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My Adventures in a Subterranean Cave

By Kelsey , age 10, Year 5, School, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

My Adventures to a Subterranean Cave "Mom? I need some money to go on the trip to Washington D.C. with school. Could you lend me some?" I, Christine Lanis, said one day when I came home from school.
"How much do you need?" My mother called back from the kitchen.
"One thousand dollars." I answered her hopefully, walking into the kitchen to smell my mom's famous homemade spaghetti.
"I don't think so!" My mother said now looking at me. "Why can't you find your own way to make money? After all, the dog kennel is looking for a new kennel kid', will that help you any?" She asked and turned back to stir the noodles.
"A kennel kid'?" I asked. "What's that?"
"It's a kid who takes the dogs back to the kennel area." She answered without looking up. "Find your own way to make money. End of discussion." She said firmly.
"Alright, I will." I thought to myself with a mischievous grin. I went to the garage and got a shovel and some gardening gloves. "I'll dig a hole to Iceland. That way people will be able to see that Iceland really isn't ice. It's really grasslands." I thought as I went to my backyard.
"I'll dig right, here!" I decided and exclaimed out loud looking at a map of the world and then to the spot I was pointing at. "If I just dig in a straight line right here, I'll get to Iceland without ever having to go through the center of the earth." I said to myself and put my shovel in the ground.
It had been about 1 hour when I came to rock. "Oh no! I forgot about the rock bottom'! What could I use to break it?" I asked myself out loud and climbed out of the hole I had dug. I sat down on the ground to think. "Let's see, I learned about this kind of rock in fifth grade. My teacher said anything would break through it, but my shovel isn't breaking through." I reasoned.
Then something came to me! A smile came across my face, "I'll get my mothers diamond collection!" I got up and started to go to the house. "Wait," I said, my smile disappearing, "My mom will get so mad. Then with all of my money, I'll have to buy my mom some more diamonds, and they're really expensive." I mumbled. "I'll go call Christie and see what she thinks." I decided and went into the house to call my best friend, Christie Cooper.
"Hello?" A strong voice answered, "This is the Cooper residence."
"Mr. Cooper? This is Christine Lanis, Christie's best friend. Is Christie there? Or better yet, is Jill there?" I said into the phone.
"I can put them both on, Christine, if you would like." Mr. Cooper said at the other end of the line.
"Oh, that would be excellent!" I exclaimed.
"I'll go get them. Hold on a second." He said and set down the phone with a clunk'. "Hello? This is Jill, Christie will be on in a second." A voice suddenly said at the other end of the line.
"Jill, this is Christine Lanis, I'd like your advice," I was cut off by Christie getting on the cordless phone.
"This is Christie, hi Christine!" She said with her fake English accent.
"I need you guys' advice about something, what could I cut sandstone with?" I asked hopefully.
"You could probably cut into some sandstone with a good, metal shovel, why?" Jill answered.
"I'm trying to dig a hole to Iceland." I just got down to the rock. It took me an hour!" I said with a giggle.
"Okay, well our lunch is ready, so, I guess call if you need any more help!" Jill said and hung up.
I hung up as well, "I guess I'll go get my dads good metal snow shovel." I thought, and headed out to my dads tool shed. "Here it is!" I exclaimed after a perilous search. I headed out to my hole. When I got there I decided I would need a good piece of strong rope to help me up when it got too deep. I headed back to the tool shed, and found my dads good rope.
I tied it around the trunk of the big oak tree next to the tool shed and then unwound the rest, tying the other end of the rope around my waist, and hoisting myself into the deep hole. I took the shovel and started breaking the sandstone. With the metal shovel, the rock broke easily. "That's a success." I said after about fifteen minutes of digging into the rock.
"Christine? Where are you honey?" My mother called from the kitchen window. I pulled myself out of the hole and said, "right here, mother!"
"Christine, what on earth are you doing?" She yelled angrily.
"I'm getting my thousand dollars, of course." I called back, untying the end of the rope tied around my waist and striding towards the house.
"Christine, have you found any snakes or anything?" My mother said with fear in her voice.
"No, mom." I said with annoyance.
"Good, but how are you going to eat your lunch out there?" She wondered out loud.
"Put it into my lunch box and I'll put it into a backpack with a flashlight and drink and be able to keep going." I said and retied the rope around my waist. "Throw it down here when you've got it all packed, please." I said and lowered myself into the hole again.
I kept on digging, finally the sandstone gave way and a hole broke through. "Finally!" I exclaimed happily. Interrupted by my mother yelling heads up! down the hole, and my backpack falling from the entrance.
"Thanks mom!" I called up the hole, and started digging for an entrance to the small cave I had discovered. I found an opening big enough to slide through. I slid in and gasped at what I saw! It wasn't a small cave at all! It was a giant subterranean world! There was moss growing in a patch by where I had entered. There was a small spring running down the edge of the cave and a small stream had formed.
I started walking towards the stream, all of a sudden, an extinct species of sea turtle popped out of the stream and started walking towards me! I was so excited I could barely move! I put my hand over my mouth in astonishment! After the grown sea turtle came out, three tiny sea turtles waddled out behind it! I was truly blessed, I saw an extinct species! I could be famous if I took them to the surface. I sat down to think it over.
Then I remembered my backpack, I always kept a camera in it. Maybe, just maybe, I could be famous without having to take them away from their habitat. I could just take a picture!
If I sent the picture to scientists, they would say that they discovered it. I didn't know what to do! I got my backpack. I decided I would leave them in their habitat, but I would still capture them for life. On film!
I unzipped my backpack and pulled out my camera. I had just enough film. 6 shots. I took six pictures of them and then filled my water bottle back up. I took a sip and watched the turtles for 10 minutes. I decided it was time to leave. I took a little of the green moss. I waved goodbye, and I was off. The turtles would never be harmed.
When I got back to the surface, I refilled the hole and took my film to be developed. I've never forgotten about my adventure to the subterranean cave. I never got the thousand dollars I needed, but I got something better. I had a scientific discovery. And that was the end of my adventure to the cave.
The End

Who is the smartest???

By Rachel, age 9, 4th grade, USA

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sarah, Sarah was in the 5th grade. She thought she was the smartest one in the whole classroom! Mrs.Magnuson (the teacher of the 5th grade) said "Today we will have a spelling Bee",
Sarah knew she would win and she would get to stand up in front of the whole USA and spell. Their was only one thing standing in her way, a girl named Julie. Julie was 10 years old too. She was also in the same classroom.
Mrs.Magnuson said "time to start the spelling Bee".
A boy named Matt was up first he had to spell precipitation but he spelt it preesipitaytion. That happened over and over and over but with different words. It was almost over and Sarah was up. She had to spell a really hard word but she got it right and then Julie was up she had to spell a hard word too, but she got it right. So Julie and Sarah were moving on.
When the big night came they were shaking. Everybody has gotten the words wrong except Julie and Sarah. Sarah was up, she had to spell the hardest word, she got it wrong. Julie was up she had to spell the same word but she got it right. Sarah said "Good job" and they became the most smartest best friends in the whole wide world. The End

Magical Woods

By Kirsty, age 13, St Bedes Catholic School, Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

Deep in the woods,
Where nobody goes,
Magic unfolds,
But nobody knows,

Gusts of winds,
and clouds of smoke,
It's nearly enough to make you choke,
Nobody hears the magical sounds,

Not even the moles,
That live under the ground,
Pots of gold and unicorns lay,
under the trees and far away.

Things quieten down,
Everything goes away,
Oh Lord what a wonderful day.

The Story of King Rupert

By Bobby, age 11, Fifth Grade, Harmony School, Middletown, New Jersey, USA

The Story of King Rupert
Once upon a time there lived a prince named Rupert. This prince was not like other princes, he was not grateful to be part of royalty. King Richard - his father - tried and tried, and tried, but could do nothing to please his son.
Then one night Rupert's father went into Rupert's room and said to his son, "My dearest son, you do not like being in royalty, so tomorrow you will go outside the palace walls and play with all the peasants."
Rupert replied, " But father." Before he could finish his father interrupted, "No son, I know it is what you want".
As Richard left his son's room, he noticed that his own guards surrounded him. Outraged he demanded an explanation and the guards replied, "Your turn is up, king." During that night his own guards murdered King Richard.
The next morning Prince (now king) Rupert woke up to the sound of cheering citizens. "What is all this racket about?" he asked one of his servants.
The servant replied, "You haven't heard! Our great King Richard has fallen." Rupert replied, "That means..." Before he could finish the servant interrupted him.
"Yes you are the new king. Now go out and greet your people."
Later that day he figures out from his mother that he has had a different mother at birth and also a twin brother.
"Now I would like to go out and meet my original mother and my twin brother," Rupert said to his servant.
"Okay, my king I shall set up your chariots," replied the servant.
"No my faithful servant, this I must do alone," Rupert said to his guard.
For the first time Rupert was let go alone to meet his twin brother.
He saw a shack and entered without a single knock. The young king must not have realized that this would be the worst and unfortunately one of his last mistakes. One of the neighbors heard a hard, loud shriek. It turned out that he had not had any brother at all, The owner of the shack ended up being a killer, and was arrested the next day for the murder of the young king.
It also turned out that his mother had planned the whole thing. She did it only because she did not want the kingdom to be in the hands of her son. She was also arrested that same day for blackmail (which was a crime back than)
Now you have heard the short, tragic life story of the great king and his son who died at the very tender age of twelve.

Deformed star

By Joseph, age 14, Year 10, London, UK

Deformed star, shining so bright,
Surrounded by darkness and the ever growing life.
Up with the stars, up there at night,
Waiting for the dawn of the shining light.
To cover them up and hide their sins
Of shining out, late at night.
Dormant they lie, like the dead of life
All forgotten, even the sin.

One glimmer of light, left from the night
Shines so bright, out over the sun.
The light is out, out of the night
All alone, with no others so bright.
Let them keep away,
Deformed is the star so full of light.
So full of life only just begun,
Ready for it to start, she shined so in the day.

Into the Portal

By Emily, age 11, Year 6th grade, School, Evanston, IL USA

Before I knew what was happening, Father had grabbed my hand and pulled me into the portal. I was scared. I tried to pull back, but we were already leaving. I saw Mother disappear into the black, shouting my name and crying for Father to stop. It was then that I realized that Father was taking me away from Mother, from my home, and we would probably never return. "Why are we leaving?" I cried to him. He didn't answer, just kept running into the darkness in the portal. For a moment, everything seemed to still, then we fell to the ground in a place I didn't recognize.
I sat up and saw Father running from me. I ran after, into the forest surrounding us. I ran trying to keep him in view, but I lost him in the trees. I was lost. I was in a place I had never been without anyone I knew. It was a horrible feeling, thinking you would die any second, not even caring if you did. I cried and wept then, for I knew nothing was right anymore.
From behind me I heard a noise, but I didn't even flinch. If it was something trying to eat me I would let it. I didn't care. But then the thing leaped on to my back, and I cried out in pain as claws sank into my flesh. I shivered and fell to the ground, letting the creature tare me apart. But it didn't. It didn't kill me, and when I looked to see why, I saw a girl who looked just like me. She was looking at me with concern in her eyes.
"Who are you," she said to me, "and why are you here?" I moaned, not even really knowing that myself. My back screamed with pain and I almost couldn't stand it. That's when she noticed the blood and threw some green stuff on me. As quickly as the pain had come, it had gone, and I was able to answer her question.
"Sarah, my name is Sarah, and I got here through a portal. I don't know why or where I am though. Father just pulled me through the portal, then ran away into the forest. I lost him, then something attacked me. What happened to it?" I was sweating, but I didn't know why.
"Don't worry," the girl said, "I killed the beast that was on your back. It was going to eat you for dinner, you know. I'm Kena, and I live in this forest. The green stuff on your back is a healing potion. You should be good as new in the morning. And if you want to get home, I know where that portal is." She grinned and started walking away. I followed.
My back was feeling whole again by the time we reached the portal. "Thank you," I told Kena. She disappeared into the trees as I stepped into the portal. Soon enough, I was home.
Mother greeted me warmly, but my mind was elsewhere. I had a feeling there was more that I had to do on the other side of the portal. I wanted to find Father and make him tell me everything. I would go back into the portal again, and probably very soon.

Fantastic Christmas

By Alyse, 10, Whitman, USA

One snowy Christmas morning me and my parents woke up. And we watched television for a while until it reached two o clock and the doorbell rang.
"I"ll get it!" I yelled. I ran to the door and looked out the curtain and unlocked the door. And my sister asked my mom. "Are you coming?" "Yes," my mom replied.
'Lets go," I said with excitement.
"Hold your horses," my mom said.
So we all went to my sister's house. And we got to her house. And we got upstairs and I asked her "can we open our presents?" "No, not yet."
So me and my nephew stood by the Christmas Tree and tapped our feet on the floor. "OK, go ahead," my sister demanded. And we opened our presents and we had a fantastic Christmas Day.

Harry Potter and the Poyton

By Sunmin, age 12, 7th grade, Snoqualmie, King County, WA, USA

"Wake up boys," Mrs. Weasley said in a tired voice to Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. They yawned and stretched as they slowly opened their eyes. Mrs. Weasley was standing in the doorway in her blue thick bathrobes. "Come downstairs in about 15 minutes, we're having eggs and bacon for breakfast. And you got a letter from Sirius, Harry dear." Mrs. Weasley told Harry and Ron. Sirius was Harry's godfather who was in court for attempting to kill Peter Pettigrew before Pettigrew had gone through the court. Oh yes, I forgot to introduce Harry and Ron.

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Possessing beauty

By Hazel, Year 10, West Sussex, UK

I didn't ask really.
I just kind of reached up and took them.
I didn't find out if it was allowed.
I didn't know I had to.
They just looked so beautiful
Shiny, suspended in a vast ocean of black.
They burned my hands
and their light pulled tears from my eyes
They sizzled and whispered in my salty gaze
They looked so different. They were so painful.
I held them to the naked sky and I showed it what I possessed.
The black sky mourned silently and stared down at me unblinking, free of the diamond bullets that pierced it's smooth skin. I looked down at them, cradled in my bleeding hands and their glow died gently in my gaze.
I did not mean to kill them.
I threw them up into the air and the balmy night's arms swept them up and hung them across its chest like medals.
And they shone brighter.

The Tale of Flame the Dragon and Vero the Hero

By Andrea, age 11, Melbourne, Australia

Once, long ago, there was a dragon,
He lived in Ping-Pong land, near a wagon.
The dragon's name was Flame,
And once he killed a beautiful dame.

One day a man came to town,
He came to take the dragon down.
The towners gratefully cheered,
But there were a few who laughed and jeered.

The man was prepared with all he'd need,
So surely he would succeed.
The man set out on his quest,
Leaving barely any time to rest.

When he neared the treacherous monster,
He decided to act like a gangster.
The man prepared his weapons for a fight,
Then he saw the dragon, oh what a sight!

The dragon wasn't prepared for this man,
Poor old dragon had no plan.
Dragon was surprised by this man's presence,
Dragon was afraid of this man's vengeance.

The man became a hero,
Known by the name of Vero.
Now happy is every dame,
For they don't have to worry about Flame.


By Venetia, age 15, London, UK

I looked up at the enormous castle in front of me and took a deep breath. The castle was tall and wide and extremely imposing and the butterflies in my stomach began to zip around at 90 m.p.h. I swallowed quickly and picked my suitcase up.
'Come along Krista, we don't have all day, I need to be back in London by this afternoon.' said my mother from behind me, prodding my back slightly.
I sighed and began climbing the large stone steps. As I reached the top step the large wooden door swung open and I peered into the darkness before me.
'Hello? Cooee, is anyone there?' called my mother into the abyss before us. I groaned as I listened to her voice echo and reverberate around the cavernous hall.
'Good afternoon Mrs Braithwaite, so nice of you to come. How is young Krista feeling after such a long journey?' came a booming voice out of the darkness. Both my mother and I jumped and I dropped my suitcase in shock.
'Oh so much noise, so much noise!' said the voice. I could feel it moving closer towards us and I squeezed up against my mother.
'I'm not really used to all this noise, especially not after all these years on my own. Never mind, never mind. Come in young Krista come in.' said the voice. I could feel my mother recompose herself behind me and for some reason this comforted me.
'Yes go on Krista, thankyou...uh...Aunt Larissa. Bye bye darling and i'll see you in two weeks. Thankyou again Aunt Larissa.' said mum as she talked to the shadow in the darkness. I turned around to watch mother scurry out of the castle and run as gracefully as possible down the stairs and into the waiting car, which sped off as soon as the car door was slammed.
I turned slowly so I was facing the large shadow who I knew was my estranged Aunt Larissaa. My heart was thumping wildly in my chest and my throat was as dry as the desert. 'Come closer Krista, come closer my child.' said the voice. I moved slowly forward smelling the mustiness of the figure. I could hear the heavy breathing of my aunt and my hands were sweating with apprehension.
'I have a small suprise for you Krista and it's one I think you will like.' said the voice. I moved back slightly not wanting to be taken TOO much by surprise.
'What, what is the surprise?' I asked, my voice sounding tiny and wavery.
'My surprise is this!' cried the voice and in a flurry of black and red material the cloak fell away and standing in front of my was my most favourite cousin smiling wildly at me.
'Joanna! How on earth did you pull that off? I thought you were my estranged aunt and not my favourite cousin!' I cried running forward and hugging her tightly. Joanna laughed and hugged me just as hard.
As we were hugging, I realised that I was going to have the best two weeks of my life, spending it with my mischievous and hilariously funny cousin - Joanna.

A Dream Come True

By Madiha, age 10, 5th Grade, Teague Elementary School, Pasedena, Texas 77504 [Harris County], USA

Ever since I can remember I had wanted a dog. But because it was right after the great depression it was hard because we lost a lot of money. I did not care what kind, I just wanted one. But I did not really want a poodle. But if that was what my folks can only afford I will take it. I waited seven long years! Here is my story.
The days were long in the Ozark mountains. The most I can remember was sweat trickling down my forehead. I was the second oldest. My father was the only male. Yes, I had only had sisters! It was hard. I still had time for fun though! My favorite thing to do was swimming! My story starts when I was eight.
I was walking in the woods, my dress was old and faded. I had found an quarter on the ground! I had bought a sack of candy! I was sucking on the peppermints. Boy was it good! Then I stumbled across someone. I was not sure who. But he looked like an unfamiliar face.
" Hello, now what are you up to?" the man said in a accent. I was not sure what to say, so I ran, and boy did I run! I ran into the house and squealed to my father. He told me the man's name was Mr. Berg. His name was odd!!" Is he our new German neighbor?!" exclaimed my mother.
"Wow gossip gets around fast these days! Yes he is," my father said half chuckling.
My mother made a sour face. The subject never ever really came up. I found out that the Mr.Berg had bought a German dog called the German Shepard to breed then sale!
I helped a lot with Mr. Berg's dogs. I realized I really liked this dog breed. The more I thought about it the more I realized that if I ever got a dog ,I wanted a German Shepherd. I talked to my dad and he said he wished he can help me, but Mr.Berg's dogs cost $100 each! I then realized I must save my own money myself! I am still eight years old in this part of the story but more mature.
I worked hard for my money. I picked berries for awhile, but Mr.Berg offered me the best job, helping take care of his dogs! I got paid $5 per week! I also did extra things. After one hard and long year I had $100. I can remember counting it over and over to make sure it was not a dream. Best of all it was not!!
When I went to Mr.Berg he started laughing." Well you are in luck, the breed's value went down $50, you can buy two!"
"No, I want only one dog," I said
" Well, Male or Female?" he asked.
I thought.
" Male," I said.
He showed me all the males. I picked him carefully. He was beautiful!! He was tan and black. I decided to name him Max, I named him that because my whole family thought I will be a boy, so they thought it will be nice to be named after my father Max Colman. But when I turned out to be a girl they named me Emily Colman.
I then had to worry about my family.
"Oh my! Emily you have your own dog!" my father exclaimed. To tell the truth my family took it well. Max had a great life. But we moved to the city when I was ten. We could not take Max. It was a sad day. I gave him to Mr.Berg I never had another dog, even now that I am eighty years old. But I will never forget the good times. I wish the good times will come back.
The End

[This Story Is Fiction]


By Amber, age 14, Austin, TX, United States

Shadows swirling at my feet,
Endless faces I shall meet,
Hopeless whispers fill my ears,
And I hope they can endure my tears,
Infinite ebony rising around me,
Infinite hands reach for a key,
Though I myself have no hope,
They too cannot cope,

Tumbling through the translucent black,
Feebly trying to ignore the fingers clawing at my back,
Sobbing for freedom, moaning for escape,
But knowing all too well that no one will me, no one will let me out of this shrouded cape,
And why should they?
For it was I who put myself here.

I who used the knife to let the red rain fall,
I who cursed and mumbled, "Damn it all!"
My life was pitiful,
Of so I thought.
But this is worse.
This neverending void is truly the Hell I've only had nightmares of . . .
So there are . . .

Shadows swirling at my feet,
Endless faces I shall meet,
Hopeless whispers fill my ears,
And I now see suddenly,
With a crystal clarity,
That I have no hope left,
Tumbling through an endless . . .
Void . . .
The End


By Christina, age 13, Year 8, School, England

A young boy sitting in the entrance of a door
Begging for money, which he has no more
Holes in his shirt, no warmth for his feet,
Thinking of foods he cannot eat.
People ignore him, as if he's not there.
The poor boy thinks does anyone care.
Beaten and driven, away from his home
Now all he thinks is he's on his own.
When a tall dark stranger comes into his sight.
And offers him food and a bed for the night.
The young lad grins and gladly goes
But how many more will have icy cold toes

Dylan the Angel

By Erikah, age 12, Greenwood Middle School, Houma, LA, USA

One day a little boy named Dylan was walking through a bushel of some gorgeous flowers and I heard a little girl crying so he stopped and asked her what is your name? And the frightened little girl replied "My name is Mindy, what's yours? " My name is Dylan, Dylan LeBlanc. Well what a coincidence that's my last name, WOW! So where do you live, you mean where did I live. Well you see I had a brother and his name was Dylan but he passed away. you don't think, no my mom and dad split up when we were only 2yrs. old and it's been 6 years and now my mom's decided she wanted to move out of state, and its been hard enough to find a friend, and I found one her name was Cassie man she was incredible but now that we moved down here I have absolutely not a single friend. Well its time for me to go but remember there's always angels.

The Mystery of Palm Bay

By Karley, age 10, Snow Hill Elementary School, Ooltewah, TN, USA

We all looked at each other and started talking at once. Alley said, "We went swimming in the boat! " Natasha said, "then we took a tour around the boat! "And we even unpacked our clothes so we don't have to do it today! "said alley. "What about you, Shelly. what did you think about the boat. "Oh, I loved it! " It's wonderful! " Then dad said, " Why don't you go stand out at the end of the boat. you should see some land soon. "
We had all completely forgot that the boat ride would only last for two days.
But, when we actually saw land, we were all glad. The island looked looked BEAUTIFUL! ! ! ! But when we got on it, it was prettiest than ever! But when we got off the boat, a person was with dad. "Who's this"? the children wanted to know. "This is Lars. " He's going to show us around. Once, he got shiprecked on the island. He was lost for three day's. "What did you eat" I wanted to know. Oh, this island is full of Stuff to eat. Especially bananas!
Then he said suddenely, do you want to take a tour around the island? he asked the children.
Sure! they all replied.
When they were half way through the tour, I found about a million palm tree's. (I'm joking! ) But there were alot of them! So I said, we should name this island Palm Island! Everyone agreed. Every now and then, I would here something jiggling. But I didn't think anything of it until. . . . . . . I saw something!
I would never tell my brother and sisters. I wouldn't dare. For I knew that they would want to leave the island. But I followed it. I ran and ran until I fell in a hole.
I was going to start screaming, when I saw someone. I asked him his name. He said that it was Timmy. I asked Timmy where he had come from. He said that his family had taken a vacation and his boat had sanken. I asked if anyone of his family were alive. He said that he didn't know. Where were you going next? He said San Francisco. And then I said that my dad can see if they're still alive. But I told him that if they were not, not to be disappointed.
But I told him to tell me if there was any way out of here. He showed me the way and we told dad. He said that he'd do his best to find his parents. Then we told Lars, and everybody else.
Pretty soon we saw the boat coming. We told the captain to take us to San Francisco. But we didn't know it would happen so fast. When we got to San Francisco, There was someone waiting there. It was his parents! They were so happy to see him! I was glad that we found his parents, and glad to be home.

Evil Urges

By Louise, age 14, Year 9, Bournside Senior School, Cheltenham, Gloucester, England.

It was a dark and lonely night as Maria wandered home. She quickly brushed past the trees standing in her way across the empty wood. What was that? She thought. Nothing, she convinced herself. There it went again, now she was sure she had heard something. It was a crunching sound like heavy feet on tender twigs and leaves. She wasn't alone.
The once abandoned forest became full of shadows and noises surrounding her. Her pace quickened. faster she went until she was running.
A misplaced rock stopped her in her tracks she nearly fell, nearly. She had been to a party at her friends house and Michael had offered her a lift home but she declined. How she wished she hadn't now. As the tall trees seemed to close in around her and she suddenly felt so alone until she saw the silhouette in the distance, but it wasn't that distant now.
She closed her eyes in terror and held herself as she fell to the floor in sheer panic. The footsteps came closer and closer until finally they were beside her. Still with her eyes closed the mysterious body lent over her and kissed her forehead. Maria's eyes shot open with shock, Michael stood over her.
"It would have so much easier to have had my wicked way with you if you would have gotten into my car you know? " He eyes seemed to glare as if he wasn't joking. But he was. Wasn't he?
He sat beside her and held on to her arm tightly. Was he protecting her or making sure she couldn't leave? Either way she wouldn't be able to get rid of him.
"Oh Michael I'm so glad you're here now. I was so worried I thought someone was following me. " Maria couldn't help the salty tears spilling over and landing on her cheek with a thud.
"Oh I see. " Replied Michael. "Well I'm here now, I'll make sure that no-one else hurts you. "
No-one else Maria thought. Funny words to use.
Michael stood up and held out his hand for Maria she grabbed it. He put his arm around her back and started walking her out of the woods.
Michael held the knife behind Maria's back, she was completely oblivious to Michael's evil ways. For now.
I have a strange feeling she'll find out soon. . .


By Shaunak, age 9 years, Don Bosco School, Dist. Hooghly (W. B.), India.

God, God, O my God,
You are the true one, you are the lord;
You are one of many types,
You are the one who gives us delight.

You are one who gives us punishment,
You are the one who gives us enjoyment;
You are known as Rama and Krishna,
You are known as Buddha and Ganesha.

You made the sky blue,
You made us wonderful too;
You made the grass green,
You are never seen.

God, God, O my God,
You are the true one, you are the lord.

Jack Frost

By Melanie, age 8, Year 3, St. Margarets C. E. School, Angmering, West Sussex, England

The snow falls crisply along the front lawn ,
The snow is cold, frosty in your hand,
you freeze like old statue,
she folds her white blanket and covers it all over,
her hands are filled with silver crystals,
Ready to blow, crunching and dancing,
The trees are standing, decorating with icicles,
The snow freezes away.

The Story of Gaia Sky

By Nicki, age 12, Indiana, USA

Eight-year old Gaia Sky pressed her nose against the windowpane. She looked across the ocean shore and squinted. She could see Titep, the man-made island. Her mother always told her about how they built the island in the year 2003. It was built for the growing population of New Orleans. Other islands had been made for New York and for a few more major coastline cities of the US. Gaia slumped back onto the window seat and crossed her arms in disgust. "Stupid place with too much concrete, " she mumbled. Gaia closed her eyes and thought about her grandmother's woods. How the sweet birds sang, and how the wolves howled and owls hooted at night.


The Invisible Cat

By Koromon, age 10, Year 6, Paengaroa School, Paengaroa, New Zealand

It was a dark spooky night.
My cat Chester crept into the closet.
The next morning I opened the closet to find that Chester was dead! ! !
Then the next night, I heard a strange cat purr coming from the closet. It was the invisble ghost of Chester! He was trying to haunt us.
I cried and prayed, and made sure he was all right in heaven.
I'll never forget Chester! ! !

The Wolf

By Emma, age 13, Year 9, Lonfield Comprehensive School, Darlington, England

The White Winds Blow Hard,
The lone wolf dies, starved, frozen,
But The Pack Survives

Is this how it's meant to be?

By Samantha, age 13, Rootyhill High School, Sydney, Australia

On my way to school, walking through puddles across the park, I wonder gaze around me "I'm so lucky to be here, now, this minute. . . but am I meant to be here? right now this minute? " As I kept on walking and looking around. . . .
As a car passes me through the street, Was I meant to be hit by that car? If I was, why am I standing here?
Was I meant to be walking these steps I'm walking? ? ? ?
I wondered if my life was the way its meant to be. . .
if I made the other choice would things be totally different? did I make the right decisions through out my life? ? ? or if I had have chosen the other decision would things in my life seem better? or would I end up here either way I went? . Am I meant to be happy with things the way they are? Was I meant to choose the right decision?
I kept on walking. . . . . . thinking, wondering and gazing.
Was I meant to go to school today and get harassed by all
those annoying guys? or was I meant to turn back right now and forget going to school? if I did. . . was I meant to do it? What would happen if I did?
Life is full wondering and curiosity. . . the curiosity never ends. . . . if I die on the spot right now. . . . was I meant to?
was I meant to enter this contest? will it change my life?
in what way and how?

Theres a Monster at my Door

By Kaylee, age 9, Washington, USA

"Mom, I don't want to go to bed! "I yelled. "Honey, you need to get some sleep. Now, go to bed Tyler! " My mom said. I shrugged as I walked up the stairs. I got in bed. "I don't want to go to bed! " I mumbled. Then, I heard something at my front door! "Maybe It's a monster! "
I whispered. Then I heard it again. I jumped out of my bed and got very excited. "I'm going to catch the monster! " I whispered. I knew I couldn't go out side so I thought a second of how I could capture this monster.
"I know! I'll leave a trail of food into my bedroom from downstairs. "
I snuck out my door, I made sure the light in my bedroom was off so my parents wouldn't see that the light was on witch would probably mean I was awake. I crept past my baby sisters room and then I came to my parents room. I tiptoed as quietly as I could. Squek! ! I stepped on my dogs chewtoy! ! I looked at my mom and dad, my dad turned over. . . but he didn't wake up thank goodness!
I came to the stairway. I began to walk downstairs. I stepped over the 7th step down because it makes a loud creak when you step on it.
When I came to the kitchen I went strait for the frigerator. All I could find was apples. But then I saw broccoli that my mom was planning to use for dinner tomorrow. I grabbed that and moldy apples. I hate broccoli and I didn't want to eat it! I got those and went back to my bedroom leaving a trail.
My plan was to lead this creature into my bedroom and then jump on it with my blanket and tie him to the bed! I turned the light off and sat in my bed in position. I heard the stair step creak, that told me something was there, the squeaky toy, it was at my door, I leaned forward.
Then I saw its foot I jumped! I strangled it then tied it to the bed. I never really saw what it looked like it was so dark. I got off the floor and ran into my parents room yelling, "I caught a monster! I caught a monster! "
What my parents said as they followed me into my bedroom. I got ready to pull the sheet off the monster. My dad turned on the light. I pulled the sheet off of it. . . . It was my dog!
"My dog? " I said.
"You call that a monster? " my dad asked. "Honey, what did I tell you about going to bed? "
"I'm sorry mom, it's just that I heard a noise and I wanted to. . . ok, I should've went to bed. " I sighed.
"Now go to bed. " said my mom. "And tonight you can sleep with your dog. "
I nodded and patted my dog on the head and went to sleep.
" There are monsters though! " I whispered to my dog.

Marcus of Rome

By Jonathan, age 10, Year 6, All Saints Junior School, Matlock, UK

" Now you do understand that I will only be away for a day or two I just have to go to Gaul, "
" Yes, I do understand father but I will miss you, "
" I know but there is a show on tomorrow at the Colosseum and a Chariot race at the Hippodrome. "

I am Marcus Agrippa Aurellious son of Vespasian Emperor of all Rome. I live in the grandest villa in the empire and the villa itself is set in the most magnificent city of all time. ROME! I am part of the Senate of Rome and I wear a toga just like everyone else in the city. Emperor Vespasian has left on a trip to Gaul to see that the Ninth legion do what they are supposed to do; attack Britannia, and has left me in charge of Rome.


How to go back in time

By Krystin , age 10, Notre Dame De Sion School,

I want to know I want to find out
What the past was like , what it was about
I want to see what the past people see
When my Gramma was a baby and know the way she used to be
I'm going to help the people you died in the past
And when I come back home my memories will last

I Know It Would Be Back Another Day

By Jonesha, age 11, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

A colorful horse has run away
I don't worry because I know it would be back another day
I asked my mother could I go and look for it
What do you think she said? It will be back another day
The next day I went to look for the horse
I didn't find it but I didn't worry because I know it will be back another day.

All Alone

By Jana, age 11, Grade 6, L. J Alleman School, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

I am all alone, no one to talk to, no one to call. The world is dead. I am a survivor from an Astroid, I do suppose there are other survivors but they are to far. I don't have anything to do in the day. So I run from place to place trying to find someone. I don't use maps so I haven't any idea where I am going. When the Astroid came down it was so fast, but painful. It is painful to watch your family die, screaming for help and you not helping. I prayed that day, prayed for help.
My cuts are fatal which I am glad for. I want to die instead of being alone. I am not running now I am walking. I see an old grocery store and go inside to look for food that has not been tampered with. In the store I find some peanuts, tomatoes, and a gallon of bottled water. I collect them and find a corner to sit in.
As I am sitting down I see a piece of paper, it had writing on it but I could not read because I had lost some of my memory when the astroid came. I stuffed the paper in my pocket and was enjoying the food, though I did not have even a grin on my face. After the food I saw a door in the back I decided to leave it alone I could not be curious at a time like this.
The door fell off when I opened it. As I run I look to my left to find some houses still on fire, but not big fires just embers. I look at my gallon of water I took along with me so I put the embers out. I did not feel like running so I walked as slow as possible and thought how many days it had been since the accident happened although I knew I would never find out but it wont hurt to try to remember.
By the time I had reached some shelter it was night but I did not have the moon to light up the streets because the astroid destroyed that too. I walked inside the house I found to sleep in and I saw that the people that had lived there was about to have a dinner because it was all set up for one, but I could not take the food because I did not want to ruin their dinner.
I could not go to sleep that night, but I found myself in the morning in a beautiful place with gold doors and a sunshine window.
Then a man walked in and said, "How was your sleep? "
"Who are you? "I said.
"I am the man of your dreams, I saved you from the astroid and now I will keep you here and marry you. "
"What is my name? "
"Why Nadia you cannot remember your own name! "
"No. . . I don't remember anything but, I will say yes. " "
Yes to what? "
"I will marry you. "
"Yes. . I know. "
The end

A Hike That was More Exciting Than Expected. . .

By Amanda, 10, New Hope Christian School, South Bend, Indiana, USA

CHAPTER 1: Exciting Preparation

Jeremy Sanders stuffed a flashlight and fresh batteries into his backpack. He could hardly contain his excitement. The next day, he and his family were going to go hiking in the mountains! It was going to be a wonderful experience!
Jeremy stood up and ran to the kitchen. "Mom, " he said breathlessly.
Mrs. Sanders smiled. "Yes, dear? "
"Are you going to pack our food, or are we responsible for bringing our own things to eat? " he asked.
"Don't worry, dear. The food is up to me. But don't forget, you promised Dad you'd help him with the tents, and other camping accessories, " Mrs. Sanders replied.
"I know, " Jeremy said. "I won't forget. Thanks. " He ran back to his room and pulled all of his socks out of their drawer.
Just then, his sister Jenny appeared in the doorway. "Jeremy. . . " she began.
He looked up.
". . . Should I bring a flashlight? " she asked.
He laughed at her innocence. Jenny was only six. "Yes, Jenny, a flashlight is necessary on a hike, " he answered.
Jenny disappeared. Jeremy grabbed a pack of matches. He knew the hike would be a big adventure, but he had no idea how big it really would be. . .


Mizz (magazine poem)

By Ashleigh, Age 11, Al Kubairat British School, South Wales (England)

My mizz is the best,
the world's ever seen,
from fashion to beauty,
everything for a teen.

all other mags just really bite,
spooky gives me quite a fright!
Craig David and Beckham make me drool,
cringe and hair tips are so cool.

hot gossip I need to know,
S club on tv - what a show!
it is packed with game reviews,
full to the brim with soap news


By Emily, age 7, Year 2, Peak to Peak Charter School, Lafayette, CO, USA

There once was Aphrodite
who was fine and mighty.
She came from the sea
and said, "Please kiss me. "
Then Ares said, "That'd delight me. "

Kenning (Puzzle Poem)

By Chloe, age 10, Year 6, St Mary's CEVA Primary School, Kettering, Northants., UK

A House-cleaner
A Good-cooker
A Child-lover
A Loud-shouter
A Food-sharer
A Loving-carer
A Clothes-buyer
A Cuddle-provider

Answer: Mum

Kenning (Puzzle Poem)

By Benn, age 10, Year 6, St Mary's CEVA Primary School, Kettering, Northants, UK

A Ball-catcher
A Loud-barker
A Food-eater
A Fast-runner
A Good-hearer
A Brilliant-smeller
A Toy-destroyer
A Bone-lover

Answer: dog

The Disappearing People

By Devin, age 10, Gilbertville Mount Upton Central School, Otego, NY, USA

Hi my name is Scott. I go to Lvington High School and in 8th grade. Yesterday something very weird happened. It all started when my friend Rob and I got to school. Rob had forgotten to do his homework.
Our teacher Mr. Luke got very mad. He got so mad he assigned a 10000 word essay.
Jon the nerd of the class jumped up and started cheering until Mr. Luke said it was due the next day. Derek the bully of the class got up and picked Jon up. Then he threw him into Mr. Luke. Everyone started cheering and saying no more brownnoser. Mr. Luke got really mad and sent Derek to the office. That's when it all started.
The lights flashed like lightning striking. Then all of a sudden we heard the doors lock. Then the lights just went out. Everyone was panicking. When the lights went back on we saw that Mr. Luke was missing. We looked all over but all we could find was blood and a dagger. Everyone was really scared because there was no way out of the classroom. All the doors were locked and the windows seemed to have been glued. Then the lights flashed again. Then the lights went off.
When the lights were back on Rob was missing. The door was unlocked. There was no-one else in the school they were missing. We decided we better get out but the main doors were locked. When we got back to our classroom there was a note. This is what it said.

Dear people who have escaped,
Your friends are alive but you will not see them unless you run down the hall and scream my name.
The Kidnapper

All of a sudden the lights flashed. Then they went off. When the went back on Jon was missing. Luckly Mr. Luke had taught us how to solve a crime. We all took the people that were kidnapped and came to a conclusion.
Mr. Luke was taken first then Rob then Jon. Mr. Luke was mad at Rob because he did not do his homework and he was mad at Jon because he liked the extra homework.
I ran down the hall and screamed "Mr. Luke I know it's you."
Mr Luke came out with everyone else. He took away all of our homework. I guess the day wasn't bad at the end anyway that's what happened. By the way Mr. Luke gave me $1000 so I wouldn't tell the police what he did.

The little girl

By Ritika, age 5, Nuneaton, Warks., UK

There was a little girl
With a lovely little curl
Once she met a boy
Who said to her 'Ahoy! '
Marry me little girl
First, give me a pearl

He Got Lucky

By Sarah, age 10, Braintree, Essex, UK

He creeps out at night , ready for the fight , it's not at all light so his sights not too good.
He slinks into the the starry night sky, ready to say good bye to the rabbit, to the rabbit who's sights not too good 'cos its not at all light.
He takes one step forward, two, three, four "hey mr rabbit are you sure? "
"i'm sure"
He takes five, six, seven, eight "it's not too late to quit you know"
"i know"
He gets ready for the chase that goes on forever, never, never, he says to himself am I gonna do this again.
But the fight , never happened for the fox, no, no, for the rabbit , as I said , got lucky, he was quick, got lucky.
But what will become of him next time?

My surprise

By Katie, age 11, Balfron High School, Port Of Mentieth

My Surprise. . . . . . . . It all started out on a boring Wednesday night, when I was sitting in front of the blazing fire, feeling contented and exhausted, when my younger brother, William, was sleeping in his bed, snug and warm, when it had just turned eight o' clock and the tower clock was chiming. . . . . .
Outside the tower clock, two figures were having an argument. " I've told ya', Ben, There ain't no more cats to set loose, we can't do it, forget it, I'm out! " Said the dwarf-like figure, walking away from the tall sturdy figure. " All right then, goodbye Jimmy. . . . . . I'll get you one day! " Shouted the sturdy figure. . . . . . . . . Thursday morning. I got up and dressed for school and I thought everything was normal. As I walked to the bus stop, I saw all my friends and I saw a new kid. He was small and looked younger than the rest of us. " Hiya! What's your name? Why are you here?" asked my little brother. " My name's Andy, I live in Stirling and I'm catching the bus to my new school. " and with that, Andy walked away.
The bus journey, as always, was boring. Rubber bands were flying everywhere, paper clips were in the curtains and there was a lot of noise from the teenagers. The boy, Andy, was sitting in his seat looking out of the window.
I walked over to him. " Who are you?" I asked. " If you must know, My dad lost his job, he was an RSPCA scout and I ended up staying with my gran 'till he gets a new job. "
I went back to my seat and thought. The two figures, the cats, it all made sense! I felt stupid for worrying! what a surprise!

The visit to Heaven

By Harsh, age 9, Dazhong Primary School, SINGAPORE

The visit to Heaven
An Indian folktale from India
Retold by Harsh

Birbal was the Minister of Akbar the King. He was a pretty smart fellow I guess! The barber of King Akbar was the bad guy. He wanted Birbal to die. He had a plan. He told King Akbar, " wonder if your ancestors are fine. We will have to send someone like Birbal to Heaven to find out";. The King knew that Birbal would be clever enough to find a way to escape so he said to Birbal the news. Birbal dug an underground passageway from his house to a pine tree. He next day he will lye under a haystack near the pine tree. The haystack will be burnt and Birbal will be sent to Heaven. On the day Birbal crept under the haystack and went to his house by the underground tunnel. When he reached home he thought of a plan to punish the barber. He went to King Akbar the next day and said, "Dear King Akbar, I'm back from Heaven. I just noticed that the people there have long hair and need a barber. Let us send him". He said his last word pointing to the barber.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

By Ric, age 13, UK

The old man sat comfortably in his ragged, faded armchair. Out of his mouth hung a pipe, which he smoked with comfort and passion.
His dog, the only company he had, ran up to him. Out of his mouth hung a newspaper. The man took it from the dog's mouth.
'Thanks, old boy, ' said the man, smiling at his friendly and loyal dog. The dog stuck out his wet tongue and wagged his tail vigorously.
It was early evening. He planned to scan through the newspaper, perhaps do the crossword, and then pop along to his local for a pint or two.

Half an hour or so later, after completing the crossword, the man put down the paper of the coffee table. He held onto the arms of his chair and slowly stood up.
For the past couple of years, he had suffered with arthritis. Now he struggled at simple movements like turning his head. Standing up had become quite a major operation for him.
He groaned as he stood up and took a minute to straighten himself up. Off to the pub!

He eventually reached the pub, after carefully locking up, and then he had begun his slow walk.
There were a few people in the pub that he knew. He nodded at them and ordered a drink.

At about 10pm, he was ready to go home. He said goodbye to those he knew and left the pub. He did not see a soul on his way home and he was soon at his front door. He unlocked the door. He went in. He stopped, sharp, as if he had just walked into a stone wall.
'Was that a noise he had heard in the kitchen? Was there somebody in his house?' he thought to himself, nervously.
No, surely not. Collin, his dog, would be barking the place down. Come to think of it - where was Collin? He whistled. No Collin came.
The old man was puzzled and a bit frightened.
He shut the door and walked boldly into the kitchen. He wasn't scared! It was his house! The old man couldn't see anyone in the kitchen. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, rushed Collin. He seemed to have entered for behind him. The dog was happy and was wagging his tail.
As usual, the old man began to make a fuss of him. But the old man was still puzzled. Why hadn't Collin come to him when he had whistled? What was the bang in the kitchen? It can't have been Collin because Collin came from behind him. Perhaps it was his imagination. Perhaps he was just being paranoid.
Even so, the man was not satisfied. He felt very uncomfortable. He went cautiously into his sitting room. Perhaps that was where his dog had come from. Nobody there. He went around the house to check that nobody was there. But he was wrong! He hadn't checked quite everywhere!

The man now seemed satisfied. He got his dog some food and petted him for a while. After about an hour had past, he went to lock both the doors and went to bed.

The man slept soundly. The clock at the side of him ticked by.
Suddenly, the old man awoke from his sleep. He was not sure what had awoken him. He looked at the clock at the side of him. The red digits told him that it was 12.52.
The man listened hard, trying to hear if there was any particular noise that had awoken him. He remembered what he had heard earlier. Maybe he was just a bit jumpy.
He looked across his bed. Collin was sleeping soundly. If there had been a noise Collin would have awoken as he had very sensitive hearing.
The man decided to go back to sleep.

The next morning, the old man awoke at 8. 32. He slowly got out of bed, groaning as he did so.
He grabbed his dressing gown, caped it over him and went downstairs. The place was a mess. The man had been burgled.
There were things all over, things that the burglar didn't want that is. Cups, plates, cushions, curtains, the burglars had done a lot of damage.
The man was really upset. Not just about the fact that he had been burgled, but the fact that Collin, his loyal dog, had not sensed what was happening.
Where was Collin?
The old man looked around. He whistled. Where was Collin?
The man turned around and climbed back up the stairs. He entered his room and looked on his bed. His dog was still sound asleep.
The man, very puzzled, walked over to the dog. He tried to wake it up. He couldn't. The dog was in a deep sleep. The dog had been poisoned.

By now the man felt like crying. He remembered the bang in the kitchen. That must have been the man. He must have given his dog some poisoned meat. No wonder the dog seemed happy - he had just had some meat!
But how did the man get in?
The man remembered how he had locked the back door as well as the front before he had gone to bed. The back door must have been unlocked when he was at the pub. The man was half-angry and half-upset. It was his fault!

After a few days he had got thing sorted out.
He had taken the dog to the vets and the vet had confirmed the dog had been drugged.
The police were still hunting for the man, or men.
The old man had moved into a home. The dog had gone with him. The man still loved his dog very much, and still believed that the dog was very loyal. The blame still hung over the man. He had left open the door; he had invited the men in.


By Callie, age 9, Winfield Elementary School, Putnam, WV, USA

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful dolphin. The people that lived in the cove thought that the dolphin was the greatest thing they have ever seen. It was big and beautiful and magical. All the people soon became to love and honor it all day and all night.
One time this little girl came to the end of the dock and started to talk to the dolphin about her problem. She said "Dolphin could you help me find my fish. My mommy told me it had went into the ocean a couple of years ago. Do you think you could find him for me?" Then the dolphin started to swim away.
The next day the girl came back to the dock and the dolphin was not there. There was no sigh of the dolphin for a least a couple of weeks. The little girl was really upset because the dolphin said he would bring back the fish. A month went by and the little girl came back to the dock the dolphin was there and a couple other dolphins were there to with him.
The dolphin said something magical," these dolphins are the fish that your mom said were in the ocean. That was really magic thought the little girl." Then the little girl left and never came back to the dock again. She was so happy and excited that she brought all the fish in the world and put them in the ocean.
The dolphins lived for hundreds of years and that's where the dolphins come from she thought.

Poisonous Dwarf

By Holly, age 17, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

I can't escape from her. She follows me and watches me, waiting to sink her pearly white teeth into my flesh and insert her fatal venom.
I believe that she is pure evil, a little demon hidden by a sweet shell. Inside her mind is sinister and vicious thoughts waiting to be put into action. It's suicidal to think of the poisonous dwarf's contemplations of what cunning and tragic things she can do next.
Some people may call me obsessive but then no one on this whole earth knows her as well as me. I know when she is thinking of hurting me or someone else. I try to give warning, believe me I do. But people are deaf as well as blind.
The smirk and the eyes lighting up when she sees me downhearted are enough to make me want to gouge out her empty, cold eyes and slash her impish looking face with a hard, leather whip. I want to see her squirm in the shadows ashamed of what she has done. But it will never happen in this cruel world as she is protected by her innocent looking features.
She has put a ceaseless storm in my weary head. I keep wishing it will die away, but it won't. I keep wishing she will die away, but she won't. For she will go on torturing my life, shredding it to pieces, untill it is my time of rest, then I will find my escape from her, forever. . .


By Em, age 12, Christleton High School, Chester, UK

My world is not happy but yet not sad,
As I can live without seeing bad,
Or of course sadness and war,
But I long to find out what life is for.
I touch the people as I go,
Before people help I ask friend or foe,
As I feel I can't trust anyone,
The Sun in my life has forever gone.
I miss the colours of the leaves,
But I still feel the bitter breeze,
With body language I do not see,
You express your love to me.
I do not see the smiles on faces,
I use my hands to see round places.
But one thing I will never know,
Is how you look, or how you've grown.
I'll tell you something that is right,
The world is worthless without sight.

I Am

By Michal, age 10, Jefferson School, Spokane, WA USA

I Am
I am adventurous and wondrous
I wonder what I was like as a baby
I hear God's voice around me
I see the grand canyon's sunset
I want peace for this earth
I am adventurous and wondrous

I pretend to be a hero and known
I feel the light touch of an angel
I touch the silk of a fairy wing
I worry for Jim who has cancer
I cry for the poor and mistreated
I am adventurous and wondrous

I understand that I am loved
I say, "I am myself"
I dream my parents are back together
I try to do my best
I hope to have kids when I am grown
I am adventurous and wondrous

Material possessions

By Laura, age 16, West Sussex, England.

''Oh no!'' Shouted Coney in the stillness of the night. She woke Jack, and he yapped away at the stranger he should have noticed from the start. The stranger fled. I saw the TV wire trailing from the window, then vanishing away, as I stood at the bottom of the stairs. That TV was new. It had just been stolen. I would have thought, in this situation, about how mad Dad would be if he found out. Coney hadn't woken him yet. She was too scared to get out of bed. But I had a feeling that Dad already knew. He wasn't in bed. He was out in the dark, with only a TV for company.
Now, what would Dad want to steal his own TV for, you may be thinking. The answer is this: Dad is addicted. Dad LOVES television. ''More than me!'' Mum had cried when she divorced him. And then she banned him from ever watching T. V in our house again. Dad now lived at two houses. Ours, and his girlfriend's. Mum couldn't let him go completely, you see. Maybe the TV at his second house was broken, and so he HAD to take our one. I don't know. I just knew it was him.
So morning the next day, while Mum was at the table chewing sadly on a piece of soggy toast, I walked on over to 32 Crowncourt Road. Dad was there, Watching our TV I saw him through the window. He was laughing. I frowned. The television wasn't even turned on. That was when I finally realized that Dad was officially bonkers. I turned to leave when his tarty girlfriend grabbed my shoulder. '
'You HAVE to do something!'' she said desperately.
''No I don't'' I said, and turned to go again.
''I'll give you anything you want, just get your stupid father away from that stupid set!''
I thought about it. ''OK. I'll get Dad out of the house'' I said craftily.
She looked at me horribly through her this-is-me-trying-to-look-sophisticated glasses. I HATE her.
I tied rope around Dad's middle. He was still staring at the blank screen when I yanked and pulled and tugged at the rope with all my might. He fell off the sofa. Head first. There came a 'tut' from girlfriend, leaning in the doorway. I pulled Dad by the rope out of the room and into the street. He didn't seem to comprehend what was going on. His knees and forehead still in contact with the ground, he grunted. I left him.
I got an angry call from girlfriend yesterday. Apparently, she couldn't get father to move away from his sitting position in the middle of the street, in Crowncourt Road. He had a perfect view of the Jones's TV from there, if he squinted through the shafts of light on their window. I laughed. I had what I was out to get. Even after everything, Girlfriend kept our deal and gave me the anything I wanted. The anything, was a brand new telephone. It was now sitting in my room. The night Dad stole our T. V, I was at the bottom of the stairs making a phone call. In fact, I'm always making phone calls. I'm addicted to telephones, you see.

Numbered Days

By Andre, age 12, William A. Morris Intermediate School, Staten Island, New York, USA

It is Autumn time. The time of life and the time of death. I have lived as an oak leaf on this oak tree in this forest for as long as I can remember. There are very few of us left from this old oak tree, but soon we shall all die and our children will continue to live on in this old forest. I am old. I can my skin beginning to crack and turn the brown color of death. I have never thought of how I was going to die or when it was going to happen until now. No more shall I feel the nourishment of the roots of this strong tree or see the clear blue sky on a summer afternoon or hear the soft song of the birds on a spring day. My life is no more. I have served my purpose to the world or what few parts of it I have seen. But through it all I can't say my life was useless. Once I let a bird borrow a piece of me to help build it's nest. That birds children still sing their innocent song in this tree. Maybe this isn't such a bad time after all. I can think of it as I've left behind. But then again I don't want to leave. But that is the way of the world. My days are numbered. I shall die afraid and alone.

The Rain

By Lauren, age 10, Seattle, Washington, USA

Tapping on the rooftops
the drops of coldness glow
and as they gently whisper
they begin their show.
AS they dance on soggy branches,
they begin to grow.
So lazy they play
because there is no fee to pay
on this anti-summer day
and lazy they will stay.
They drip off children's faces
at many different paces
and as the wind chases
they leave back little traces
of where they were
because they are very sure.
The rain
it's anything but pain
it is not insane
nor as sweet as a sugar cane

A New Day

By Cori

The wind blows softly through the little room,
The child's eyes flutter in waking,
As if pushed by a new straw broom,
A new day in the making.

The sun is rising, bringing day,
Has done so since days of yore,
Nothing makes the world so gay,
As the days the sun has bore.

The sun climbs slowly,
Tinting the clouds,
Floating with seeming lightness,
Fog surrounds it with misty shrouds,
As it gains its brightness.

The Date

By Molly, age 11, USA

As I woke up, I knew something bad was bound to happen. Then immediately, I knew, my brother had a date! At our house.
Aaaaaaah!! The shower! The Aftershave! The suit! Aaaaaaaaah!!!! Help!!! Murder! Police! My mom will be running around, cleaning the house, making the dinner, and making me help. I will probably have to serve them dinner and the gooey blueberry pie dessert, which I love. But after that, the worse part ever will come. The dress!!!!! It has purple velvet, white lace, and the worse part of the whole outfit is the white pantyhose! Aaaaaaaaah!!! Then the shoes. Black patent leather dress shoes with a one- inch heel and a gold buckle. Aaaaaaaaa!!!!! Torture, big time!!! Why me? Take someone else! Please!!!
Then something good happened. My mom called me. "Deirdre, come down here, now. I need to talk to you about Michael. (Michael is my brother who is having the date. ) Hurry up!!"
As I walked down the stairs, I crossed my fingers wishing that the horrible experience was canceled. Then I wouldn't have to wear the dress, shoes, anything that might impress his girlfriend, Alicia. I hoped and hoped that my fantasy of having no date this week would come true.
"Deirdre, do you think you could have taken any longer? Well, anyway, Michael decided that he is taking Alicia to the new movie she has been talking about. I'm sorry. I know how much you liked her and wanted to see her. "
Man, if only she knew. That is the best thing that ever happened to me. As I hung my head, I said "I hope she will come over some other time. She was going to help with my math homework. I am going back to bed. "
So I was saved for this week. Next week, another girl will probably torture us, one named Charlotte, hopefully.

Poem: One of love's games

By Laura, age 16, West Sussex, England.

I flopped onto the bed, my heart hurting,
gasping for breath.
Sinking lower into the deeps of my body,
then exploding in my ears, blood pouring into my ribcage. Lungs. Stomach.

I am drowning.

A tormented soul lay twisted and shard in so many places, it was just holding on.
A black space of nothingness passes through my brain, sparkles horribly in my tears.
I've not felt this before.

Then empty.

That's all that describes this.
Room for let,
A little wet.
Splintered heart left by last owner.
But no more. It's not a game.

I shall not love again.

Two Planets

By Joseph, age 7, Year 3, St. John's Preparatory School, Barnet, UK

Freezing blue puny Pluto,
Racing round the Sun.
Pluto is a speedy freak,
He loves to race and run.
Silly soundless Saturn,
Has rings of rocks that form a pattern.
The rings look like they've been flattened.
You wouldn't believe it but Saturn has a hat on!


By Sarah, age 12, Carlton le Willows School, Netherfield, Nottingham, UK

imagine. . .
A waterfall of chocolate running down stream,
A jungle of fear hiding in the bushes,
A school of doctors jumping to the rescue,
A globe of fun to do all day long,
A universe of ideas waiting to be set free.

imagine. . .
A mountain of ice-cream going down my stomach,
A circus of children messing up the classroom,
A book of stars floating above our heads,
A galaxy of people on Earth,
A blanket of flowers just for everyone.

a song about the wrong

By Hazel, age 14, London, UK

It was a warm evening,
a July night,
When all the world
was sleeping tight.
I sat beneath the stars,
with dreamy thoughts of flight to mars,
and strummed until my fingers bled.
The cold white moon smiled above my head.

This is a song about the wrong,
this is how it is;
A wondering dream and a thousand sighs,
And dying stars in ancient skies.

It was a warm evening, a July night,
The trees whispered in kissed delight.
Oh what a night.
Oh what a song.
I could have played
all night long.

This is a song about the wrong.
This is how it is;
a falling tear under a thousand skies,
Under dying stars in ancient skies.

What a feeling,
what a crime,
what a precious part of time.
A warm evening,
In a July night,
When my fingers played for the sky's delight.

The battle of the turtle and the gerbil

By Holly, age 10, Northwestern Middle School, West Salem, Ohio, United States

Today I got a gerbil. And before I had a turtle that lived in an aquarium and now he has another aquarium beside him with stuff for a gerbil in it. When I got home I let the turtle and the gerbil down in the floor. I went outside for a second and all of the sudden my turtle picked up a rock and threw it at my gerbil. Then my gerbil picked it up and threw it back at my turtle. My turtle held up a short, stubby, sharp pencil and said let the war begin! Then my gerbil said but I have no weapons. My turtle said weapon or not I am going to start the war.
Then I came in from outside and I was spying on them. Then I heard my turtle say you're dead now you stupid gerbil! I looked to see if he was and he wasn't. I saw that I had a problem with letting them out of the aquariums together. I ran to tell my mom as fast as I could. I told her they were fighting. She didn't believe me. I told her to come and look but she said she was too busy.
The next day my mom told me that I had to sell my turtle for $10:00. And that I could keep the money since it was my turtle. I sold my turtle to an old lady. Now everything is back to normal. See you in my next crazy adventure. Buh-bye!

The skull of Elvis Presley! ! ! ! ! ! !

By Mpumelelo, age 12, Bindura Primary School, Bindura, Zimbabwe

A gloomy morning it was. The skull found in our school back yard had been taken away by the ZRP. Childeren from the school said it was ELVIS PRESLEY'S ghoust which brought the skull back to earth. Thoughts rose: was it true that the King was back and was it for good? All we could do was wait, but me and my friends did not wait. If it was true that the American singer was back and was in Zimbabwe, we had to investigate. We used my computer to get the news on this case.

Then one day something happened that made me feel that we had been tricked. It was true we had been tricked. A 13 year old boy had used his computer to make the cops think it was Elvis and I knew who this advanced dude was. It was the ZRP captain's kid & I had just the right dirt to put him down.

The look that made the difference

By Jeremy, age 16, Lewisville High School, Lewisville, Texas, USA

I saw him sitting alone at the round food court table as he slowly ate his turkey sandwich.
He must have weighed 300 pounds easily and with the way his body hung over the small chair it made him look twenty pounds heavier.
As the obese man sat alone he looked larger then life with his gigantic t-shirt and his huge blue jeans, and everyone around him knew it.
I happened to be walking by at the time when the four teenagers were and I saw everything.
It all started with a little look over their shoulders at the middle-aged man, then as quickly as it happened it turned into the cruelest joke I've ever seen.
The words they said would have brought a tear to an average person's eye, but to a man who has put up with jokes and looks his whole life it just brought a look of disappointment.
The disappointment wasn't in the kids but in himself for eating too much too many times.
It was only for the briefest of moments when our eyes met but in that one second I gave him a look to show him respect for putting up with jokes of that nature and people like that.

Hunter House

By Sarah, age 12, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Hunter House was a small boarding house in a small New England town. It was run by a small man they called Shrimp. No, just kidding, ha ha, that was not funny at all, was it? I didn't think so. No, it was run by a rather tall woman by the name of Gabriella Hunter.

It had been started by her grandfather, Henry Hunter (His parents must have never wan't a son because what kind of name is Henry Hunter). Well, anyway, he had been thought to be the richest man in Huntertown(Well, duh, of course he was the richest man in a town that he had started. He was also Huntertowns mayor, sheriff, schoolteacher, and only inhabitant! That is of course before the rest of the family came. ) Well, anyways getting back to the story once again, Henry started a boarding house during the depression, to help people out. He, at one time actually had quite the population in the house, but after the first week he only had one large woman left.

The very next day the large woman named Candy Lard and Henry joined in matrimony. Nine months later a baby boy popped out of Candy's tummy while she was playing putt putt golf. She just barely missed hitting the new born. They named the new baby BOY Henrietta. They never even thought to check the baby's sex, but they wanted it to be a girl, so they raised him as a girl. (That is until he ran away at age five. Gee, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. )

They never saw that boy again, but one day a young women came by the Hunter House. She looked just like little Henrietta had when He was very young. At first they thought it was him, but as stupid as they were, they were not that stupid. The young woman's name was Gabriella.

Right away she took a liking to the old couple (only the fish in the sea know why. )and she moved right in. Later on the Hunters found out that she was a long lost grandchild, and they took a liking to her also.

Gabriella stayed with her long lost grandparents until they drowned two years later while they were snorkling in the catfish pond. She then took over the boarding house that was no longer a boarding house, that had once been a very short lived boarding house.

She followed in her grandparents footsteps and she became the weirdest Hunter ever to live. She married a very strange man and had two green children. When her green children were five and eighteen she tried something new and different. She sent her five year old to college and her eighteen year old to kindergarten. The five year old succeded, but the eighteen year old failed miserably. She raised her children strangely you can say, but she was strange her-self.

Generation after generation was born and raised strange in the Hunter House, until one day. Yes, one day in the future, Hunter House disappeared, never to be seen a again! Pooff! It vanished into thick air. All evidence that the Hunters had even existed dissapeared along with them, except for this here article, written by Gabriella Hunter.

The Beginning!
Not much of an ending is it?

Friends Forever

By Courtney, age 12, California, USA

This is for my best friend Erica.

Best Friends

Forever will be friends
We met when I was in Kindergarten you were in 1st
The next year we were in the same class
I got to know you you got to know me
We played together and are friendship grew
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th and know 7th
We will be together forever
And I would just like to thank you for everything
Thanks for everything you are the best

The Four Seasons

By Oliver, age 11, Haywood High School, Hereford, England

The Summer's come,
The Spring's gone,
The Winters left far behind,
The Autumns being caught up,
By summer in a rush,
Times of woe and joy must go on,
Because all evolve around Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn,
All four seasons all twelve months,
Just take them in as they come

Treasured dreams

By Kathryn, age 10, Whiteley Primary School, Hampshire, UK

as I lay upon my bed,
dreams are whirling through my head,
I think of the sun the sand and sea,
what a paradise it would be,
watching palm trees gently sway,
see the dolphins splash and play.
the sun golden, the sky is blue,
the sea glistens and beckons you.
the treasure is all within my head
as I lay apon my bed.

Fire Rescue

By Shampa, age 8, De Vargas School, San Jose, California, USA

Eight-year old Linda Aura was sleeping in her bed peacefully with her dog Bernard. There was also a candle in her room, on the desk near her canopy bed. She had been injured by a stray cat and earned a cat bite. Bernard had his own little door so he could get outside whenever he wanted to. He sensed something very strange. At first, he was sure it was in his dreams. Then he smelled the same smell again.
So he opened his eyes and looked around the room. He saw that the candle was causing a fire. He tried to wake up Linda with his tongue. When he could not succeed, he tried to wake her up with his barks. Linda's injury was okay, because she had put a bandage on it.
When she woke up, she was annoyed at Bernard for waking her up. Then she saw the flames.
She took Bernard and she broke through the window through her elbow. She broke through it, but got an injury on her elbow could not use her elbow. She lived in a farm, so she had horses and ponies. She took Sunbow, one of her horses. She rode on him to her parent's room. They were asleep, they had a fire too.
She yelled, " MOTHER! FATHER! "
They woke up instantly, it was almost too late. The fire was so closed to the bed, she signaled Sunbow to let them hang on to her waist, Sunbow did as was told and succeded.
Luckily Linda's father had a phone and called to fire department. Linda's family would always remember this gift from Bernard.


By Andrea, age 12, Bromley, Kent UK

sand in your sandwiches,
sand in your toes,
sand in your fingertips
and sand up your nose.

In loving memories of the animals in the past

By Erica, age 13, Memorial Boulvard Middle School, Bristol, CT, USA

Over these past years something inside of me has been watching the future I've had quite a few animals in the past and i'll never forget them.

It all started about 12 years ago when I first had gotten Max. Max was my cocker spaniel and boy my parents used to call him psyco! For some reason max really only liked me. Then we gave him to our grandparents but he eventually died of an ear infection that wasn't talking care of the right way.

Then came buffy I begged my parents that I would take care of her, of course I was only about 9 so as Buffy had gotten older I didn't really pay that much attention to her. One time I remember her dragging my sister across our driveway I think there was a squirrel or something like that. My sister was bringing her on her rope outside when it happened. When my dad brought her to a farm I miss her so much I was crying the thing of it is is that I don't remember after it happened.

When we got Rocky it was a whole different story. I came home from school on the bus and there he was with my other sister. One of my friends asked whos thad dog I said I have no idea. Then I asked my mom and she said she had gotten him with my father at the human scociety! I was so happy the next day in school the girl Autman asked me I think I know where the dog belongs I said yep its mine she said oh and left.

Rocky was the best dog we ever had I remember when ever me and my sisters were playing around Rocky would bite whatever one was being attacked and pull us out of the circle. Of course rocky did have his ups and downs you would think that a big akita like that would be perfect but no. See Rocky hated other dogs, my cousins lived right down the corner from us at the time and they had a part retriver and a part labador. When Amber brought logan over rocky attacked him logan had blood on him and him and everything! Finally when we got logan back rocky had to stay inside for the rest of the day!

One time we had mcdonalds and my mom had a big mac well when she walked aways rocky ate it! Rocky ran away once and ran over to our neighbors house with this other dog an akita named Rocksy. You would think they liked each other they didn't they hated each other. Well there was this one dog named Sandy and they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sandy listened to Rocky and that is why they were meant for each other.

When Sandy was hit by a car I think that rocky was heartbroken. The owners of Sandy the fletchers told their children Guy, Autman, and Jordan that sandy ran away. They soon found out that she died. Fran this ugly witch called the police and said that rocky was attacking her or something like that. The police came and said that everything was alright. I'll never forget that night -- I hated that woman so much.

Then the day came I was in second grade and it was around 7:00pm my mother told me that we were moving I started crying expecially the part that told us were no pets were alloyed. We had to get rid of Rocky and the cats we had. I called my cousin and she wasn't home I left a message on her answering machine, crying.

When we moved Rocky stayed with our grandparents untill a woman came up and told us she would take care of Rocky. She lived in Terryville we lived in Bristol. The day Rocky left I cryed and cryed and cryed some more. I miss him so much the thing is that i'll never know when Rocky dies if he is ever sick. She called us once and said that he graduated school for dogs, that was it.
Till this day nothing it is year 2000 and I lost Rocky in 95-96 I am in 8th grade right now and we are still in this house this place I wished we never moved here. I still go up to Wolcott and everytime I go by our old house I see my whole family playing with our one true pet ROCKY! Rocky I will always remember how much you changed our lives goodbye!


By Jack, age 13, Hastings, E Sussex, UK

The sun was drifting lazily downwards on an equally abysmal setting that also seemed to let dust settle with a contemptible negligence. It was, of course perfect. But then, that fact relies heavily on your frame of mind. Not so perfect was it for the old man stumbling vaguely towards the grimy window seldom used for its draft. This certainly did not in the least bother the old man, with his intricate stick, half moon glasses the and, oh so deep and beautiful purple eyes. With these windows he gazed onto the wonders of the world; his world or what was left of it. As he watched, the second sun finally set against the background of the old castle; his castle. And from the eyes in his mind, he saw his beloved sword cough for the dust that suffocated this land; his land. And as he drifted into a daze of pointlessness he seemed amused. Yet still a sweet, emotional tear fell from his eye to wet his cheek, and dried his throat. This, as his thin-skinned fist drove a hole through the imprisoning glass. The noise though, was muffled by the engulfing silence. And as he thrust the glass on his fist through his heart; he gazed on what once there was.

Weeping Willow

By Andrea, age 12, Kelowna

Weeping Willow, why are your branches hanging low?
And why are you shaking nakedly in the cold snow?
You're suppose to be standing proud and tall,
Don't you have any strength or courage at all?
Weeping Willow, why do you have tears running down your eyes?
Is it because someone told you lies?
Why is your bark rotting away?
Was it because no one wanted to play with you today?
Weeping Willow. . . why are your leaves falling down?
And why do you have such a big frown?
Sometimes a weeping willow reminds you of a person,
Sad and low, rotting, cold,
Lonely, cowardly, young and old.
Mad with anger, leaves in a fluster,
Or ashamed with leaves crowding in a cluster.
I don't think a Weeping Willow is very bad,
All it is, is something sad.


By Emily, age 7, Elk Grove, California, USA

Once Upon A Time...

When I woke up I was on my pillow! I was not in my night gown but a sparkling pink dress! Also, a rainbow flower crown! Then I figured it out... I was a fairy without wings! I went out to breakfast, there was a gigantic bowl of cornflakes! I climbed up the spoon and took out one cornflake. Yum, yum! My mom yelled "EMILY, WAKE UP!" She did not even notice me! Then when she checked my cereal for ants, she saw me!

Then I went to my daycare and I had a slice of apple. It took me so long to eat the apple, when I was done it was time to go to school! The helper was me! I could not even reach the chalkboard! The teacher had to lift me up! At lunch the lunch lady gave me crumbs! At home I took a nap. Good night! When I woke up I was my regular size.


By Benjamin, age 9, UK

I find alliteration extra easy!
But I'm not that good with metaphors.
And I've been taught about repetition
Again and again and again!
I like the rhythm in limericks,
It's nearly always the same.
The beat: Thump! Thump! Thump!
Makes me want to jump! Jump! Jump!


By Shabaaz, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

Art is fun
it's so much fun,
you need the talent to be the one
the only one,
you draw and colour
but you never ever get bored,
basically art is fun.

The Magic Ball

By Alice, age 9, Walesby Primary School, Rockley, Retford, Notts, England

In the summer holidays I went to stay with my auntie, she lives In a very big house with a large garden. it wasa very sunny day. Me and my cousin Kelly went to play in the garden. Kelly showed me a tree there was a door on it. We went in side the tree. In side the tree there was a magic Ball we took it to show my auntie. The next day my auntie went shopping. She took the ball with her. And took it in the magic shop. The man said the ball is magic. we took it home and planted it. The next year I went there was a ball tree.

Twisted Nightmares

By Rebecca, age 16, PVHS School, Pahrump, Nevada, USA

Twisted Nightmares Once upon a time in a far away land there was this beautiful forest that was so magical and mysterious that even the village people couldn't believe their own eyes.
This forest was called Twisted Nightmares because that's what it gave you. Everyone thinks this forest is perfect but what he or she didn't realize was that there is evil in that forest and its bound to capture you and your soul.
By the time you believe the evil is a live, it's too late and you can't escape because once you take the vow of the forest it can never be broken.
No one knows this evil secret of the forest except Isabelle, the village fortuneteller. She sees the future and she see destruction in the Princess's worlds and this destruction will devour her tomorrow.
The sad thing is that's she's supposed to get married in two days to the prince. The king and Queen went to the fortuneteller and were not pleased. She said that they'd never see their daughter again.
After the King and Queen thought on their trip back to the castle, they decided to lock their daughter in her room. The Princess couldn't figure out why her parents would behave so strangely. So without knowing the reason to her parents disturbing action she escaped from the castle and ran as fast as she could, past the village and through the woods until she crossed a miniature bridge. Which she fell through because the bridge was put together so poorly. She hit her head on a sharp rock and was knocked unconscious.
While she was unconscious five little evil trolls stole her and carried her to the twisted forest. When the Princess woke up she was looking around and stopped at the entrance of the forest and suddenly there was a voice coming from a tree. A distorted image appeared and in a raspy voice it spoke:

If you dare enter this forest you can
Never escape. It's a trade, we give you
Peace and quiet, and you give us your soul.

People actually believed this trade because they wanted a better life and to get away from all the pressure. You can only take so much and that's why they agreed to this absurd arrangement.
After the Princess took the agreement and was in the forest for less than a day, she loved it. It was the second night that made her regret her decision. It was horrible, she wanted the nightmares to go away but every time she wished for them to vanish; more just kept coming. They felt so real, so alive. The princess realized that there is no peace and quiet in this forest and that the trees lied to here because they only wanted her soul to feed the forest and to keep them alive to torment the lives of innocent people whom just wanted a new life. What they received was agony.
She knows this and despises of it. She just wanted the demons to go away but they won't. She tried to escape and she failed several times.
No one knows where the Princess went and what happened to her and till this day the forest still stands and is stronger than ever. I guess this is one of the fairytales that doesn't end happily ever after.
The End

Summer Cinquains

By Katherine and Jenny, age 9, England

(2) Yellow
(4) Sun scorching hot
(6) beaming down on children
(8) playing in the paddling pools, splish !
(2) splash! splosh!

(2) hot,fun,
(4) warm and lovely
(6) All these things are summer.
(8) barbeques and late night playing
(2) sun ! sun !


By Hudson, age 10, Fifth grade, Mt. Gallant Elementary School, Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA

My grandfather owned a stout golden retriever by the name of Buster. He was my most favorite dog. Buster and I would run and play in the woods, and he would always bark and run ahead. It was more like we were gliding in thin air. My paw-paw said he was mixed with a wolf because he found him in the mountains as a pup. I called him a golden retriever because his fur was long and glossy. Only his fur wasn't golden it was a red as leaves on a mid fall day.

His eyes were the chocolaty brown of the oldest pine you could find in the forest, but with the slightest touch of gray. He had big feet that he would stumble upon every once in a while. His bark was more like a howl that made me buoyant. Buster never was mean; in fact I don't think he had a mean bone in his body.

There is one day I will never forget. Buster and I were roaming around the creek. He trotted out near the road. I called out in a quick voice, "buster!" He turned and looked but kept on moving. I said, "I am going to get something, and don't go near the road cause I'll be right back."

As I cleared the driveway I heard a shrill car brake, and the most petrifying howl I had ever heard. At that my heart jumped into my throat. I jolted to the road. I was too late Buster lay there whimpering with a melancholy look in his eyes. I saw he had been struck by the car.

I laid his red head on my lap. I looked deep down into those chocolatey gray eyes and saw a spark not a regular spark one that would twinkle in me for eternity. He opened his mouth and licked my hand like he was saying, "help." He gave a final whimper and a plea for help and his friendly chocolate eyes closed forever more, but will keep blinking in me.

I slowly looked up and yelled with sadness, "NOOO...don't go!" I would not eat or sleep. I couldn't forget that moment.

On my birthday I was surprised with a beagle that is now named Hunter. I look at him like he is Buster Jr.

The kid who cried wolf

By Michelle, age 13, Year 8, Howell's School Llandaff, St.Fagans, Cardiff.

How could she possibly explain this one away? She knew what she had done was wrong, and that little voice in her head kept nagging at her to confess. Even her dreams at night had been haunting her. All she ever saw in her mind's eye was the boy who cried Wolf.

She regretted deeply all those times she had deceived people, all those times when she had been a liar, and when she had fooled people. Now the joke was on her.

She thought back to the previous Thursday. She had woken up, and laziness had taken over her mind. She had reached for the phone, called into work, and she had said that she had another migraine. Her sympathetic boss had given her the day off work.

But it wasn't the first time laziness had crept into her life. She had used the excuse of a migraine for everything. She would take on average one day off work every week. Then she had stopped going to church, then she had stopped helping at her kids' school.

And every time it was because of a migraine, that she didn't even have.

And now she was paying the price for all those years of lying and fooling everyone.

For her boss had caught her happily shopping in town with a friend, on the day that she had had a "migraine". And now her boss had said that he would never give her time off work for illness again.

But, being a nice boss, he had not fired her. In fact, he was giving her the responsibility of going to a special conference. The only condition was that she had to go, no matter how she felt, or she would be fired.

And here she was, lying in bed, on the day of the conference, with a splitting headache, her leg in plaster, a black eye, and her arm bandaged up.

Of course, she had rung her boss, told him the state she was in, let him know that she couldn't possibly go to the conference if she had tried.

But of course, her boss had heard her excuses all too many times before. He had laughed, and told her that she would be fired if she didn't get to that conference. She wouldn't care, but her boss was so famous, that she would never work again if he fired her, as no one would want to employ someone who wasn't good enough for her boss.

Silently, she closed her eyes and wept. And the voice in her head chanted "The girl who cried wolf".


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