, really
Drives me totally insane!
Swapping and shoving, shouting and fighting
I'd much rather be indoors practising my writing!


Pokémon, Pokémon that stupid, stupid game it really, really
Drives me totally insane!
Everywhere I look it's cards, cards, cards
I'll swap you this I'll swap you that. That one's really hard!


Pokémon, Pokémon that stupid, stupid game it really, really
Drives me totally insane!
I really, really hate it. It really, really stinks
That's obviously not what certain people seem to think!


Pokémon, Pokémon that stupid, stupid game it really, really
Drives me totally insane!

Halloween on Haunted Mountain

By Jeremy, age 16, 9th grade, Lewisville High School North, Lewisville, TX, USA

It was a dark and stormy night when the young maiden stepped off the back of her large white horse and started for the castle door merely feet away. Her long blond hair flowed from her head like a waterfall and her eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Her long heavy sword swung gracefully on her side as she approached the towering wooden door.

The castle they say was haunted by the ghost of Mr. Thomas Riply, a young man who met his untimely death three years ago on a weird accident involving a chandelier. The man was a well known doctor in the small town of North Cape, but was also well known as a powerful Warlock. The towns people looked away at this small detail because of his worderful work in medicine. That was the legend that brought her here on this dark night, she wanted to know the truth about the man that some say haunted this house.

She knocked firmly on the door twice before it was opened by a gust of wind she only suspected. The inside of the dark undistributed castle was like the inside of a Twister. There were booken chairs scattered over the floor and glass fragments laying about on the ground. She could only imagine the men who would do something like this. Or was it something else that made this damage?

She walked to the grand stair case on the left side of the darkened lobby and started towards the second floor of the three story house.

The second was as same as the first, broken glass, broken chairs, and every imagineable item on the second floor was broken as well including doors. She saw no reason to scrutinize the floor any longer so she made her way to the third and final floor in search of the so called ghost.

The third was noting like the others, it was completely untouched and unharmed. Every last grain of wood was in tact and all the glass items were still standing and sparkling like new. At the end of the red carpet hall to her right was a small door the size of a cabinet. The door was quit odd indeed with it's bizarre size.

She approached the door with sweating palms and a fearfull heart. What lay behind this small weird door was the mystery that only she could figure out. She approached the door and reached out with a trembling right hand and turned the gold knob on the right side and opened the small door at the end of the large hall.

The girl was never seen again in the town. Some say their fearless girl they sent died while others say she lived and is still living there in the castle on the top of Clayton Mountain to this day. The truth will never be known to where the young maiden disappeared to on that mysterious October 30th night.

My Story: Choclate

By Keri, age 9, Junction City School, Junction City, Boyle County, KY, U.S.A

One night my friend was sleeping over. At 12:00 we went to sleep. Then I heard a sound. It sounded like a horse.
I looked outside there was nothing there.
Then later I heard the noise again.
I woke my friend and told her about the noise. We looked outside and a big, handsome, Black stallion was at my window. We went out side and tied the horse to my fence post and named it Choclate.
The next morning we got up and went out side to see Choclate when we discovered he was gone. We saw bloody footprints so we followed them. It ended at the railroad tracks. We looked up and we saw Choclate on the railroad tracks. Then we saw the train.
We tried to get Choclate off but we didn't in time. The train did something amazing . About two miles away from us the train stopped. A women got out and ran t'wards the horse. She got on and said, "Thank you for finding my ghost horse, Ok!!"
The train started again and we got out of the way. Then I said, "What do you mean ghost horse?"
"You'll see. "she screamed over the noise.
The train came faster and faster and hit them. But they were still there!!!!!

That's Life!

By Jameela, age 10, Year 5, Alleyn's Junior School, London, UK

''Stop! Wait for me'', Tamara cried as she ran after her twin brother, Thomas.

''You expect me to wait for you while its pouring rain. You must be joking!'' Thomas laughed at his sister.

''But you know that I'm not a very fast runner Tommy. Anyway Mum and dad will be very upset when they see that you've left me in the rain.''

''Well you know what Mum says. 'THAT'S LIFE' ''

''Ooh. I do hate it so much when you are so mean and horrible. You really should try to be nicer you know Tommy. Tommy?

It was no use for Tommy had sprinted off into the distance and left his sister jumping over the waves on the beaches of Brighton on the wettest, coldest, most miserable day ever. Then she remembered.

That same day had been cross country day at school and Tammi was determined to beat her brother the fastest sprinter in the world( according to all of Tammi's school friends). Tammi's dream had come true . She had beaten Tommy. He hadn't spoken to her all afternoon as his sister got cheered on by the whole school.

"Right", She said. "You said it your self.

That's Life!!!"


By Kate, age 13, Year 8, Backwell School, Bristol, UK

Chapter 1

The beginning

Hi my name is Smudge and I'm a cat. I'm 12, which is quite old for a cat. I will tell the story of my cat-hood and it is quite long so get yourself comfortable and listen carefully.

I used to live with my mother, which was many years ago. We were a family but I wasn't like any of my brothers and sisters. I had a white nose and white paws but I was light ginger everywhere else. My mother had told us all since we were kittens that humans were always Kind to cats. I found out that she was quite wrong. Anyway my brothers and sisters and myself promised that we would always be nice to them and never ever scratch them.

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Where's Lia Hiding?

By Alex, age 8, USA

"Lia time for dinner! Mom where's Lia. Um... Oh yes I sent her over to Ms.Wilson's. Marie may you please fetch her."
Ring Ring.
"Hello, oh hi Marie. I need my sister. Oh Lia I sent to the forest with Emily. Telephone bye!"
Dinners going to be late tonight, I thought. "What! Lia is in the woods with a 2 year old! Uh yeah. Marie Auger! Get up out of that chair we're going on a hike, sadly again.
"Come on Marie I see something" said my older sister."What is it? Emily! Go get Lia she ran up the hill."
" Mommy oh mommy. I want some more juice. Mommy its Lia. I'm in the crib."
" Up here I saw some bushes moving! Its just a cat. Can I keep it?"
" Sure."
" Mommy why are we going up the hill? MOMMY MAY I PLEASE GET SOME INFORMATION HERE!"
" Sure. What. Lia! Ah. She's sleeping. Lets get home. Why are we heading up these mountains anyway?"
"Because we lost Lia."
"We did, well start running, we've got to find her."
" Not again. Mommy! "

My Normal Life

By Adrienne, age 12, West Chester, Ohio, USA

I lived a regular life. Playing basketball hanging out with my friends; you know the stuff regular kids do. I was a regular kid until a little while ago.

On my 10th birthday I received a special gift from my parents. They had managed to find two Super Bowl tickets. Although this years Super Bowl had already passed, my parents had gone out of their way to get me tickets for next year's game. Since there was no indication who would be playing next year, the ticket was mostly blank.

I didn't care who was playing. I only cared that I was going. I unwrapped my other gifts, sent by the rest of my family. They were good and all, but nobody's gift could match the one my parents had given me.

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Soft, Gray Eyes

By Cathryn age 16, Year 11, Suffield High School, Suffield, CT, USA

The same rocking motion that had lulled me to sleep woke me abruptly. With a sick feeling in my stomach, I looked around me, realizing that the fear and hopelessness I was experiencing were not a part of my dream, but a horrifyingly vivid description of my present state. With every passing moment, my insides tightened, and the constant rumble of the whitecaps echoed in my head. Panic set in and grabbed my throat, which left me gasping for air. I declared my presence by shouting "Is anybody there?" but was heard only by the wind that wrapped itself around me and swallowed my plea. With a clinched voice I called for help until my throat and lips became parched and I was drained of energy. I cursed the waves under my breath and gave in to despair. Blinking several times in an attempt to erase reality, tears formed and escaped in pathways down my cheeks.

At that moment, I noticed that I lay confined in a small wooden boat, no longer than two of my body lengths and about three feet wide. As this realization set in, I ran my hand along the grains of the wood, producing a surprisingly soothing effect. I did not recall seeing it ever before, and its origin puzzled me. Thoughts (as to how I had ended up where I was) began streaming through my mind. Glancing down, the blue tank top and khaki shorts were the same I had put on that morning; or was it that morning? I searched my mind for answers with futility, and was utterly confused.

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Mrs. Alma

By Alex, age 8, Georgia, United States

Hi! My name is Elly I live in a small town called Plesentville. Everyday after school I would go to Mrs.Alma's

house and she would always be sitting on those steps with a plate full of creamy chocolate chip cookies. Mmm my favorite!

Finlly the day came it was my birthday! I rushed home expecting to see lots of people having fun but instead I saw no one. I walked into the kitchen to see what there was to eat and on the refrigerator I saw a note. It said: Meet us at Polly's Pet Parlor. I quickly grabbed my bike and raced over to the pet parlor. There I saw my mom my dad all my friends and most of all Mrs.Alma.

She was carrying the cutest puppy in the world! After we had been playing with the puppy for a while we went back to my house. We had pizza, we danced, and my personal favorite we opened presents. The next day I was told not to go to Mrs. Alma's after school. I wondered why.

When I was walking home I happened to catch a glimpse of her house I saw men putting all of her stuff into boxes. One of the had are address on it. I raced home so I could be the first one to open the package. When I got home I saw a big brown box sitting on our steps. It had a note that said: Please come to Mrs.Alma's funeral. I was really sad but when I opened the box her cute little puppy jumped out. I still look over at her empty house and imagine her watering her pretty flowers and plants.

Absolutely Positively Fantastic

By Marian, age Eleven, Grade Six, Settlers Farm Schools, Paralowie, Australia, Adelaide

What a fantastic day, what an absolutely, positively fantastic day! I was walking down the street minding my own business and suddenly I'm walking a pet elephant off to scooby-doo land for a some lady I don't even know.

You think thats bad? It gets much worse! A piano was dropped from a high rise building and thats right, ladys and fell on my holy head! I feel absolutely, positively fantastic! So, after all thats happened, I figure a girl of my intelligence would go and relax...and thats what I'm trying to do.

It's not working! How can I relax when Nasa has been practising air loops while I'm perched on the wing. My life is absolutely, positively fantastic. After all thats happened...elephants, scooby-doo land, pianos, sore heads and swooping around New York without a seat belt while you're on the outside of the plane..I would say today has been the most absolutely , positively fantastic day..not!

Can you not realise a sarcastic, mentally ill girl when you see one?


By Danielle, age 11, 6th Grade, Williams Middle School, Longmeadow, MA, USA

As I stand atop the starting block, I adjust my goggles, wondering, wondering what will happen.
I can see the wall approaching I turn into a quick flip and and push off still wondering wondering what will happen.
The gun sounds, I dive to feel the rush of the water test my body wondering, wondering what will happen.
The end of the pool where I started looms toward me as I push every ounce of energy left into the finish, I look up now knowing what had happened.

When I go to bed

By Rebecca, age 13, Prineville, USA

Every night I crawl in bed,
I say my prayer in my head,
As I lay there I just think,
Of things I will do this week,
Then all the sudden I close my eyes,
Now I am dreaming of pies.

The Snowman And The Magic Hat

By Samantha, age 9, P.S.79 School, Whitestone, USA

Once upon a time there was a boy. He made a snowman. The snowman had a magic hat,a carrot, a coal nose and smile. The boy loved the snowman. It was a grand one.The boy was wondering why people stood around the house staring at the snowman.It was summer and the snowman was still there.A girl almost took the magic hat off of the snowman. The boy said NO HE WILL MELT!!! The snowman lived forever and ever wearing the magic hat.

The Ugly Toad


Once there was a handsome young prince. His father and mother wanted him to find a princess who he could settle down with and marry. Day after day princesses came to the royal palace to be interviewed by the prince and day after day they left with nothing. The prince did not want to marry any of these girls as he wanted to be in love with his wife.

One day he was walking in the woods for a breath of fresh air when suddenly he heard this wonderful voice singing in the meadow. He ran through the trees to get to the meadow. When he tripped up on a branch and was captured in a net. It was a witch who had caught him, she had a son of her own and wanted the princes looks to give to her own son so the singing princess would fall in love with him and give the witch her money. She cast a spell on him and her son, the prince was turned into a frog and the witch's son was turned into a handsome young boy.

The price hopped away from the evil witch and her son and went to the meadow their he saw the lovely princess. He hopped over to her and imediatly fell in love he wished he was a prince so he could marry her. The princess jumped with fright when she saw him. But he calmed her down and said

"Princess do not be scared as I am really a prince and the witch has turned me into this ! Watch out for her son over there, he wants to marry you but to get me from this horrid form you have to kiss me."

The princess leaned over and kissed the frog, at once he turned back into the prince and he married the princess and they lived happily ever after

Boring Miss Angry

By Class7, age 9, Year 4, Frampton Cotterell School, South Goucestershire, UK

Blah, blah, blah
I was yawning and snoring till I nearly fell asleep
On and on and on.
I decided to put my hand up to save the class from boredom HELL!
"Can we get on with our work please?"
Teacher went red......

The Stripey Tiger

By Mohinoor & Nafisa, age 6, Year 2, Richmond Infant School, Oldham, UK

I am a stripy tiger
I live in a sunny place
and when I go to sleep
I make a funny face


By kirsti, age 8, 3rd grade , riverbend school, springfield, OR,USA

I look out my
window and see
the beautiful
moon, it hovers above
me in that big star zoo.

The Quest for Treasure

By Barry, age 12, Crestwood School, Ohio, USA

Hi every one, this is what happened when I went hunting for treasure. " Well, first I should explain, I never would have started hunting, if I hadn't found the map." I didn't even know it was a map. My brother Gene is always bringing home strange things he finds outside. He is always playing with other people's junk. Yesterday he brought home a small box. Inside the box was a map. It looked like a treasure map.
"Where did you find that?" I asked.
"It was in our back yard." Gene said, then he took off to find more junk.
"Cool!" I thought to myself, "the map is all mine!" I carried the map to the table to study it. I thought about the wonderful stuff I might find. I might find money, jewels, and all sorts of treasures.
I followed the directions on the map. The weird thing was it took me through all the rooms in my house. It had me go into the basement. The map said I would have to find an empty bucket. I found the bucket and headed into the kitchen. It said I would need a mop. Then it told me to go in the laundry room and find some rags and cleaner. It took me through a few more rooms in the house.
Finally it said to go to my room where I would find the buried treasure. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see it. I grabbed all of the stuff the map said I would need. I rushed into my room as fast as I could. I threw all the stuff on the floor. That is when I heard it. I heard laughing. It was my brother and my mom laughing at me.
"Mom," I cried, "there's no buried treasure in here."
"Oh yes there is," she said. "Once you clean up all these toys and clothes that are all over, you will find buried beneath…a clean room." My mom laughed and said, "That's what I call a treasure!"
The End

The Space Ranger

By David & Jayum, age 10, Year 6, International Preparatory School, Mauritius

There was once a Space Ranger, who had never, ever gone to space to explore planets! And he was very sad about it.
Then, one day, his Grandpa, The Great Scientist, Professor Butteyboot was going somewhere, so he told his grandson, to take care of his laboratory. So, when he had gone the Space Ranger started exploring it.
Suddenly, he saw this huge rocket placed beside the professor's computer. He went inside, & suddenly it started moving! And in no time at all he was in space!
Quickly, he took some photographs of the planets! But then,he saw that it had lost all its fuel! It started to fall towards the Earth?
"Help!" he cried. Just then he heard the professor's voice, and he was so happy to come back!

The Fire

By Ruth, age 12, Year 6th Grade, School, Fairfax Station, VA, USA

Sleep tight
Dear child
All is well...
All will be well
(heh heh heh)
I'm sure all will be well
Sweet child
Don't fear
Fear not
There is nothing to be afraid of
not even...
not even...
not even me.
(heh heh heh)

Smoke comes hissing around the corner
dear child,
fear not
That is nothing to be
scared of
(heh heh heh)
Oh- you wonder about
that smell?
That mist?
That fog?
Oh-my child-
fear not, I say
fear not
lie down
In your snug, sage bed
Sleep tight
As the flames shoot
Oh- do not try to run,
All is safe-
I am here,
(heh heh heh)

These flames
Shoot up high
and far
Do not be scared,
I am here,
(heh heh heh)
Do not flee-
You are safe in your snug bed-
And I am here-
despite the thick smoke
the chocking smog
the bright flames
the despair
and anxiety
you are feeling,
it is to no avail.
I am here-
(heh heh heh)

now it is time.
It is time for you to leave.
Escape if you can-
The fire is growing
by leaps and bounds-
my child,
all is well.
Now go run along
and play.
Just avoid
those flames
the smoke

the horror.
My child,
dear child, all will be well.
I am here.
(heh heh heh)

The anguish
The pain
The suffering
The confusion
The running
The tripping
The falling
The end is coming
The end
The end of the
The end
Watch out
Watch out for the fire.


By Kerensa, age 14, Grade 8, Putnam, CT, USA

If people hurt,
Why don't they cry?
And if people are glad,
Why don't they smile?
We see things all,
Through different eyes,
Make big deals of some thing small,
And give up with a sigh.
If things are the same,
Every one every where,
Then if some one is different,
Is that why we stare?
If God made us all,
Kept the keys to our heart,
Then how do others break them,
Are we getting too smart?
When I think of the times,
When I've sat and cried,
Were they tears for my self,
Or for others who've tried?
If my soul is a locket,
And my heart is the key.
Then I wish only God,
Would set them both free.

Karen's Magical Adventure

By Meaghan , age 11, Year 5th Grade, School, Spokane, Washington, U.S.

Once there was a girl by the name of Karen. She lived with her stepmother and stepsisters, Brittany and Annie. Annie and Brittany made Karen do all the chores including dishes, laundry, sweeping, dusting and vacuuming. If you walked in their house you would have heard, "Do the laundry, Karen! I want water, Karen! Where's my lunch? Go get the phone, sister!!"
Finally, after Karen had tucked everyone in and rubbed their feet, she went to bed. Karen read the story, Cinderella, just like she did every night. Karen's father had given her the book before he died. Then she thought about him and went to sleep.
The next morning Karen woke to the sound of her sisters and mother calling her name. Karen ran downstairs and fetched them breakfast.
"Karen, I wanted toast, not cereal!" Annie yelled across the room. Finally when breakfast was finished, her sisters went upstairs to practice for their piano and voice lessons.
Just then the door bell rang and Karen answered the door. There stood a servant of the richest boy in town. The servant handed her an invitation to a masquerade party he was throwing. Karen rushed up to show her sisters the invitation.
"Karen, don't interrupt us while we are practicing," her stepsister, Brittany, called.
"But here's an invitation to the masquerade party Joe's throwing!" Karen replied. Her sisters gasped loudly.
"Read it! Read it!" they demanded. Karen read it to them. It said: "You are invited to Joe's masquerade party! Please come at 9:00 p.m. in costume. Dress up as you please and at 11:30 p.m. everyone will remove their masks and Joe will choose his bride. We hope to see you there!"
Of course Brittany, Annie and their mother immediately demanded that Karen would quickly design them each a marvelous costume.
"Hey, what about me? Can I go to the masquerade party, too?" Karen asked hopefully.
"Yes, if you get our costumes designed and made. Also you have to perfectly fix our hair by 8:30 tomorrow night," her stepmother answered. To Karen that task seemed impossible.
Karen made Annie a Raggedy Ann costume, Brittany a clown and her stepmother a mermaid costume. By the time Karen was done with their costumes it was 7:45 the next night. She glanced at the clock and thought, only 45 minutes to make my costume. With the help of her swift sewing machine, Karen finished her wonderful Cinderella costume with 5 minutes to spare. Karen headed downstairs to show off the beautiful costume she had made for herself. But when Brittany and Annie saw her, they became extremely jealous of her costume. Since Brittany and Annie were so jealous, they started ripping and tearing the dress.
"No! No! Stop! Don't!!" Karen shrieked. But it was too late. The dazzling, blue ballroom dress was torn to shreds. Karen ran out to the garden covered her eyes with her hands and fell down on her knees sobbing.
" Why are you crying, my dear? a voice called out. Karen quickly lifted her head and looked around. No one was there. "Who said that?" Karen demanded.
"It was I, your fairy godflower." Karen looked around and saw that a tall sunflower was speaking to her. Karen pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.
"Now I ask again, why are you crying?" Karen explained about the party and her ball dress. After about 2 minutes of thinking, the sunflower spoke again. "Bring me a matchbox and two white mice." Karen did as she was told and then laid the things down by the flower's stem. Her fairy godflower shook her petals and, poof, a limo appeared, along with a chauffeur. Karen gasped with excitement and then looked down at herself.
"But now I don't have a blue ballroom dress like Cinderella and that's who I wanted to dress up like."
"We'll fix that," the sunflower said. She shook her petals again and Karen was in a very beautiful blue dress just like Cinderella's. "Just remember to be home by 12:30 a.m., because that is when your dress will turn to rags and the matchbox will be a matchbox again. The mice will also be mice again. Just then Karen looked down at her feet and saw two glittering glass slippers on them.
"Oh, thank you fairy godflower!" And with that, Karen disappeared into the open door of the stretch limo. The velvet seats were fancy and there was a TV in the left corner by the door. Karen sighed happily. Then she glanced at her watch and saw that it was already 9:40 p.m. The limo stopped and the door opened. Outside was the palace that Joe's party was in. Karen walked inside and saw lions, bears, plants, tigers, dolls and clowns. Beyond all the costumes was Joe. He was dressed just like the prince in her story. Karen thought how wonderful it would be to be chosen as Joe's wife. Karen saw Brittany, Annie and her stepmother crowding around Joe's throne. She walked towards the buffet table and chose a couple of chocolate cookies. Karen also got some juice. Suddenly an announcement blasted over all the speakers.
"Please line up in front of Joe in a single file line. When you get to the front, take off your mask. Joe will tell you to either go to the left or the right. Do as he tells you." By the time it was Karen's turn it was 12:25 a.m., according to her watch. As soon as Joe saw her he knew she would be his bride.
"I have found my bride!" Joe announced after a few seconds of looking at her. As soon as he said that some cheering began. Then the clock struck 12:30. Karen ran out of the mansion door stumbling and losing her precious glass slipper on the front steps. Joe tried to follow Karen, but she had too much of a headstart. Just then another announcement came over the speakers telling everyone to keep an eye out for Karen and to go home. The next day Joe and his wisest servant went around town saying that every lady would try on the slipper. As soon as Joe and his servant started towards Karen's house, Karen's stepmother ordered Karen to go dig carrots. Joe tried the slipper on Brittany's foot, but her foot was too large. He tried the slipper on Annie's foot, but her foot was too small. The stepmother tried the slipper on, but her foot was just too wide. Just as Joe turned to leave, Karen entered the room. Joe demanded that Karen try the slipper on. It fit perfectly and Karen even had the other slipper!
The next week, wedding bells were ringing and Joe and Karen were married. They went on a honeymoon to Hawaii and lived happily ever after with their two children, Abby and Andy.

The End


By CAITLIN, age 12, Year 7, ysgol gyfun gwynllyw School, newport, south wales

with pride he glides
down the river to meet his lowly dead
sombrely he strolls
through his infested domain
with his lost souls as companions

cunning and sly
he wills us to die
and become part of his union
collecting our souls
as we cease to exist
in purgatory for all of eternity

My Brother the Dirt Bike Kid

By Yasimine, age 9, Cumberland School, Sunnyvale, California, USA

"Alex, Taylor, Sage, Hally, Alexcia, and Liza. You don't want to be late for school!" Said Mom. "Guys today Grandma, and Grandpa are going to pick up Sage, Liza, and Alex. Okay? Okay. I have a meeting in 6 minutes. Everyone get in the car. "
"Is Andy and Emily-Michelle going to come?" I asked. "Yes." We were on the edge of TropicalWave Place (our street) then we turned and headed on Bluejay Drive. When all the kids in my car were gone, my best friend Erin Fisk came running up to me and said "Hi Sage, lets go play with Dancia and Claire!"
Then when we were walked to the playground, I spied my big brother Alex and his two best friends standing next to him, Bobby and Clyde.
"What are you doing Alex?"
"Sage Sage Sage, little sister it is none of your business so get out of here!"
" It is my business I would like to know what is going on here."
"I am getting a dirt bike from Roger."
"What are you giving him?"
"Mom's 50 bucks, and my BMX bike."
"What? Why Alex? Why Alex? Why?"
" Because!" The bell rang and school was over.
"Alex you are riding it home? Yes, can I come?"
"Yes. wear this helmet."
We got home.
"Alex where did you get that bike from?"
"Roger Peterson." "Where's the supplies you had to get?"
"I gave Roger my BMX bike and your 50 bucks."
"Alex!!! Go to your room!" I heard mom scream.
The next day mom was putting Alex's dirt bike in mom's car.
"Mom! No! Mom you can't give this bike away!" "Why?"
"Because it has magical powers! "
"Give me a break, Alex!" The End

The Trapdoor under the Bed

By Stephanie, age 8, 3rd grade, Academie Da Vinci School, USA

One spring, flowery, beautiful, sunny day I was outside playing, until my mom told me to come inside because she wanted me to clean my room so I stomped inside like a lion roaring really loud because I wanted to stay outside and play.
When I got inside I went to my bedroom and when I got inside my bedroom I saw how it looked like and I said "it doesn't look real messy" but I just started cleaning up because mommy told me to clean my room.
After I done cleaning up everywhere I started cleaning under my bed because it was real dirty so when I started pulling out from under my bed I glanced at some thing and I saw that it was a door so when I opened the door I saw a real bright light but then I got sucked into another dimension.
When I got into another world I found out that I was in Candy Land and I wanted to get out so when I found the trapdoor.
I started knocking but I couldn't get out so I crying because I was scared. Then all of a sudden an angel appeared and said for me to use my heart and I will get out so I did what she told me to do. Before I left I said good bye then when I left I found myself in bed sleeping.

Change of Pace

By John, age 11, 5th grade, Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School, Boerne, Texas, USA

Sports can be fun when you let it be.
You gotta work hard, that's the key.
Stick with it and have a ball,
don't just stare at those who play and definitely, don't stall.
Don't be a couchman and eat cheetos all day
be a coachman and don't decay.
Be a winner put on a show.
Then people will stare and you will glow
I admit, you gotta work,
but after all is said, you're not gonna be the one that lurks. So change your tone of pace, and be something in life

Winning the Race

By Rachel, age 13, Grade 8, William R. Satz School, Holmdel, New Jersey, USA

Got to win. I've got to win. If I don't I'll never live it down.
"Hey, is Karen starting to slow down? Hey guys! Big mouth Karen is slowing down! You know what happens if you lose this race, Karen," Jay screams.
How could I forget? These races that the parents see as fun and games really aren't, for me anyway. If I don't win, I'll be labeled as one of those wimpy girls, you know the kind that wear all that gunk on their face and only care about "cute" guys? (Yuck! I'd rather be one of the guys!) But to be one of the guys you have to beat all the guys, if you're a girl anyway.
Yes, I'm almost there! Almost at the finish! Got to win! I've got to win! I DID IT! I won! Safe, until next week.
"Hey Karen, you won again. Congratulations. See you at the hangout tomorrow by 11:00. Oh, and by the way, next week you get to race Bobby. See ya!" Chris calls.
The guys walk away laughing menacingly while I flop over and groan. Bobby is Jay's older brother and is also the star of the Varsity Track Team. Oh! What am I going to do??
"Come on, Sparky, let's go home," I say to my dog who watches The Race every week. As I walk home with my dog faithfully by my side, I think, "Got to win. I've got to win."

Watch Out! Your Teacher's An Alien!*
* Editor's Award for best story of March 2000

By Helen, age 10, St. Colmcilles School, Dublin, Ireland

Chapter 1

Okay we all know what teachers are like. Mean, stinking, ugly and…and just plain horrible! With there posh hair do, their posh little specs, their little plum coloured suits and their over made up know it all faces. All right, all right I'll admit it not all teachers are mean and ugly I mean some of them can be really nice and give you sweets and nights off homework. But what I'm saying is the majority of them are. I go to a very nice school with very nice teachers but not all of them are nice (unfortunately I got stuck with one of the not nice teachers.)

But then one day I was coming home from basketball practice. I was just passing the school gates when I saw my teacher Miss. Fatty (Fatso as we call her) and another mean teacher Miss. Smeelyake (Smellyo is her nickname, but she doesn't know that!) coming out the front door their heads were bent low and I heard them whispering. "Don't forget the meeting in hall number 2 Disappearing Lane!"

I'm sure that's what I heard. So that's why I am now convinced that my teacher is an…ALIEN (or a monster or witch but defiantly something evil or scary.) And that she and all the other mean teachers (not the nice ones they're just normal) go to secret places on Fridays or the weekends and think up ways to torture kids. So that is why I Louise S. Keegan and my best Friend Niamh. J Hogan decided to follow Fatso home on Friday afternoon after school!

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The Ghost That Haunts Me

By Heather, age 9, Butts Road Intermediate School, Chesapeake, Virginia USA

Hi my name is Elizabeth and I have a secret, but don't tell anyone, no matter what happens. I don't know what her name is and why she's haunting me but I do have a clue.
See when I moved here everything was fine until I found a ring, I tried it on and it got stuck. I tried to get it off with everything but nothing would work. After that SHE started haunting me, she would follow me everywhere except out of town.
There's only one way out of town.
It's a bridge the ghost wouldn't go near it. It's like something happened to her there. I'll just ask my parents who lived here with a daughter who died at my age (10). I never tried to speak to her but this time I am. I'm going to ask her who…
AHH! She's HERE! I going toward her
"Who are you! What do you want from me!" I yelled.
" The ring." She whispered. "I am Jennifer. Who are you who has my ring." Jennifer whispered again.
My heart was trembling like a cat in water. " M-my n-name i-is E-Elizabeth." I started to get a chill down my back.
" I will not hurt you in any way. I just want my ring back so I can this spell off me." Jen said.
" I can't get it off my finger, I tried everything. Anyway how do you have a spell and who casted it?" I asked.
"This old lady whose name was Sacrifice. She told me I had to get my ring back on my finger and if a person who is alive is wearing it he or she has to figure out what happened the night I died, where did I die, and who killed me. No one can tell you ether, if so you will have to sacrifice your life."
She said as if she was ashamed in herself. In my head I saw something. It was a little old lady who had a broom. She sat on it and started to fly?
" How am I going to find out how you died? It's not like I can go though time to the past." I moaned. " Wait I've got it I can go though the old newspapers in the basement! But I need your last name." I shouted.
" Woods.'' She said.
I ran to the basement door opened it and ran down the steps. No sooner I found the newspapers and brought some of them up. They were smelly but I could handle it. I looked at every single one of them but I couldn't find one that told the death of Jen. I finally gave up on the newspapers and got something to drink.
Then I had an idea since the 1st family that lived here taped deaths of family members on the news there must be one for Jen. I wonder where they are I'll go ask my parents.
"MOM! DAD!'' I yelled.
" What? '' my mom asked.
" Well, do you know where the video tapes for the deaths of the families before us are?'' I asked.
" In the basement where the old newspapers are.'' My Mom said.
Then I zoomed to the basement, and down the stairs. Then I searched where my mom told me to search and found them. There was about a million of them but I managed to hold all of them up the stairs. I searched all the name tags till I found Jennifer Woods.
After that I went, put the video in the VCR, I watched it and tried to find out what happened but it didn't tell who killed her. It just told where, at the bridge that you go out of town. It also told that she was murdered by getting pushed off the bridge. Her boyfriend and Jen were going out of town when the car broke down. They both got out of the car, while her boyfriend was fixing the car Jen went over at the edge of the bridge so she could see the water someone pushed her off. Jen couldn't swim so she drowned.
Finally I went to the Police Station and sneaked on a computer looked for Woods, Jennifer. It said Jack Leen murdered Jen. After that I sneaked past busy people and when I got out I bumped into a cop I was Busted! I looked around for Jen she was nowhere in sight.
When I got to the jail thing there were separated rooms and in mine Jen was there to save me! When the quards fell asleep Jen picked up the keys and threw them to me I caught them. I unlocked the lock and quietly opened the door of the jail cage. Then I opened the door out, there was no one in sight.
I ran home as fast as I could, in a few minutes I was home. I found Jen and told her everything she said I was right and the ring magically came off, she took it, put it on, said goodbye, and disappeared. That night I felt terrific but sad, very sad very very very sad. I missed Jennifer Woods following me everywhere. I hope she rests in peace forever.

Scary Story

By Theresa, age 11, Maryland, USA

"Aaahhh!" screamed Andrea as she ran from the attic of her friend's new house.
"What is the matter?" asked Jamie as Andrea reached the bottom of the stairs.
"thhere is someone up there making wwwierd noises!'' said Andrea, her long blond curls shaking.
''Maybe it's not a someone, maybe it's a something!'' said Jamie, her voice full of excitment.
She ran up the stairs two at a time, her short brown hair bobbing up and down, with Andrea close behind.
''Oh my gosh!' 'they gasped at what they saw, a baby monster who looked a fuzzy dinosaur sat in the middle of the floor! He reached his arms up to Jamie and in a determined voice said ''Mommy.''
''He's so cute!" Jamie walked towards him.
Another monster (who was the baby's mother) darted in front of him and hissed at them. The girls shrieked and ran downstairs.
Later when they went back the monsters were gone.

thunder cloud

By Jessica, age 10, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Thunder thunder thunder thunder Cloud Swell........
Then burst.............
Very loud.........

Treasure Island

By Roddy, age 8, Year Year 3, Rhoscolyn School, Anglesey, North Wales

Treasure Island was a dark gloomy, lonely and forbidding place. The wind was whirling and blowing the boat from side to side. The ocean waves were roaring with gigantic sounds. As we moved closer the darker it got. The cliffs were approaching. The sand was wet and disgusting to walk across. The trees were long and weak. Then the boats were not very stable. Long John Silver was in charge of the two boats. The landscape was a disgusting place to see. There was nothing except birds. When we got ashore it was dull and barely anyone had survived. The smell was of blood and skeletons. One boat, which was going ashore, was smashed to bits because of hitting a rock in mid ocean.

When I was a mile into the wood I heard guns and swords clashing and banging to and fro. I ran back to see what was going on, there was a battle. I saw something on the sand, I ran to pick it up, it was a map. It was an old torn map and hard to see the writing. Suddenly I felt something around me, it was a rope. A second later I was flying. The rope was loose and I managed to escape. The journey continued. I was following Captain Flint to the treasure.

"Hurry up Jim", said Captain Flint.

We came to a hole, we threw a rope and we slid down. I was very scared. When we got to the bottom we looked around, we moved a rock in the entrance of a cave. We walked into the cave, we saw an old rusty chest with a skeleton on top. We shot at the skeleton and we looked for the padlock but we couldn't find it, so Captain Flint shot the lid off. We dragged the chest out and tied it to the rope, we pulled it up to the sand, and ran and ran with it. It was getting dark, we decided to find a shelter in the wood. That morning we sang, "Ho ho ho with a bottle of rum". We ran to the boat still celebrating. Long John Silver saw that he chased us to the ship. Now we were in big trouble!

Overnight Long John Silver stole the treasure and left us with nothing. We woke up to find an empty chest. We ran and ran to the ship. Long John Silver was on board waiting for us. When we were on board Captain Flint pulled out his gun and with a mighty shot he pulled the trigger. Long John Silver fell overboard dead.

"The treasure is ours!" said the crew.

The gunpowder smelt like balls of disease. The smoke whirled around me. Captain Smuggle said, "Raise the anchor and sail for shore".

"Hurray", said everyone. When we reached the enormous waves of the Atlantic we prized open the chest and stared at the glittering golden treasure.


By Richard, age 8, Year Year 3, Rhoscolyn School School, Anglesey, North Wales

Treasure Island is a gloomy old place, no-one has survived there. It's dark, eerie and very lonely. With rocky peaks, there is no whisper of wind, no voice of creature or insect. The trees were bent down over the ocean. The cliffs however were bending over the sand and made dark shadows. The rocks were black, the soil was hard as if it had been there for years. The landscape was a whirling-mist which was there for fifteen thousand years.

The pirates were entering the island. I was too scared, the pirates thought they would break their nerves in pieces.

Long John Silver was the cook for the pirates, Long John Silver was put in charge of two boats. When we heard this he smiled in an unpleasant way. I decided to go there. I hid in a bush wondering what would happen. I saw Long John Silver threatening a sailor named Hard-hearted. He raised his dagger up and plunged his dagger right through his leg, "I shall leave you here forever", he snarled.

Long John Silver stared at something on his belt, it was a scroll. "What do we have here maties? Why it's a treasure map". Long John Silver said, "Hey, wait a second, he's been fooling us all along".

"Well never mind at least we have got the map".

They got led into the cave.

"Ah! We've found it, now we have to take that dusty skeleton off! Have you got your spades?"

But before Silver could say any more, the door of the cave crashed shut, and an evil voice came, and it said, "You have betrayed me, do you know who I am?" Said the spooky voice, "I am Hard-hearted and I shall kill you once and for all."

All of a sudden the skeleton grabbed Long John Silver's neck and Long John Silver died, very, very quickly. Then a big rock came towards the other pirates and they died too. "Ha Ha! join me", said Hard-hearted and all the pirate spirits flew out of their bodies.

"What's that I smell"? asked Hard-hearted. Then I knew I was in trouble, he was heading right where I was as if in deep disappointment. I sneaked behind and tried to open the chest but Hard-hearted turned around and he saw me, and the chest was too hard to move and too heavy, and right now the big rock was coming.

But I had an idea. There was a rope from the roof of the cave, so I swung over the rock and the rock hit the old treasure chest and it opened up and inside was a gold cup. I plunged down on the skeleton and it suddenly fell to bits, I was amazed to see the treasure was mine. I quickly tried to open the door, but I couldn't so I got my gun, and shot the roof, and a piece of paper fell down, and it said this,

"He's got sharp teeth, he likes your taste, he might leave you here, for waste".

"I don't like the sound of that", I thought, then out of nowhere came the ghost of Long John Silver. I thought I could get away but I couldn't so I shot at it and then I climbed out, and wished I hadn't been there.

Never Kill a Caterpillar

By Liam, age 13, 7th grade, Goddard Middle School, Littleton, CO, USA

Temptation can be bad
& temptation can be good
It is like a breeze of wind
That blows upon you every now & then
It is said to be a sin
But is this true?
Is it wrong to want something you do not have?
To have a dream when not only an object but a thought is laid upon you?
Should temptation be banned from any one person?
Temptation is almost like a caterpillar
It is living life normally, just waiting for some time to be opened into a new world
A door or window to possibilities
You really should never kill a caterpillar

Poem about Halloween

By Leanne, Nickname Lill, age 11, Surrey, England

Halloween is so cool,
Sweets and candy Halloween rules!
If you're lucky to catch a glimpse....
Of the friendly purple witch,
You may find that she has a...
Special little sweety tray,
This great tray she carries around,
Makes a little cherpy sound:
"Come little children I'll give you some sweets..
For sweeties are childrens favorite treats!"
So as I say, Halloween is great,
When Halloween comes I cannot wait!!!

The Missing Valentines

By Jessy, age 8, 3rd grade, Stockton School, New Jersey, USA

My class had made valentines for a project. We were about to hand them out, but we couldn't they'd been stolen! So my brother Richie and I, Julie, went looking for the valentines. We checked the whole school.
No sign not even a trace of the Valentines. So we started asking kids if they saw any one steal them. We first asked Josh and Alexis. They said, "We saw someone leave with Valentines".
"Which way did he go?", Richie and I asked.
"They went left", said Alexis and Josh.
So we went left. We saw foot prints they were smaller then our foot prints. So the boy was young.
"What would a young boy want with Valentine paper hearts?", asked Richie.
" Well, since they were all gluey, MAYBE HE COULD USE IT TO CLOSE YOUR MOUTH", I yelled.
So we kept on walking. Then the foot prints led into a house. We rang the door bell. A lady came out.
She said, " Huh... what do you want?".
"Why do you have those Valentines?", Richie asked.
" My son Eric gave me them", said the lady.
"Would you like to see Eric?", the lady asked us.
"Sure let's see the boy", I said.
"ah... ah... what is it, mini tigers", Richie said.
"No they won't harm you it's only my tabby cat Sam and Larry", says the nice woman.
"O.k. whatever, let's get to Eric we don't have all day you know", I said.
So we went to Eric's room he said, " Sorry you guys I was trying to find Richie so I could glue his mouth shut! Well there we go", said Eric quietly.
"Oh.. I was going to do the same Eric", I said
We taped his mouth shut. We went back to school and Eric helped hand out the Valentines.



By Sonya, age 7, Singapore

Seven colours,
splashing across the blue sky,
after the rain,
brings sunshine to my life.......
Rainbow I love you.

Indiana Jones and the Spirits of Skull Cave

By Ethan, age 10, Year S.I.N.G.S., 5th and 6th grade center School, Poplar Bluff ,MO, USA


One day Indiana was teaching his class.
"And this is the recently found Mastadon Skull,"said Indiana.
Then the bell rang.
"See ya guys!" Indiana yelled.
"Indi! Indi!" Indiana turned around and saw Marcus.
"Indi, we were out at this cave we had heard rumors about."
"Why didn`t you come get me?" Indiana asked.
"We wanted to give you a break." Marcus replied. "Well anyway, we found this."
He held out a brown box. Inside was what looked like an old piece of paper. It was a map! Indi took the map and went outside to get started. Suddenly, the map was yanked out of his hands, and was floating in midair.
"Darn! There isn`t even a breeze..."
Indiana paused.
"Get that map!" Marcus yelled.
They followed the map to a hill.
"It`s going to the cave! This is the way!" Marcus yelled.
Then a man walked into Indiana. It was Salai, Indiana's best friend.
"Indi, It`s really you!" Salai said.


Salai lead Indiana to a moterboat. As soon as they got in, the boat tipped over. Indiana looked around and said, "There`s a rock, a crocodile...what!"
There was a croc swimming toward him, and a boulder coming. Luckly he escaped the traps.
When he came to a village, a man threw a knife at him!
Indiana took out his whip and whipped the man.
Indiana made his way to the chief. "I need a guide to the cave." Indiana asked.
"Lauga chippa cahba," said the chief.
"Will anybody guide me?!" Indiana yelled.
"I will!" yelled a kid. "Okay," said Indiana.


Once they had found the cave, they entered. Indiana ordered the kid to stay out of the light.
"Why?" asked the kid.
"Because this," Indiana said. He put his hand in the light and spikes came out of the wall. On top of that, the ceiling was closing in.
"Run!" Indiana yelled. They barely made it out. Then, right in front of them, was the idol.
"There`s nothing to worry about," said the kid.
"That`s what scares me," Indiana said.
He threw a rock on a panel of the floor. A dart flew out of the wall.
"Stay here," said Indiana. Indi picked up the idol.
"We got it!" yelled the kid.
"Yeah, we got it," Indiana said.


Time and Fantasy

By Alexa, age 16, Year 11, School, Rural Sebeka, MN, USA

Many people today forget the troubles of the past... they seemingly tire of the world around them, and the worlds they can explore.

Children and adults alike grow weary of their tedious lives, yet refuse to expand their minds into different cultures or different times. This short dialogue is an introduction into another time... another life...

"Rynne! Rynne Morden! Git up, gi'l! It's 5 o'clock an' y' 'aven't even bigun y' cho'es, gi'l!" "I'm coming, father! I'm coming!" Rynne called to her father, then spoke to herself as she dressed, "This life isn't what I expected it to be..." Her voice cut off as she tugged her dress over her head. "Rynne! Th' eggs need t' be gathe'd, gi'l! Whe' are y'?

"I told you, father! I'm coming! I will be there in a moments time!" She finished dressing, "Am I never to be left alone? I'm a girl of seventeen and no boy will court me for father's protectiveness. I shall grow to be an old maid." A wistful sigh leaves her lips, "If only a knight would come sweep me away..." Her door burst open then, her eyes flew to the sight of her father in a rage, "Bloody hell, Rynne! Can't y' ev'n list'n t' y' own fathe'?" His hand slammed into the side of her face.

"What have I done to deserve this life?! Why must I endure the hellishness that is mine?" Rynne stood before her father, then, "If you wish for me to stay forever, to be under your power for the rest of all time," She paused then, breathing deeply, "Then, father... strike me dead. If you do not, I shall leave your home, never to return again."

Her father walked out then, a blank stare covering his face. He said nothing to her, and left her there, tears streaming from her eyes as his back faced her. "Goodbye, father." Were the last words she ever spoke to him. She packed her few belongings... and left her home in the country... Left her home to visit a dream. The dream world in which she'd forever before lived.

The Blitz

By Leanne, age 11, Year 6, Broad Oak Primary School, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire, England.

The sirens wailed.

Dad shouted at us to get in the shelter, so we all hurried out the door and crammed through the entrance of the grey , smelly hole. I knew Dad was scared but he didn't show it . Mum too.

Me, Mum, Dad and little George all sat huddled together waiting, listening and the faint sobs of my Mum made me feel scared, as if we would be bombed and killed.

"Shh" Mum said, and we stopped talking. Aas we did we heard the bombers coming closer and closer, which meant innocent people were coming closer to death. We all sat looking up so we didn't notice when George crawled out of the door. It wasn't till the first bomb dropped that I noticed he was gone and screamed "where's George?".

My Mum went into hysterics and my Dad tried to calm her down. I just sat in the corner sobbing, shaking. I thought: why George -- I mean he was an innocent baby. We all sat trying to comfort each other , that's all we could do till the raid ended.

Bomb after Bomb, hour after hour sat wondering if I would find my little brother dead. I could see him in my mind lying there cold and blue, I shuddered at the thought. Why have a war anyway? Why can't the two countries be friends it would be a lot easier. Even though I had no answers to my questions, it helped.

The (all clear) sirens went off. I didn't want to go out mainly because I was scared . Scared of what I might find .

We climbed out to find our whole street had been bombed flat. I looked behind me, to see my bedroom , it was in pieces and all that was left was a piece of my dolls house. My Mum was looking helplessly for George , while my Dad was asking how we were going to replace the nineteenth century antique bowl.

Suddenly we heard a scream from Mrs Appleby. I jumped over the dirt and rubble when I got to her I followed her gaze, and I saw George lying there cold and dead. It was then I cried uncontrollably and I asked myself why couldn't we have been evacuated. Before I could answer I went faint and like jelly, then without warning I fainted and hit the stone and rubble the last thing I heard was my Mum screaming then it went BLACK!

Skull and Cake!

By Stephanie, aged 7, Longshaw School, Chingford, London, England.

Skull and Cake
Skull and Cake
All kinds of monster food we make
Add a chocolate covered snake!
In the oven it will bake
Delicious skull and cake

Witches eat the skull and cake
Monsters eat the chocolate snake
Halloween is skull and cake
Ghostly ice-cream with a flake
Skeletons climb out of the lake!

Delicious skull and cake.

The Time Machine Gang

By Austin and Joe, age 10 and 10, 4th Grade, O'Neal Elementary School, Poplar Bluff, MO, USA


In the town of Madison Florida, there is a gang of kids. The kids names are Nick, Jason, Jenny, Steve, and Kristen. Nick is the leader and a daredevil. Jason goes along with everything. Same thing with Jenny, Goes along with whatever. Steve is smart and scared. Kristen is Steve's little sister, she always makes fun of Steve's scardiecatness but she is usually more scared than Steve. They all are about the same age except Kristen (she's six).

CHAPTER 1: The Unfinished Clubhouse

It was a regular day, When Nick, Jason, Jenny, and Steve were on a bike ride. Then Nick said " Oh you guys, we gotta finish the club house!"
Then Steve said, " I need to get home. My mom said I need to be home by six o clock."
"I guess we can go all the way back to your house and check in with your mom," said Nick.
So the gang rode to Steve's house.When they got there Steve got off his bike and went in to ask his mom what time dinner is.
"Oh around seven, why do you ask?" said Steve's mom.
"Cause the gang wants to go work on the clubhouse".
"Okay, but on one condition".
"What's that"?
"It is that you have to take your younger sister with you".
"But MOM"!"No going if you don't take your little sister with you, and that's FINAL!"
"Alright" Steve said with a sigh "She can come with us".
"Let's go Steve! We are not gonna have enough time before dark!" said nick.
"We still gotta get some wood," said Jason.
Steve walks out of the house with his sister.
Nick says to the gang,"Lets go to the shack that old Man Harrison lives in. I have heard there is bunches of wood in that old shack."
Kristen moves behind Steve.
She says, "Mom says were not supposed to go in there, Remember?"
Nick says "Was that your little sister, Steve?"
"That's what I gotta tell ya, Mom said she had to come with us."
"Okay Shrimp, don't tell about us goin in that shack or will we have to stuff you in the dumpster, AGAIN!"said Nick.
"Okay, Okay, Okay I won't tell Mom but just don't stuff me in that Dumpster."

Lost and Found

By Vandana, age 6, Year 1, Dazhong Primary School, Singapore

One day when I was coming home from my Chinese class, I saw a small girl crying. Then I took my handkerchief and wiped her tears and asked her what happened. The little girl told me that she had lost her way home while coming back from the playground. The girl knew her block number and unit number but not the way to reach her block. I asked her not to cry and took her to her house. She was very happy to meet her mummy. Her mother then thanked me for my help and gave me chocolates and a drink. I then said goodbye to my new friend and reached home.I told my mummy as to why I was late and she praised me for my good deed.

Honesty is the best policy

By Harsh, age 9, Year 3, Dazhong Pr Sch School, Singapore

"And the grand prize winner is Mary Ang!"

Mary stepped forward to collect her grand prize - a BMX Bicycle. She had won last week's Maths Quiz. It had cost her hundreds to get into the quiz contest. Her mother said that she should look after the cycle because it has cost her a fortune to get into the quiz contest.

One fine evening, nearing dusk, while Mary was cycling through the park, she bumped into a tree and fell flat on the ground. When she stood up to continue cycling she noticed that the bicycle's bell was crushed. She felt speechless. Then she decided to hide the incident. It was going to get dark. Mary cycled home.

When she entered the house she parked the bicycle behind the sofa.

" Did you have a fine time cycling dear?" asked her Mother.

" n... nothing. I... I had a f...fine t...time cycling," stammered Mary.

" Tell me, did something go wrong?"

Mary told the whole story. She felt a pang of fear rise in her when she saw Mum's owl eyes staring at her.

"I am so glad you told me the truth," said Mum. Mum checked the bell. "It's only a small dent, my dear," said Mum.

" Yes! We'll check it out tomorrow," said Mary. And so as a reward Mum took Mary out for a candle light dinner.

The Millennium Dome

By Matthew, 11, John Stocker Middle School, Exeter, Devon, England

There was a young boy from Rome,
who visited the Millennium Dome,
it made him terribly sad,
that it was so incredibly bad,
he decided he might just as well go home!

Lots more Lovely Limericks from John Stocker

A girl's head
( We looked at A Boys Head by Miroslav Holub in our lessons)

By Tricia and Katy, age 10 and 10, Year 6, John Stocker Middle School, Devon, England

In it there is a beanie baby
that Jiggles about,
with a stripy coat,
and it Just cannot dance.

And a new peach bed,
with yellow patterns,
that glistens in the light,
and it Just cannot be changed.

The sky

By Zoe, age 11, Year 6, John Stocker Middle School, Exeter, Devon, England

The wind swings gently across the sky
blows, flows and goes
The sky whistles, gently through the clouds.
It's swirling and whirling through the curling coloured clouds
up in the sky a rainbow appears
brightly coloured like tie-dyed tears.

Music Never Dies

By Linda, age Thirteen, Seventh grade, School, Spring Lake, North Carolina, USA

It was the biggest night of composers Jason and Elizabeth Fair. The adience began to quite and the composers began to play. With every note that was played the audiences eyes began to widen. Everything was so perfect that no one noticed that a candle had caught on to the curtain and started a rappid and deathly fire.

There were no survivors in the collisium of Boston and no one ever heard the ending of the heavenly music of the famous composers Jason and Elizabeth Fair.

The Fair Family was not alone they had a daughter at the age of twelve named Josephine. It was a clear full moon night and Josephine was thinking of her parents. All of a sudden the window blew open and she could see and hear two people. The voices souded familiar to her.

Mother Father is that you, she replied.

Yes it is us. We have come back to teach how to play the music as graceful and smoothly as we did so that we may cross over to the other side.

How will I learn so fast mother?

You won't. That's right said her fahter. It will take hard work and dedication, but we will be here every step of the way.

Twelve years has passed and Josephine was at the age of twenty one raised by her ghostly parents. There was a knock at the door. josephine opened it and it happed to be a reporter doing an article of the Collisium of Boston.

Good morning replied the reporter I was wondering if you could give me a interview of what you think your parents would have played if they were still alive.

Why do you ask Josephine replied.

Well the Grand Opening of the collisium is in one week and no one is playing yet.

In the back of Josephines head she could hear the wisper of her mother telling her to ask the reporter if she could play. He said of course. I will make all the arrangements if you promise to give me a personal interview.

I promise. Great just be at the collisium at five o clock next week.

To Josephine one week felt like one hour with all the practicing she was doing. Before Josephine even took a breath she was on the stage about to play the unfinished peice that her parents were going to play. Josephine felt nerves untill she looke to the side where she saw her parents. We told you we be here every step of the way.

Josephine started to play the audience reaction was the same it was like listening to music that came from heaven that angels were singing. Josephine closed her eyes and took a bow and when she opened them again she saw ghost everywhere and she knew that it was her parents audience who never heard the last peice of the music. The next morning her parents were not there and Josephine knew that they were somewhere very happy. She picked up the newspaper and the headline read Music Never Dies.

The Dolphin in the Sea

By Sarah & Jenny, age 12, Year 8, Cheadle Hulme College Cheadle Hulme, UK

A dolphin named Jo was swimming in the sea when she saw a boat above her, that was stranded on a rock. So she went up to save the boat and the people in it. When she got up to the surface she found that the people in the boat were dolphin catchers and tricked the dolphin to come to the surface. They had caught Jo. Jo began to cry and one of the catchers offered her a tissue. Jo took the tissue and wrapped it round her head and became the BANDANA DOLPHIN. She was now a super fish. She pulled a knife from her scales and cut herself free. She then rang the shell fish police on her shellophone and they came and took them to Coral Jail deep in the Atlantic ocean.

Jo the super fish went on fighting crime beneath the waters of the Atlantic.


(Ed's comment: <giggle>)


by Ashley, 14, Cocoa, FL, USA

Diane glanced down the dirt road that seemed to go nowhere. Diane had been walking for 3 days now and wished that she could reach her destination before dark. SHe glanced behind her at the already walked on road and remembered her mom telling her goodbye.

"Now I want you to be careful and don't accept any rides from strangers! I love you." her told her and gave her a goodbye kiss and a big hug after that. For a minute or two, Diane didn't count, she thought that her mom wouldn't let go. Finally she did and Diane saw tears streaming down her mother beautiful face. Her Bright blue eyes had once had a sparkle to them, but now they were covered by tears. She pushed her frosted blond hair back from her face and ran her fingers through Diane's thick brown hair.

"I'll miss you." Diane replied. Her mother smiled and gave her her duffle back that possesed a pair of clothes and days worths of food for the journey. She had supplied 5,700 dollars in cash to her daughter and was dismissing her to the long journey ahead.

That had been 3 days ago and Diane was ragged and dirty and she just wanted to go home. Her food was low because she didn't use it wisely on the first day of the expidition. Her thick brown hair was now thicker with grease from not washing it and Diane was getting weak from the lack of food and water. Yet she continued the long hard journey into the next county to save the farm. The farm that had saved them from starvation, the farm that had provided the money to get clothes for them to wear on their first day of school, and now, the county wanted to take it away for a reason Diane didn't know. Diane was only 11 and her mom had to stay home to watch her 4 little brothers and sisters. She was the oldest and the only one that could save the farm. Because of them being deprived from any means of the outside world because the Ford truck had broken down with no father to fix it, she had to walk the 102 miles that they lived from town. She had to pay the debt of the farm and use any of the money for expenses to survive.

Diane reached a stopping point for the night and stopped on the side of the long stretch of road. It was getting a little chilly out and she had to get out the emergency blanket from her duffle bag. During her extremely miserable walk toward an unseen town ahead, she had probably seen two cars fly by her on the deserted road. Because of the roads location she was not guaranteed to get a ride from anyone she knew due to the fact that she couldn't get a ride from a stranger. Diane knew her mother was right because some people would notice her disposition and take advantage of having a little girl unattended by a parent. So Diane steered clear of any unwanted people.

Diane wrapped the bright colored blanket around her and sat down in the grass. She dug into the duffle bag vigorously and couldn't find any food. She scrambled through the bag and finally found her last half a sandwich. But, unfortunately, she had already drank the last bit of water that she had. It was really cold outside and she was beginning to shake. She wrapped the blanket tighter and laid down in the grass.

She was exhausted from earlier. She had run a little bit thinking that she would get there quicker. Diane started to fall asleep.

The officer walked up and rapped lightly on the screen door that didn't give much privacy to the little hand constructed house.

"Yes officer." Diane's mother greeted as she welcomed the heavy man into the kitchen of the house.

"Sorry ma'am. I was ordered to give you this on account of the county. Good day." He ended and waddled dow the steps of the front porch. Diane's mother walked in and unfolded the piece of paper carefully and slowly as if it would rip in two if it was handled the wrong way. As soon as her mother had read the mystery sheet of paper, Diane could tell that she had shattered inside, she could tell by the way she looked at her.

"Little girl." Diane woke up from her horrifying dream to discover a plump man leaning over her. "Little girl, are you okay?" Diane now sat up frightened from the introduction of the somewhat familiar man. He was wearing blue jean suspenders and a white t-shirt that looked as if it hugged his arms very tightly because they were so large.

"Yes sir." She answered. "what are you doing out here?" He asked. Diane decided that she wasn't going to explain the real reason that she was lying in the grass to him. So she lied,

"I'm lost." She lamely attempted.

"Oh you poor thing! I live right there and I'm sure my wife could fix you something to eat." He invited.

"Okay." Diane accepted thinking of her stomach before her safety. She followed the man to his small town farm house similar to hers except he had a lot less stuff than she did.

"So Diane. Where do you live?" The plump wife of the plump farmer asked.

"I live in Carter." Diane replied ,stuffing home cooked steak into her already full mouth. The family observed her eating habits but let it slide from their minds and ask her questions about home. Around the nicely decorated table sat the farmers and their 3 children named Kari, William, and Charlie. Diane took a particular notice to William, the oldest. He was twelve and had brown hair. She wished that she had better appearance than she had but there was nothing she could do about it. She figured out why the farmer was so familiar because she had seen him and his son Charlie around at the road when they were able to drive in their truck.

"Thank you very much for the food." Diane said.

"Do you want to get a shower and I can wash your clothes for you." The wife offered. "Oh thank you." Diane said and followed her upstairs.

After getting cleaned up and getting her hair washed after several days of not having it washed she went back on her journey to the other county. They insisted on giving her a ride so they dropped her off in the county of Carter. She found a bus transportation route to the county office and went to pay the debt. She walked in and everyone at the desks and all starred at her as she asked for the county office to pay the debt. They directed her and she followed. She barged into the office without knocking and the lady at the desk asked if she could help. Diane pulled out the big wad of money and she handed the lady 5,200 dollars on account of the farm. The lady took the money and swung around in her chair and picked up the phone. She mumbled something into the receiver and then turned back around. Before Diane knew it there were reporters everywhere with all their attention to her.

Diane told them her story, the truth, and they were all stunned by the outcome of it.

"She could have been killed!" One lady yelled in horror! "You're so brave!"

Others commented. One particular person who was a woman reporter had spent an extended amount of time with Diane, asking her questions. After all the reporters had left she stayed with Diane to offer to give her a ride home. Diane accepted after getting to know this nice young lady and trusted her.

When they reached the farm where Diane lived, the reporter interviewed Diane's mom and wrote a story on the town. She stressed how the farms out here were deprived of just about every kind of necessity that you could have. Gas, repair, grocery. They needed those to survive. Now there are convenient stores around. Still miles away but closer than what they used to be. Now, from her fame of courageousness, Diane has done many paid interviews from her change of community.

The Lion and the Gazelle

By Nate, age 8, Year 2nd Grade, Peggs School School, Peggs, Oklahoma USA

Once upon a time a pride of lions were looking for food. The baby lion saw a gazelle. He ran for it about an hour. Finally the baby gazelle said, "Why won't we be friends?"
The baby lion said, "My father said we can't be friends because we are too different."
"But can we still be friends?" asked the gazelle.
"Yeah, sure", said Baby lion. "Let's play hide and seek and you can count", said Baby Lion.
"30, ready or not here I come", said Baby Gazelle.
Baby gazelle looked everywhere except in the cheetah cave. He went to lion's mom and said, "Ms. Lion, Little Lion is gone. We were playing hide and seek and he just ran away."
Mama Lion said, "Oh no, he might be in the Cheetah's cave. Let's look there first. I'll get the pride and you take them to it."
So the mama got all the pride and took them to the cave. Then the cheetah saw the baby lion. The cheetah was about to attack him.
Then all the pride attacked the cheetah, Before the baby got touched they hurt the cheetah bad. Cheetah ran off and know one ever saw him again.
After that the gazelles and lions were very best friends.

I'm Sick!

By Kristin, Grade 5, Pioneer Elementary School, Veradale, WA, USA

I'm stuck inside--
I can't get out,
I have no voice,
With which to shout,

My throat is sore,
My head is rummy,
There is an aching,
In my tummy.

I'm sick--
And so with longing eyes,
I watch the sun,
And bright blue skies,

And wish that somehow,
I could be,
With that world,
Where all's right with me.

The Gem

By Jessica, Grade 8, Beveridge Middle School, Omaha, United States

As I was walking along a dirt covered path ingrown with weeds and grass I noticed my surroundings. I was in a deep, thick forest of deciduous trees. Actually, it looked more like a jungle. I could hear birds chirping, and I could smell the sap from the pine trees. I could see the sun peeking through the canopy of the forest, and I shielded my eyes, for it was very bright. I continued walking along the thin path, wondering to where it would lead, when I came upon a cottage, a small, homey cottage sitting in the middle of a clearing in the dense forest. I wondered how long this cottage had existed. I had never seen such ancient features in my life. I decided to enter the cottage, but one thing bothered me. Was I breaking the law by entering this home?

I concluded that I wasn't, and I swung open the front door. Inside I saw a room with a wooden table, a few wooden chairs, and a rack of dishes in a low-lying sink. I tiptoed over to the sink full of dirty dishes smelling like syrup. I turned around and scanned the area with my curious, green eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a box, a small, golden box coated with dust. Curiously, I reached for the box and carefully grasped it. It was heavier than it looked. As I turned around to place the box into the sunlight seeping in through the small window, in order to see it more clearly, I heard a sound coming from it. At first I was startled, and I almost dropped the box. It then started to vibrate. I was beginning to become more and more curious by the minute. Without thinking, I quickly propped up the lid of the box. To my surprise, sitting in the red velvet interior, there was only a small, opal stone. It had stopped vibrating, however. I looked closer, and I saw endless rows of rings, like you would see on a very old tree stump, floating and flipping excitedly. It was an awesome sight.

I was abruptly pulled from my gaze by a loud, piercing chirp of a crow outside the cottage. I realized that I had been standing there for quite a while. Worriedly, I looked out the window to the clearing only to see a short man dressed in rags trudging toward the main entrance to the cottage. I had to cover my mouth to keep myself from screaming. Panicking frantically, I slowly closed the box, set it in its rightful place, and searched for an alternative exit. Toward another corner of the room I spotted a doggy door, and I told myself that I would have to force myself through; it was my only choice. So I scampered over to it, squeezed through, and proudly hoisted myself up. I ran off through the clearing tracing my tracks back along the dirt-covered path. I kept running and running until I reached my house across the creek and over the hill. To this day, I have never told anyone about my shocking experience

The Eater

By Kasey, age 12, Nichols, SC, USA

January 15, 2000

Once there was a little boy named Henry, who loved to eat. Everyday, when he arrived at his house from school, he ran straight into the kitchen and began to eat. His mother almost always had dinner on the table when he got off the bus, because she was scared that he would turn the refrigerator over trying to get something to eat. Henry never had only one or two helpings of food, he had at least seven. Every five minutes, he had to get something to eat. He hardly ever had time to do his homework. The only time he didn't eat was when he was sleeping. At school, he was in a special class. The teacher was told to let him eat for five minutes, every ten minutes. This would help Henry's eating disorder.

One day the children at school spread a rumor about Henry. It was said that Henry never stopped eating and that if he didn't stop eating, he would probably burst. When the victim of this rumor heard it, he began to weep. He wept like a baby who had been separated from its mother. His teacher comforted him and he finally stopped wailing. That day, he was very sad and was very happy to get home to his mother.

When he got home, his mother wasn't there. She was gone. Maybe she left because she couldn't afford to pay bills and feed her obese son, or maybe she left because she was ashamed of the person her son grew into. Henry didn't care why she left, he just wanted her back. That afternoon, Henry did nothing except try to think of plan to get his loving mother back. He thought and thought, but the only thing he thought of was how hard it was to think of a plan and the delicious food that he had eaten that day. When he went to bed that night, he was exhausted.

That night he stayed in his bed and never even got up to get a midnight snack. He was sad all night and didn't get a wink of sleep. He missed his mother and his father, who had been killed in a hit and run accident. Henry didn't know what his life would be like after his father died, but now he was feeling the most pain he had ever felt in his life. With these thoughts, the obese child went to sleep and dreamed of a perfect land. Since he had no friends, he had a wonderful imagination. This made it easy to think of the perfect land. On this land, there was a beautiful woman, who was his mother. She had the heart of his mother, but the looks of a beauty queen. His father was also there. He had a heart of gold, but the looks of a rich hero. Henry wasn't teased about being overweight, for two reasons. One, he wasn't fat, and two, everyone was accepted for who they were, not their appearance.

When Henry awoke the next morning, he replayed the dream in his mind. He said to himself, "I'm going to stop my obesity, all by myself! I'm going to have the same kind of life that all the kids at my school have!" With that he walked into the kitchen and took out all the junk food. Then he took out all the junk food from the rest of the house and threw it into a large garbage bag. He put it by the road and waited for the trash men to come pick it up. Luckily Henry only had to look at the bag of sweets for about five minutes. He was able to stop himself from going outside to get the bag and bring the food back into the house. Henry was very proud of himself, yet he still had an unstoppable craving for the scrumptious food. Fortunately, Henry had lots of vegetables to help him become healthy and to stop his eating problem.

When Henry went to school that day, (he got up earlier than usual to get rid of the junk food) he informed his teacher that he was going on a diet and that he wanted her to help him. She agreed to it and Henry took a seat in one of the old desks. The children picked on Henry during break, lunch, and between classes. This gave Henry very low self-esteem. He told his teacher, and she got after the teasers and told Henry, "They're so immature. They don't even think about what they're saying."

"I'll never be like those children." Henry said, and in his mind, he knew that he would someday have the looks of them, but not the heart that they had.

In the end, Henry was not as thin as a needle, but he was the size of all the average boys. Henry met both goals he had made for himself. The first was to become the size of the boys and girls who were the same age as he was. He met that by throwing out all the junk food and taking control over his hunger. The second was to make sure that all the children without friends had a friend. He became friends with them and these children had friends too. He was their friend. Henry was the best friend any child could ever have.
The saddest part of Henry's life was living without a mother or father for such a long time. One year after Henry found out that he could stop himself from being hungry all the time, his mother came home and explained to him that she didn't abandon him, she had to go to Virginia to check on her aunt who was very sick. She had to stay there for five months, and she had no way to contact Henry to tell him where she was. On the drive home, she got snowed in a dozen times and when she finally got back to the state that she lived in, she hurried to her house to see her sweet young son. Henry and his mother lived happily ever after.

Tierney the Princess

By Briana & Elizabeth, age 11, 5th grade, Wells P.S.C. School, Ohio, Steubenville, USA

Tierney was a little girl. Her mom and dad were the King and Queen. She had a sister Ebony who was older than her. Tierney wore a long blue dress with her crown. All of the people loved her because she was pretty and really nice.

She lived in Ohio where she lived with all of the people who loved her. She was known for her cheering skills and her smartness. She loved the people and she helped them. She gave money to the poor and helped them get homes.

One day Tierney went to the store to buy food. Everyone crowded around her. She fell down and lost her crown, and she had a frown. The next thing that she knew she was all alone.

"I'm all alone".

She found that everybody was afraid that she would yell at them. Then she thought about it and she knew that her mom and dad were not the king and queen. Tierney found that it was all a dream. She was at home in bed as warm and as cozy as can be.

This is dedicated to Tierney, 1st grade, Wells Elementary School. She is our buddy this year.

A poem about my teacher

By Luke, age 8, Portsmouth, UK

My teacher is funny,
Her smile is sunny,
Except on days when we're bad.

When I come to school,
The work is always so cool,
Unless we are doing.......

So really I only like GAMES !!!

Dog in the Bog

By Michelle, age 11, Year 6, John Stocker Middle School Exter, Devon, UK

There once was a little brown dog,
One day he fell in a bog,
He was stuck there all day,
From march until may
And made friends with a little green frog

Lots more Lovely Limericks from John Stocker


Why stars twinkle

By Naomi, age 13, Canada

Long ago, when astronomers were found by the abundance, people came to think of why stars twinkled. One astronomer, St. George Star was stumped on this question, and longed for the answer, only to find it was trapped in a thick barrier of vines. He studied every detail, from gases to colours, but no fate did find him. So one day St. George Star sat at his telescope until he had found a slightly equal answer to why stars twinkled. Well you see, the famous wish you cast upon the first star that arrives each night had to do with the solution. The first person that cast upon that star with all his wishes got granted his wish, except for those that cast a bit too tardy got granted nothing, but a calming effect a celestial body has on a human's soul. So rather then a material item, people got granted a thing much deeper than material item, they got a twinkling star that stayed to aurora. The End...

Pictures in the sand

By Joe, age 14, Hazlet, NJ, USA

The flight started out routinely. John was cruising high above the thick green jungle in his small, private jet. He had been flying for all of his adult life and had plenty of experience. However, none of these factors could have prevented his fate.
John was flying high above the vast jungle that lay beyond the crystal clear river. He was enchanted by the sight below. He admired the tall, green trees and the picturesque horizon off in the distance. The golden-yellow sun was easing down behind the tall trees, painting the sky a beautiful shade of orange. These kinds of breathtaking sights were the things that made flying an enjoyabe activity for John. He was not too appreciative of the small things in life that others seem to cling to. He was often criticized for taking one too many things for granted. The fact that he became a very wealthy man with nothing more than a high school diploma never seemed to amaze him. Perhaps he was drawn to flying because it brought out his appreciative side; a side seldom seen.
Just as John was beginning to settle into his tranquil surroundngs, something went terribly wrong. He had lost control of the plane! He struggled to remain calm and remember his training, but he was overcome by sheer panic. Plummeting to the earth rapidly, John frantically tried to level out the tiny plane. As he grew nearer to the trees the plane began to pull even. Terrified, John tried to regain his composure and land the safely land the plane on the muddy banks of the river. To his astonishment, he pulled off the nearly impossible feat, almost unscathed.
Still trembling with fear, John opened the door of the cockpit and reluctantly leaped into the mud. There he would lay for a while, learning what it means to appreciate. He was approached without warning by two native tribesman from the jungle. They were small and dark, dressed in rags and armed with spears. They seemed to be very irate and were yelling at John in a tongue that he did not understand.
"Please," muttered John, bracing himself for a possible attack. "It was an emergency," he explained, "I come in peace."
The natives continued to yell at him. John was truly frightened. They sported necklaces made of bones, and fresh animal blood could be seen on their mouths. Wasting no time, they grabbed the intruder and lead him through a dark path into the vast jungle. John pleaded for them to let him go, but English was just an incoherent ramble to these savage tribesman. He was lead to a giant hut, where a bonfire was burning outside and a whole group of the tribesmen sat in silence. The leader was taller and heavier than the others, and he sat in a throne made of stone.
"Please," John pleaded. "Please let me go!"
The others sat in silence, but the leader spoke in a deep monotone voice.
"Ah," he said. "An English speaker, I see. From Europe are you?"
"America," John replied timidly.
"An American intruder, I see. You have commited a crime on this island, Mr. American," explained the leader.
John grew tense and nervous. "What did I do?"
"You have interrupted the festival of Umbikwe. The festival is not supposed to stop, you see, for the gods turn away from us if we do."
"It was an emergency!" exclaimed John. "I had to land here!"
"We do not care for your flying machines," the leader explained. "The sky belongs to the gods only." Then, in his native tongue, the leader ordered the tribesman to lock the itruder up in a cage until the festival was over.
John sat in solitude day and night. He was depressed, hungry, and homesick. He was able to maintain sanity by drawing pictures of his home, wife, and kids in the muddy banks where he was imprisoned. He was surviving on berries that were just within his reach. His drawings were carefully preserved. When he closed his eyes, he would be back home with his family, happy once again. Finally, after two and a half painful weeks, the festival of Umbikwe came to an end. John was released from his prison.
"Take our knowledge back to America with you," the leader said. "Learn to appreciate. Learn to make the most of things. Don't take anything for granted."
John learned to appreciate everything that came his way. His experience changed his way of thinking. He learned that you can't always return to your pictures in the sand.

The Red Rose Necklace

By Melissa, age 13, Grade: 8, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, Lynn, Massachusetts, United States of America

Halloween sped closer, and the minds of the whole town were filled with ghosts, werewolves, ghouls, zombies, and vampires. Children were making their costumes out of sheets and old clothes. Adults were cutting out pictures of skulls and bones, tacking them up onto the walls, taping them to the windows, and hanging them in the doors. All the children were excited, waiting for the day to come. But soon they would find out that this Halloween would be different from all the others this generation had ever encountered.
It had been the 100th year; the curse had to be fulfilled.

Oct.28, 1890

The wind howled through the trees in the midnight air. A lone shadow crept silently through the darkened woods.
The shadow was a young girl named Cattilina, she was fifteen years old.
Cattilina held her hands in front of her eyes to shield them from the rough branches that seemed to be reaching for her, trying to get her. Some of the branches looked like the fangs of some rabid animal, some like the claws of a hawk, reaching to tear her flesh, and some like the talons of an eagle, sharp and pointed ready to prick her skin, to let the bright red blood drip down over her skin and fall to the ground. These thought could only be imagined by a frightened mind. A mind that is walking through the dark bone chilling woods so late at night.
As though by some spellbinding magic the thick woods cleared, erupting into a vast clearing. The young girl stood before a small, rundown, damp, and musty sack, hidden from all human beings.
The full moon cast a magical, candle-like glow over the small clearing.
Cattilina slowed her pace as she neared the shack.
"Hello?" Cattilina whispered through the open door.
"Yes my child, what is it you want?" an old, yet wicked voice hooted from behind her.
"Gremela!" Cattilina said, surprised by the old women's sudden appearance.
"Come in Cattilina, you must be chilled to the bone," Gremela said, gesturing with such grace and quickness that Cattilina would have mistaken her for a young girl.
Gremela made Cattilina some rabbit's tea, fresh from the woods.
Cattilina sat quietly for a moment, sipping the dark, sweet, hot liquid, letting it run down her throat.
"So my dear, what brings you to my humble home so late at night?" Gremela said sitting in her rocking chair. Every time she rocked the chair it made an eerie squeak, like the sound of an old door, opening and shutting.
"Well, today while I was walking in the woods, an old man, his breath smelled of cheap whiskey, his clothes tattered and torn, his teeth yellow with some missing, his hair gray and messy, and his eyes, Gremela you should have seen his eyes. They were two different colors, small and cat-like, one eyes was red, red as the fire that burns in the fire place, and the other was yellow, yellow like the sun on a hot day. He was meandering blindly on the path in the deep woods. I came upon him most surprisingly, like…" Cattilina thought for a moment, trying to figure out the words to describe the incident. Gremela had stopped rocking and sat there, a horrified look on her face.
"As if by magic," Cattilina concluded. Those seemed to be the right words.
Cattilina looked over at Gremela before she continued, but Gremela head was facing out the small window.
"Gremela?" Cattilina said. Had she put the old women to sleep?
"Go on my dear," Gremela said, but Cattilina sensed some fear in her voice.
"Well the old man asked for some water, so I gave him a drink from the water holder on my side. He said that for my kindness he would grant me three wishes. I thought he was joking. He must have been in the tavern to long.
"I thought a moment about the option, I had only given him some water, he must have been poor, so he wanted to offer me something, and a joke was all he had. When I looked back to tell him that I didn't need the three wishes he was gone. On a stump there lay this necklace," Cattilina pulled out a silver necklace with a charm on it. The charm was a rose, a bleeding rose of the purest red, and on the back were the words: "What you wish!"
"I looked at it for some time," Cattilina continued, "but couldn't look away. The blood seemed to flow from the rose. It felt like I was under a magical spell. When I could finally move, I picked up the necklace, it seemed alive. It was warm, and it seemed like it was pounding, like a heart."
Gremela was looking at the necklace, she had seen it before, and she had seen the old man. Many years before Gremela had come across the same old man, done the same thing to him, and received the same precious gift, but Gremela had made her wishes, and had received the same curse that Cattilina was destined to take.
"Have you made a wish yet?" Gremela said, finally speaking.
"Of course I have. It hasn't come true yet, I knew it was all a story," Cattilina said.
"Cattilina I warn you, be careful what you wish for," Gremela growled. "Not all is what it seems."
Cattilina just laughed.
"Oh, Gremela why are you trying to scare me? It is not even Halloween yet," Cattilina said with a smile on her face.
Gremela grabbed Cattilina's arm, squeezing it hard. Her sharp nails slightly cut into Cattilina's soft white skin, tiny red drops of blood appeared on her flesh. Cattilina pulled her arm back.
Cattilina looked up at Gremela and then out the window, the moon was full and high in the sky, it was midnight, exactly.
Cattilina heard Gremela groan. She looked over at her. Gremela's face was retorted in a painful, agonizing twist.
"Cattilina, you must go. Do not come back tonight," Gremela whispered through the moans that were coming through her throat.
Cattilina didn't move, because what she saw paralyzed her body in fear.
Gremela's body was being covered in black fur, her body shrank, her teeth turned into fangs, her cheeks bore whiskers, and her hands and feet turned into paws with long sharp razor-like claws. Gremela uttered a hiss, and then a growl gurgled in her throat.
"Cattilina," the cat hissed.
"Gremela?" the girl said horrified.
"Yes my dear. It is I. Change with me, become what you want. You can have anything you want just wish it," Gremela said, pacing the floor.
"I wish I could become a cat," Cattilina whispered. The necklace grew red and the blood dripped from the rose. With one final cry of surprise Cattilina turned into a cat.
Gremela walked out of the shack and waited for Cattilina to follow.
The two black cats walked in silence into the woods.
"Cattilina, there is something you should know. After you make your last wish a curse will follow."
"What curse?" Cattilina asked in a silent purr.
"The curse of the rose necklace. When there are ten drops of blood falling from the rose, a hundred years after that, the last person to use the necklace will reappear. The curse the other nine people are held with is they will turn into a monster. A monster like no other."
Cattilina looked at the rose. She counted the bright red drops of blood. She counted nine.
"Gremela. I think you should know something." Cattilina said with fear in her voice.
"What is it my dear?" Gremela asked, purring slightly.
"I am the tenth person."
Gremela uttered a violent hiss.
"Are you sure? Count again." Gremela said with fury in her voice.
"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…" Cattilina counted, touching each warm drop.
"Cattilina. How many wishes have you made?"
"I've made two, but one hasn't come true yet."
"What was that one wish?" Gremela asked, pacing back and forth.
"I wished to stay young forever, but I haven't felt a change," Cattilina said.
"Cattilina, in a hundred years, you will be alive, still. You will break the curse and the demon god will punish the earth, for it was he who put that necklace on this earth."
"Gremela what can I do?" Cattilina said.
"There is nothing you can do. You must wait. Maybe time will change the course of the curse, but maybe not."
"Gremela, what if I don't make my final wish?" Cattilina asked as they were walking back to the shack.
"Cattilina dear that is impossible. We are all forever wishing for something else," Gremela said, hanging her head.
"Then I guess I will have to wait," Cattilina said. "Wait a hundred years."
Two days pasted until Cattilina made her last wish. She wished that she was the richest girl in the world, because some one made fun of her ragged dress. She absent-mindedly made the wish.

Oct. 30, 1990

Cattilina woke with the sun in her face. Her hair fell in loops as she sat up.
Something eerie hung in the air. A feeling of dread that everyone could feel. The Halloween spirit was gone; everyone was walking around in a slight daze.
Cattilina knew what this meant, the dreaded hundredth year.

Everything went well for the whole day. Cattilina was always expecting the worst, but nothing happened. The daze went away and so did the gloom and the strange feeling in the air.
Cattilina passed out candy to all the children. At about six o'clock the sky went completely dark.
People ran around screaming and some were crying. Then all went silent.
A rumble rang through the whole town. Cattilina shivered.
A loud moan came from the graveyard, and then another, then another, until all you could hear were hundreds of moans.
Cattilina peered at the graveyard across the street. A group of green skinned, red-eyed, smelly, decaying, dead people. Zombies to be exact.
The zombies ran through the streets, terrorizing the people.
Witches flew through the air, with black cats hissing from corners everywhere.
Vampires took the blood of everything in sight. Werewolves prowled the night air.

This all kept going until exactly midnight, then they all disappeared. A wisp of fog wound itself around the town.
Now if you go to the town under the full moon. Halfway to somewhere and then again to no where, you'll hear the story of Cattilina, as though it was a joke, and then you'll hear the story of the red rose necklace and the Halloween that came true.

Breaking Up

By Polly, age 16, Year 11, School, Lancashire, England

Crushing waste dwells in my mind
I only want myself to find.
Weary of existing in this severed form
distant, like an eye of storm.
Detached from all encircling dash,
Orbiting gingerly and never to clash.


By Megan, age 12, America

When you find yourself wide awake at night, because you're feeling stressed
It doesn't help you pass your exam the next day, to get very little rest,
So instead of lying there, counting sheep, (believe me, you'll lose count)
Hold your breath, and listen -- can you hear that sound?
It almost sounds like gentle waves, rolling onto the shore,
But don't go back to counting sheep, use your imagination, there's so much more!
Breathe in, can you smell the salty sea air, and feel your hair blowing back in the gentle breeze?
Your imagination is working again, as you set sail on the high seas,
Can you feel that, your bed is gently swaying back and forth, as the sound of lapping waves soon lull you to sleep,
And the man in the moon smiles down at you, and you know that this was a journey you'll always treasure and keep.

Earth in Danger

By Mansi, 12, Delhi, India


There are three -tions which create tension,
One of them is deforestation.
Cutting of trees became a big sensation,
For this government has launched many missions.

Followed by pollution,
Caused due to over consumption.
Steps taken for precautions are recycling

The last one is population
Which is due to over re-production,
We have come to that junction
That we have destroyed all earth`s function


I saw a beautiful dream,
where earth was in green.
Isaw only humanity,
but in reality there was cruelty
wildlife is up in smoke,
please! please! don`t poach .
all species are in danger,
they are screaming for a saviour.
the water is slowly turning into poison,
its all done by dirty hands of pollution.
the ozone layer is affected by CO2
we should plant more trees to increase O2
many countries are increasing nuke production,
this can cause a great destruction.
there is a great difficulty for life on earth.
couples are giving four children the birth .
come let us pledge to make earth clean,
instead of barren make it green.
trees and plants are not correctly seen,
do you understand what Imean.
do not kill a tree`s emotion,
please stop deforestation.
cutting of trees became a big sensation,
for this government has launched many missions.
eco club of my school is that organisation,
which will stop functioning these motions.

Santa and the little girl

By Kristina, age 16, 10th grade, Ankeny High School, Iowa, USA

There was an christmas elf named Sprinkles. Sprinkles is Santa's little helper. He makes most of the toys in the toy room. Santa was working at his desk reading letters and drinking hot chocolate. There was a letter about a little girl who was poor, that her family couldn't afford to buy presents. Santa felt bad for the little girl who couldn't afford Christmas. Santa yelled for Sprinkles and read the note to him. The little girl's name was Leelah who was only 8 years old.

Leelah helped her parent's out by being a good girl for Christmas. All she ever wanted for Christmas was a dolly who could sing like the wind. Santa had a few tears running down his cheek now and then. He felt bad for this little girl who wanted a dolly, but couldn't afford it. He made a deal with Sprinkles the elf of Christmas. Santa wanted him to take a very special doll that sings to a girl named Leelah right now.

Sprinkles grabbed the doll and jumped on Rudolph's back. They came upon a town of New York City. Sprinkles said to himself, ''how are we suppose to find this little girl?'' He saw the little girl sleeping in a car on a winter night. He knocked on the wiindow and the girl opened the door. Sprinkles grabbed the girl and flew off with her to the North Pole. She then began to look around swiftly and asked for Santa.

Santa opened the door and said, ''Ho ho ho'' a million times. Then Santa sat down on his couch and gave her some hot chocolate. He holded a doll that sings in his hands and gave it to her as an early Christmas present. As morning came, she found herself back into the car. But she still had the dolly and wished Santa a Merry Christmas.

Light Again I Will Not See

By Andrea, age 14, Year 8th, Aurora Hills Middle School School, Aurora Co. - Arapahoe County U.S.A

It once burned with a dancing flame,
it shined so bright and without shame.
But then the wick started to drown in the deepening wax
and once it touched there, there was no turning back.
Drowned by it's own self the flame forever died, and the smoke refused to twirl up- it stayed with the wick and cried.
The room was enveloped in darkness, never bright again will it be.
Because there is no flame, no candle, and light again I will not see.


By Katie, age 7, Year 2, Royal Oaks Elementary School School, Sun Prairie, WI, USA

One bright sunny day, Paige Piggy and Laura Piggy were at the fair. Paige bought a toy puppy that talked. Laura bought a huge gum ball that was purple. But just over the river and through the wood a wolf was watching. The wolf loved Piggie Pie. So he dressed up like a cook and set off to the fair. He looked over his Piggy Pie list:
1. One eye of a fly,
2. leaves,
3. pumpkin pie, and the last ingredient,
4. two plump piggies.

"Hmmmm," said the wolf. "Where would I find two plump piggies? At the farm!"

Paige and Laura overheard what the wolf had said. They knew exactly what to do. They took two fake piggies and stuffed them into a pie. Laura and Paige ran over to the wolf and said, "Hey Mr. Wolf, would you like to try our famous Piggie Pie?"

"Piggie Pie!" yelled the wolf.

Paige handed the pie to the wolf. The wolf licked his lips. Paige and Laura disappeared into the bushes. The wolf gobbled up the pie.

"Yuck Pet-uie!" said the wolf.

"Piggety Pig!" said Laura.

A movie person overheard Laura. "Perfecto! Say that again!" the movie man said.

"Piggety Pig!" said Laura and Paige together.

Later, over the river and through the wood the wolf was at home starving, while the pigs lived happily ever after!

Christmas Time

By Chloe, age 8, Year 3, St Helen's Junior and Infant School School, Barnsley

Christmas, Christmas
I am happy
So should you be
Instead of being snappy

Christmas, Christmas
I am excited
We're having a party
And you're all invited

Windy Day

By Samantha and Jack, age 9, Year 4, Oak Meadow Primary School, Fareham, Hants, UK

I've got goosebumps everywhere
And my toes are numb
Leaves are falling in my hair
Grey clouds but no sun

All of the trees are shaking
The strong wind is cold
Hedgehogs are hibernating
Ageing brown leaves unfold

The wind has learnt to whistle
In between the trees
The jeans get caught on thistles
M um isn't very pleased

The brown leaves are rolling around
Children in silence
The wind is the only sound
Green leaves are violent

Lost It

By Ashleigh, age 12, Murray's Bay Intermediate School, North Shore City

It was at Redvale pony club and it was March 1996, I was only eight years old. Sams Majastard was my horse but we just called him Sam for short. My family and I were at my first one day event and Sam did a most gorgeous dressage test and we were in second place.

"Wow at your first one day event" Mum said to me.

It then came to show jumping, butterflies were in my stomach, I had never been so nervous in my life. Going out into the ring I felt like I didn't have enough strength to even stay on. I stayed on and completed a clear round. We were like a beautiful bird in flight "Yes". To make it even better the person in first place got a refusal at one of the jumps so that put me in first. Imagine! I was in first place at my first one day event!

My crosscountry course came sooner than I realized. I was even more petrified than when I did my show jumping. Never had I felt as sick and panic-stricken. At that moment the judge called me up to the starting box.

"3 2 1 GO" Sam shot out of the starting box like a racehorse whom had just won the Melbourne cup. It was on the 7th jump it happened. The jump was through a water jump one stride and over a solid wood jump. Sam flew into the water like he had never seen before, but unfortunately I misjudged the one stride and asked him to do two, well of course he tried so hard to give me two strides he leaned right back on his hocks and skidded right into the jump.

Anybody would expect Sam to jump the solid wooden crosscountry jump so of course I got thrown overboard like a rejected soft toy. I flew over his head and managed to get myself jammed between Sam and the jump.

My two broken fingers that broke in the fall, hurt I can still remember how much it hurt, I can also remember everyone fussing over me. As screaming my head off, I lost my first place as I couldn't finish my crosscountry course

I didn't get the courage to do a crosscountry course until two years ago.

I felt really foolish being carried off the crosscountry course crying.

Mina the girl

By Vandana, age 6, Preschool, PAP School, Singapore

Once there was a girl called Mina. She was kind to everybody.

One day a man said "Mina, come to my house I will you a sweet."

Mina said "yes" because she was very kind. She ate it then she died.

Then a king came and kissed her and she woke up. And the king and Mina became friends.

Moral: One must use his/her commonsense before doing something

The Lonely Scarecrow

By Sean, age 7, Year 3, Buckholme Towers School, Poole, UK

The Lonely Scarecrow stands in a field that stretches far and wide.
The only thing he looks at is a tree that's on its side.
He wears a torn old jumper
And dirty leather shoes
But once he saw a policeman looking for some clues.
He wears some ragged gloves
And he's got arms that bend
He's lived his life from 56 and will live it to the end.

The zit

By Harry, age 11, USA

The zit on my face,
Is quite a disgrace,
It's pink, blue and green,
And not very clean.
I felt like a fool
When I had to go to school,
and people were staring at me.
I disliked the new feature,
It looked like some kind of bizarre creature,
It caused me much grief,
And bullies kicked out my teeth.
I think it is cruel,
The treatment at school,
I wish that the big zit,
Would leave me be,
And not cause me distress,
And a lack of teeth.
My brother told me to squash it,
Squeeze it,
And pop it,
But it wouldn't give way to the pressure I gave.
Three days later it was gone,
Thank goodness it didn't take too long,
And no longer is my nickname Zitty Boy Dean.

On a summer's day

By Alex, age 8, Year 4, John Stocker Middle School, Devon

on a summers day
in the middle of may
i go out and play
on a summers day
on a summers night
i loose my sight
i die of fright
in the night
on a summers night
on a summers morning
my cats still snoring
its so boring
on a summers morning

Poems from Edgewood School, Hucknall, Notts, UK

From Another Star

By Eric, age 15, Grade 10, Plainfield High School, Plainfield, NJ, USA

Trafanas (hello), what I am about to tell you is of great importance to the history of the universe. I won't tell you my name or where I am from, but after you read this document you will find out. This tell how the universe was saved by a young girl. The year is 3999. This is her story.

Far into the future on the planet Silverlona there was much excitement, for the year of the silver sun was getting closer every day. The year of the silver sun is what you call millennium, but ours is much different.

The tired girl stumbled up a large flight of steps. It had been a long time since she last stopped for rest. The small light-skinned girl had been running, from what she didn't know but no matter how far she had gotten she always felt a sense of deep urgency.

NOT THE END............................................

Mummy Madness

By Tania, age 11, Year Year 6, St.Nicholas School, Liverpool, England, UK

It was a beautiful summer's evening, the birds were chirping softly getting ready for sleep after a long sweaty day, the sun which looked like a giant red ball was slowly sinking in the fluffy clouds and tiny creatures were running about trying to get to their homes before it got dark.

17 year old Hannah was sitting by the window reading her favourite book when she heard the telephone ring. It turned out to be the most important thing that there ever could be! She lost no time in rushing to the airport and booking the next flight to Cairo. While she waited till her flight time came she went home and collected all her holiday things that did not deal with fun and swimming but dealt with excavation and buisness for her father was someone who finds out things about pyramids and Egyptian mummies!

Hannah came to the airport five minutes early so she had to wait till the plane came. The flight took no time at all and in a few hours she was in Cairo airport. Her father collected her by car and took her to the pyramids at Giza. When she got there she helped her father to excavate the underground pyramid and when they had finished she went inside without the permission of her father. While her dad looked around for her she found that it was very beautiful inside the pyramid. But although she was enjoying herself she was aware that in every pyramid there's supposed to be a dead person. And it isn't very nice to be stuck in a 4000-year-old pyramid with a 4000-year-old mummy!

Hannah tiptoed around cautiously thinking that if she made the slightest noise she would wake the mummy up. Wandering into a chamber she heard a loud creak. Terrified, she searched in her bag for a torchlight and suddenly bumped into a pile of bandages with two red torches at the top, or so she thought... Lifting up her torch she looked straight at the 'pile of bandages' and screamed.

She ran as fast as she could to the exit with the mummy cantering behind her and stumbling on his own bandages. She saw her dad beginning to close the doors because it was getting dark but at the last second she screamed "DAD!! Don't close the doors!!"

Her dad saw her running towards the entrance and let her out closing the doors behind her.

"Why did you go in there without my permission?" he asked severely."What did you find in there anyway?"

Hannah began explaining about what she had seen in the tomb. Her father said that they had decided to keep the tomb a secret and bury it again. Hannah was only overjoyed but she was always thinking about the mummy in tomb. Had it gone back to sleep again or does it wander about the pyramid, just as she had done?

Open the window

By Brigitte, age 16, Toorak College School, Melbourne, Australia (written in Japan)

On the surface
my new home looks like my last
peel back a layer
discover a new language

Succumb to your hunger
eat food uncharted by your tongue
swim in the pollution that blinds the stars

Walk the road made by heroes' hands
pass by pappa who is given no respect
savour the smiling faces

An alien has entered

"everyone is a nail in a piece of wood, if you show your head you`ll be hammered back in"

Silence your curiosity
open your mind to only one
and bow
with sincere thanks, gratitude and unseen love

Welcome to the land of the rising sun -
Sit down
Shut up.


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