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Westlife Rule..............!!!!

By Kiran, age 15, UK

Hi everyone. Just want to say that WESTLIFE are the greatest band ever in the world, and I'm there biggest fan. I'm seeing them in concert on 23rd May 2002, and I just can't wait! My fav member is Kian Egan - now he is one sexy man! I also like Eminem, he is one great guy. I also like Oxide and Neutrino, and So Solid Crew, they rule too. Well I just wanted everyone to know that I love WESTLIFE so much.... and I will do forever and ever!
From Kiran
* Hey Kian you're so fine.......you're so fine you blow my mind.... hey Kian...hey hey....hey Kian!* (May 2002)

Boys are better than girls

By Blayne, age 10, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Girls think they're all that but everybody knows that they're just another human being. But they can't do barely anything when it comes to boy things like sports, running, and all that kind of stuff. Sometimes girls can be a pain 4 you but like Isaid girls cant do sports because all girls care about is their ugly jewelry or breaking their nails. So that proves boys can do more and better things than girls can, so that explains boy are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BOYS RULE AND GIRLS DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (May 2002)

Homework War

By Bridie, age 9, Year 5, Barlestone Primary School, UK

I think that kids all over the world have way to much homework than they should because we already have school and we also have to do projects and study for our SATs and other tests - even without homework that would be plenty!

Aahh life without homework ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! (May 2002)

It's a girl thing

By Katie, 10, London, UK

Yeah so what all the boys say how girls are so pukey. well I am here to say to all those boys who do that
They tease you about your looks and totally ruin your life. They are morons. Reply back you girls and fight them awful boys back. PS I hate Pokemon too.


By Loz, 13, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

I think it's terrible how people who wear glasses are classed as 'geeks'. I don't wear glasses myself, but I have loads of friends who do, and they are just the same as everyone else. Just because someone has bad eyesight doesn't mean that they should be discriminated against.


By Elizabeth, age 15, Egglescliffe Comprehensive School, Middlesbrough, UK

I am A1s number 1 fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have loved the guys for over 2 years now and I love them to pieces. I have collected a1 things since December 1998 and so far I have the total of 2600 things!!!! My fave is Ben and he even knows who I am!! He thinks I am really sweet. I love you too!! If anyone has spare posters get in touch, Bye

Don't make fun of the Backstreetboys

By Christina, age 19, Garden Grove, CA, USA

Hey, whats up? Look I know that some people love or like or hate or kinda like the backstreetboys, but if u hate the backstreetboys you shouldn't create a Web about how much you or any body else hates the backstreetboys!!! You shouldn't say something mean about them!! The backstreetboys has feelings too and they're people like you and me!! Or nsync even thou I hate nsync! you shouldn't put bad things about them!! Dont put bad things about backstreetboys!!!!!! My sister hates the backstreetboys, but she doesn't put a Web about them! She knows that the bsb have feelings and their people too! And 1 more thing the backstreetboys rules 4 ever and ever and ever and ever!!!

What Kind of Dog is Better

By Dominique, age 11, West Lake Middle School, Broomfield, CO, USA

Hi, My name is Dominique. I am going to tell you what kind of dog I think is better a Basset-hound, Sharpie, or a Beagle.
I think a Basset-hound is a better breed of dog for these reasons. My first reason is that they are cute. They are cute because of their nose and eyes. I like the way most Basset-hound's eyes are dark.
My second reason is I like their long droopy ears. I like when they trip over their ears when they run. It makes them look even cuter than they normally do.
My third reason is how they play. When you run with them they chase you as if you were a ball. When you play fetch with them they run to get the ball pick it up but they run from you so you can't get the ball.
All and all you can see Basset- hounds they are pretty cool dogs. When you see them they will make you smile.


By Sonya, age 10, Dale Hall Primary School, Ipswich, UK

I am Westlife's biggest fan. My friend is too and we both like Shane. We like his cute hair style and his eyes. If you like Shane or Westlife tell me about it.
PS please could you write back. Bye, see ya!

Michael Owen

By Clare Cox, age 17, Bright High School, Cole, USA

I am a fan of Michael Owen I think he is so sexy and fit I would like to go out with him.

Trousers For Girls

By Emma, age 13, Year 8, William De Ferrers School, South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

In my school the girls are not allowed to wear trousers. We tried loads of times to change the headmaster's mind, but he won't let us. We have done lots of petitions, but they never work. So on Friday 24 November we did a protest. All 3, 000 of the girls came to school wearing trousers. All of us got in big trouble, most of us got detentions, and quite a lot of people got suspended, but we all did our part. They are now considering trousers for girls, but say they won't have decided for about another year, then they will have to sort other stuff out. By then most of the older protesters will have left school, and they were the main people who got suspended. So we are going to do another protest soon.
Does anyone else think that it is really wrong and sexist if they don't allow us to wear them?

Is a big school better or a little one?

By Stephanie, age 13, Phelps co R-3 School, Missouri, USA

I like little schools. You don't get lost in them or stuff like that. But I like big school's to. Hi my name is Stephanie but my friend's call me Stephy! My B/F calls me sweet thing. But school is The BEST

Love is like a roller coaster. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

By Emma, age 13, Year 8, William De Ferrers School, England

Love is like a roller coaster; when you see other people on it, it looks scary, when you get on it, it has ups and downs, and in the end it makes you sick!


By LeeAnn, age 21, Canada

Nsync is the best then ever. . . .
I love Justin Timberlake he sooo hot for me. .
Keep Nsync Rules

Re: Cat thing

By Roz and Loz, age 13, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

Deyenara, who wrote the piece about cats being cool, you are right on! YAY! Well done! There are two cats at our house, Lucky and Elvis and they are amazing.
Anyway. 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire? '
We know we do. But did Camilla Parker Bowles' third cousin really need all that money? And is it just coincidence how it was scheduled at the same time as the last episode of 'One Foot in the Grave'? We think Millionaire was a fix. The woman seemed so calm all the way through. And before she was told the answer to the million pound question, there was a break! This was just so that the advertisers could make more money. It won't do! Well, what do you think? Was it a fix? Reply or agree.
So there.

Eminem isn't HOTT

By Kate, age 13, Missouri, USA

Eminem is not hot. Everyone says he is but he isn't! ! !
It's So annoying I mean Take a good look at the guy! !
And as far as I know pimples are not attractive If anyone else agrees let me know! ! ! ! !

Why I don't like school

By Annie, age 12, Birmingham, UK

I don't see why teachers have to be mean sometimes I guess they do but sometimes they don't care what you've done just want to punish you, and this is why I hate school. Reply and tell me what you think

Christina Aguilera

By Jodie , age 10, Our Lady & St. Edwards RC School, Nottingham, UK

CHRISTINA IS A COPY CAT. I would just like to say (since nobody else will) that Christina needs to stop copying off Britney Spears. She is not liked that much (by anyone I know anyway) I am not saying she can not sing but she just needs her own style.
PS her bouncer also pushed Clare from Steps over when she bumped into her by accident!

Cat lovers unite!

By Dayanara, Sioux City, UK

All those people who hate cats, you just plain SUCK! Period!
Cats are the ultimate predator. They do their job well. Cats may seem independent, but YOU have to earn their respect and devotion, not the other way around! And of course cats don't normally do tricks. Why should they?! Some say it's because they're just stupid, but think about it! You throw a ball and a dog is like "Oh boy, oh boy! This is fun! ! " and do it all day long, now THATS stupidly! ! But you throw a ball and tell a cat to "fetch"; the cat will look you in the eye and say, "Get it yourself! If you want that ball so bad than why did you throw it away? Idiot! ". Cats are too intelligent to degrade themselves for our amusement. It's true. There are even a few dog breads like this too.
Cats are the perfect house pet. They hardly smell at all, they don't bark, don't need to go for walks, don't eat that much, they keep them selves clean, and have few health problems, and they don't slobber all over the place! Sure they scratch and bite, how else are they gonna protect themselves from immature brats! The people who suffer at the paws of a cat do so for a reason, they obviously don't know HOW to treat a cat PROPERLY! ! If you rub a cat's fur the wrong way, you just made a big mistake! A cat, when angered, is capable of being a 15 lb ball of fur, fangs and fury! Street cats can be worse! A mad cat is your worst nightmare, especially mad cat lovers! ! You don't know true horror until you meet an enraged cat lover by yourself, *"LEEKA SHIN! ! ! " will probably be the last thing you hear! Trust me, abusing a cat is a BIG turn off to SANE people, and nothing to brag about! !
To win the devotion and love of a cat is the greatest thing in the world, and nothing, and I mean NOTHING can compare to the sensation of a cat purring in your ear! A cat can be your best friend, if treated properly. Cats are even better at protecting you and your home! Yes, it's true, cats HAVE been known to appear out of nowhere and viciously attack intruders! ! (Another reason why cats should NEVER be declawed. . . you just never know. . . )
Cats are poetry in motion, limber, delicate, agile, and swift. True gymnasts.
Now I'm not a dog hater, so don't get me wrong, but I cant STAND people bashing cats! ! What would the world be like with out them? No, not better, worse, a hundred times worse! What do you think caused the bubonic plague to increase? Those idiots got rid of all the cats and dogs in the country, so what do you think happened next?? The plague of the century! ! ! There were nothing to keep the rodent population down, witch in turn caused the disease to spread even more quickly resulting in the death of thousands! And if you ask me, they got what they deserved, INGRATES! ! And no, snakes are not capable of keeping rodent populations down buy them selves, they need the help from creatures like cats to get the job done.
What I'm trying to say is you don't have to love cats, just show a bit more respect, that's all I'm asking. I thank you for reading this, and I hope you learned something, too. So please, spay and neuter your animals, and keep your furry friends safe, DONT let them run loose! Cars are one of the leading causes of death for animals, especially cats and dogs!
Now if you would like to ask me a question on cat behavior, or would like to voice your support or something like that, feel free to contact me.
*- "Leeka shin! " Only understood buy fans of anime!

Hiya! Are You An Animal Lover

By Joanna {Jojo}, age 9, Year 6, Eoligarry School, Isle of Barra

Hiya! All my friends and I love animals and pop music. Our least favourite song is Day & Night by Billie.
Our favourite is all the vengaboys & The Blood Hound Gang.
Our favourite animal is all kinds of CATS. REMEMBER CATS ARE THE BBBBEESSSSSSTTT.

Kids Have Their Say

By Hannah, age 13, Leeds, UK

I think it's great that for once children are getting the chance to speak out loud. Voice their opinions of everything without getting shouted at. I have wanted to write letters to the parliament for various reasons e.g. to ban fox hunting. But I didn't and you know why? cos I was scared. I thought they'd laugh or turn up their noses at the idea of a child or young teenager wanted to be counted as part of a community for once. But this site has given me confidence and when I get offline. I'll start that letter.
Thank you Hannah (aged 13)

Why being a girl is so cool! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

By Adele, age 10, Kent, UK

hi everyone,
I think being a girl is so cool because
1. You can wear make up
2. you can put memories in a little box under your bed

reply to Kate

By Devin, age 11, Gealscoil mhachan School, Ireland

you should ask yourself if you keep getting in fights with her then think Do you like this friend you share?
if you do try to play with her/him sometime yourself if you dont like her/him stay friends with Zoe. On the other hand if you like her/him make her/him your best friend and make Zoe what she/he was before it will be hard to make this change so just don't play with Zoe as much and when she shows off tell her that she just a big show off who cant except defeat but that is a little harsh. Just say you lost and you can't win all the time you're not great at everything. I once knew a boy called Zack (seems to be a bit of a connection there). He was always saying that he was an expert at everything but one day he brought along a friend called Michael and I played with him by myself and I found he was a better friend then Zack so we didn't play with Zack any more because he thought the same. Zack has better friends now but don't make the same mistake I did since I totally stopped playing with Zack we are not friends any more and then Michael moved away unexpectedly and now I am pretty lonely so think about my advice before you take it
good luck

Bright Ideas

By Alifya, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

The Green Cross Code

This leaflet is very helpful for younger and older children for them to learn the Green Cross Code. It has lots of puzzles and games and is very colourful. It also has a times table card to help you learn them and if you learn your threes, sixes and your nines you will win a bracelet or if you are a boy then you might win a watch. At the back of the leaflet there is a puzzle where you have to fill in the missing words and there is one inside which is a word search. My opinion is that this leaflet is very interesting and can make you learn a lot. This leaflet is created by the City of Nottingham. The next leaflet could be learning to be safe.

Smash hits

By Sabrina and Alex, age 10 and 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

The Smash hits magazine is wicked. I think the best thing in it is when Britney was telling us she would like to snog Brad Pitt. The best bands are s club 7, sisqo and pink. lots of other band are good too . Rene and lene from Aqua don't wear nick nacs. Daphne and Celeste are horrible to other popstars -- they sound like munchkins and they are bigheaded. The Hanson brothers need to cut there hair and some new clothes. Posh spice should not be such a snob. Why do Britney and Christina have petty fights all the time.

Wrinkly elephants

By Hannah, age 14, Warden Park School, Cuckfield, UK

I think there should be a special cleanser/moisturiser for elephants. Fancy living your life, even as a baby, with wrinkles galore! No wonder they're dying out, they probably don't get attracted to each other because of it. Poor creatures. I reckon, as beautiful and natural as they are (the elephants, not the wrinkles) They really need wrinkle cream. I luvyaaaa alll! WAZZUPPPP!!!!!

Michael Owen is the sexy football player alive

By Kirsty, age 13, Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK

Michael Owen is the best looking player alive
1). he has a good looking smile
2). he has a nice hair cut.
3). he is just plain sexy
4). he is just plain cute
5). he has good legs
6). I have everything there is about him I have cups, the bed spread, posters, calenders, lamp, watch, t-shirt, necklace, computer case, 100 piece puzzle, pencil cases, I have taped every football game he has been playing, pens, pencil, curtains, lamp shade, mouse mat (for my computer), blow up chair. . . . . . . . u name it I've got it.

... And the best group is ... 5IVE!!!!!

By Danah, age 12, Temuco, Chile

Alguien dijo que 5ive es basura. Yo quiero decir QUE NO ESTOY DE ACUERDO. NO son basura, y apuesto que la persona que escribió todas esas mentiras sobre 5ive (Her name was Tamara, I think) no ha escuchado las canciones con detención. YO SI, y me he tomado el trabajo de traducirlas para que no me digan que no entiendo ni J. Y ellos son geniales los mejores, los top Y MÄS. No me importa lo que digan sobre las "Pleitas" que tuvieron con Westlife. Ellos son buenos tambien (They are good too, not like 5ive, but they are good). Y aunque no me gustaran, no me meto a esta página para basurear a otros grupos. Sí no me gusta un grupo, me lo guardo para mi misma y punto!!.

Dear Afiqah

By Michaelea aka EMMA, age 13, Smithville, Texas, USA

oH My god!! THAT is like so unfair!! Shesh! What's wrong with that teacher!?! HEY I may be fair skinned, but that doesn't mean I judge people by the color of their skin! Oh my God!! I think that people who do are like SO shallow!!! Just try to ignore it, OK? and hang in there!!

Debate...Life is harder for girls than boys!!

By Ancie, age 13, Mackellar School, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hey everyone, I have a debate about A girl's life is harder then a boy's life, and I'm saying "no, a man's life is harder" I was wondering if you have some good points about a man's life being better, I know there ... such as, Having to put food on the table for the family, having a job, but I need more points! Care to help me? Please do!! I'll mean heapz for me!!! Thankyou So much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brunettes rule

By Liz, age 13, UK

Brunettes are so the best. We have brains, looks and a fab humour. Blondes have no brains, looks and are the subject of our jokes. However true blondes have more brains than those who go peroxide. They have no brains cos they think blondes have brains. Like, hello. Whatever.


By Neehmah, age 13, Weatherhead High School, Wallasey, UK

I love FOOTBALL! ! it would be my dream to play for Manchester United but it is not possible because girls can't play, however we can play for girls football teams but it wouldn't be the same with our football stars. I think us girls should be like professional footballers on national tv.

Charmed rules

By Nicko, age 12, Frankson High School, Melbourne, Vic. Australia

I think that Charmed is good because the women that star in it are really HOT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I THINK THAT Phoebe is the best easilly that is there. Piper is alright but Prue is dog ugly. I think she needs a face lift and some good make up on.

Dogs rule and cats are OK

By Tom, age 12, USA

Dogs RULE but cats are OK - Dogs actually do stuff you never see a cat do. I have a dog and know about 3/4 other people that have cats but face it puppies are so much cuter than kittens.
This morning I woke up to find my dog sleeping on the couch with her legs almost vertically in the air! (She was also snoring very loudly; thats what woke me. )
The best breed of dog is yorkshire terrier cause they're so much cleverer than big dogs and they don't moult and are easier to feed, walk and generally much easier to take care of.
Yorkies are meant to be yappy but I disagree.
Dogs are cool cause they guard you. My dog doesn't though as she is even scared of my rabbit!

I think school rules

By Emma, age 9, Reading, UK

Hi my name is Emma and I think school is the best thing for us kids because we don't have anything better to do in our spare time so why don't we enjoy it because we are lucky to have a school near us and be able to be in it. Please reply to me and tell me what you think. Reply to Emma and school.

Hiya What's Your School Like

By Katie, age 13, Kettering, UK

Hiya to anyone who is reading this. I'm writing to ask anyone if they think school is boring because I think it is. Especially because mine's an all girls school, the boys are what you miss in school, I did go to a boys and girls school called Henry Gotch and that was excellent I then moved. I really miss all my old friends and the school though because the school was really cool. I'm getting on alright at my new school but it is so not exciting. I have only been there for 6 months and I've made lots of friends and some teachers like me especially my art teacher and I like her. Well school is not to like really is it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .

School is cool

By Stanley, age 11, Baker jr high School, La Porte, USA

When I first started going to school I was a little frightend. Let me tell you about it.
When I was 4 I went to kindergarden. I was scared it was the first time I ever been away from my mom, but I got over that. I made friends the first day. I went to first grade it got a little harder now is when I stopped liking school. I went to second grade then, that's when the teachers started geting mean, then third grade. In third grade my techer was a witch -- of course I did that to her too, but that is besides the point. The next year I started to actually like school. The next year I had to move 2 different times, that meant I went to three different schools in one year. That drove me CRAZY! I hope Baker will change that.

South Park is a Bad influence

By David, age 11, Birmingham, West Mids UK

South Park is a bad influence on kids not only is it violent but the use of language is idiotic!
Every other second there's a **** and a ****** and a ***********.
The guys who created it r just ******ing stupid.
I think they r just a bunch of ******** and ******* and r just ********ing idiots!
anyone else have n e views??
p. s. sorry about the use of *'s but I was showing the a zillionth of the amount of swearing used in South Park


By Laura, age 14, Benllech, Anglesey, Wales

Why do so many people think of Wales as a place with only fields and sheep? And why do they automatically asume that all Welsh people are farmers and joskins?? So what if some are?? Have you ever been to Wales?? If you have most of the Wales you see is the tourist part. If you look closley you'll see that it's not only a tourist colony, people live there too!! Please don't stereotype! It really annoys me!!!
Thanks, Laura xxx

Why do people smoke?

By Anthony, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

I think it is bad for us because you can harm your lungs.
Smoking can kill you just think about all the things you could miss.
Scare your family.
Its sad for other people.
Miss the good times.
You could miss football.
You could miss your favourite T.V. show.

Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens

By Alexandra, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

Right I love Dogs Puppy and Kittens. But I HATE cats. They're horrible lazy and stinky things. Kittens are playful. Dogs can guard and can be your friend, the same with Puppies but Cats, yuck.


By Sherealyn, age 10, Year 5, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham.

Why do adults get so depressed? There's hardly anything in life to be depressed about. Bills are easy so long as you pay them when you are supposed to. Most children are a pest I know but they are not that much to handle.
These are reasons why not to be depressed:
1) Because life's good when you're older
2) You can earn more money
3) You could start a family
4) You could become whatever you've dreamed to be
5) Because you can cook really good and get all the things you would like


By Roseanne, age 11, Year 5, Westwood Basics Plus School, Irvine, California, USA

Dogs rule and cats drool! I'll give you lots of reasons why!

1. Dogs work harder than cats and deserve much more praise. I don't understand why Egyptians praised lazy and stupid cats when they could have praised lovely and loyal dogs.

2. Dogs are more trustworthy and save more lives! That's why they are called man's best friend and God's creatures!

3. Dogs actually DO something. Cats are lazy. Dogs play with you, and cats don't.

4. Dogs don't scratch or bite, only when they are defending you. Dogs aren't boring, and they can defend themselves and they are much smarter.

5. Cats are wimps. Dogs stand up and defend. Cats only think about themselves and not others.

6. You can walk a dog, and, even if you can walk cats, dogs make walks more fun!

7. Dogs are 50% love and 50% play. Cats are 100% hate.

8. Cats are way too sensitive. Cats HAVE to be petted in certain spots. Dogs don't!

9. Cats are picky, most dogs aren't!

10. Cats run away much more easily than dogs. You cannot separate a dog from its master!

There! I gave you ten solid reasons why dog rule and cats stink to the core! Reply to me at info@kidsonthenet.com if this pleases you or not, because DOGS RULE AND CATS DROOL and dogs need more rights! There are more dog lovers than cats lovers in the world! Dogs rule and cats drool! Dogs rule! Cats drool! Dogs are winners! Cats are losers! Dogs are no. 1! Cats are no. 1,000,000,000,000! Dogs are first and cats are always last!

I'm Sisqo's Biggest Fan!

By Shirleen, Age 14, Year 9, Weston Favell Upper School, Northampton, UK

Hi every one! I think I'm Sisqo's biggest fan coz I luv him 2 bitz! I think he is 100000%fine & he is the best r&b singer ever (along wiv 2 pac that is) I'm mixed race and I want a boyfriend just like Sisqo! He's gorgeous!

I am Will Smith's biggest fan

By bonnie, age 14, Year 9, Weston favell upper school, Northampton, UK

Hi every one. I think I am Will Smith's biggest fan he is soooo sexy. He is a really good singer don't you think I would like to talk to any one who feels the same way or even looks like him. My name is Bonnie.

So u think are a shopaholic

By Zoe, age 13, Year 8, Wheldon School, Nottingham, UK

If you think you're a shopaholic then you haven't seen me in action yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's your favourite shop and where do you buy most of your stuff? I buy most of my stuff at Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island.
Reply back soon!


By Lizzie, age 12, Year 8, School, Newport, Wales

Many people in Wales think Welsh is a dead language. I toyally disagree, it is growing 4 many reasons. R any of u Welsh!

cats rule

By ben and joshua, Year 6, porchester junior school, england

cats rule
cats are the best, better than the rest
cats are out of this world


By Katie & Emily, age 11 & 10, Year 6, Porchester Junior School, Carlton, Nottingham, UK

We agree with you BOYS but we think boys are cool a bit

My Colour

By Afiqah, age 9, Singapore

My teacher has conveniently grouped us unfortunate dark ones, and indirectly labeled us as inferior. Unlike the other children, we are not allowed to ask questions and we are constantly being picked and told that we will never be as good as the rest, simply because we are a few tones shy of being "the proper people" we are apparently not as bright.

Where does that leave us?

It isn't easy being an everyday student, it's worse when we realize that we aren't. I come from a local school, from a simple home with a loving family. Like all children my age, I too have an ambition, for a long time, it had been to be a teacher. Where I live, it is described as a multi-racial society, but I fear for my future, and Idread what life will be like 10 years from now

You see, I have come to understand and feel the pain of what I have always heard about:


It is painful, it may be the mildest form of it, but it still hurts. My race is a minority here, but I have always been taught, at least until now, that all races are equal.

My teacher has conveniently grouped us unfortunate dark ones, and indirectly labeled us as inferior. Unlike the other children, we are not allowed to ask questions and we are constantly being picked and told that we will never be as good as the rest, simply because we are a few tones shy of being "the proper people" we are apparently not as bright.

Where does that leave us? Where does that put my want of being a teacher....to educate and love other children? I discovered that this is not a new topic in life, but why does painful life start so young? Where is my chance and right in being able to use my abilities and display them?

I know I try , but it seems so useless. I am not alone, am I? As I sit here, I wonder if life would be any better had I been born a little lighter? (in colour) What would be my ambition now? Teaching? Would I then be able to teach proper principles or would I be breeding ignorance out of ignorance? I sit...and wonder ... thankfully for now where I am ...that is still allowed....regardless of colour


Reply to Friends

By Katy, age 12, Cheadle Hulme School, STOCKPORT, UK

I totally agree with you. But some of my friends aren't like yours. I would like to know if you will be my friend. I think friends should be there for each other and be kind to one another. I am a really good and loyal friend.

We love cats too!

By Hotchkey, age 11, Year 6, Aldgate Primary School, Mylor,Adelaide,south Australia,Australia.

we totally agree with Mary!CATS R COOL AND they RULE!

Animals rule:)!!!!!!!!!!

By Georgina, age 12, Year 8, CSI (in France) School, Vernaison, near Lyon, France

Hi, all you "crazy for animals" people out there. I think that animals can read your mind, they also know when you are going away. Because my wonderful pets try to get my attention when Iam packing to go away. Also my guinea pigs associate the rustling of a bag with lettuce (which they adore). You people probably won't belive me but Ireally think that what Iam saying is true.

RE: Boys Again

By S Loz, age 13, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

Perhaps you don't like boys at the moment, but you'll have to accept it- we can't live without them. Oh, and I know it's just an expression but.... Tianna from Cheadle Hulme- I've changed my clothes more than twice, me duck. Bye then.


By Leanne, age 11, Surrey, England

Hiya guys, how are you lot? Probably sick from all the homework you've been getting,eahh? Well I tell you now, I am!! I suppose there's nothing that we can really do about it, or is there? Naah!! I mean wer'e only kids aren't we?
If you get too much homework that it makes you sick and you have no time for yourself anymore you're exactly like me, exactly like me. Try talking to your teacher and maybe, just maybe, they will try their best to try and cut down your homework rate. Give it a try and maybe, just maybe you'll have some time to yourself for once.
If there is anything you wan't to ask me or tell me put a message on here, like me! Okay? And I might be able to help ya!

What I think!!! (60s music and Boys)

By S Loz, age 13, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

YES, I prefer 60's music! So what? It's MY opinion! I think it's brilliant, and you don't have to listen to it if you don't want to! They could sing in the 60's, and I also love the fashion from the 60's, it was more daring and original than the clothes people tend to wear nowadays. And I don't know any grown-up's that go on about 'what it was like in their day'- in fact, I'm the only person I know who says that, and I'M ONLY 13!!!

And about boys! Of course they're immature! Are you trying to tell me that you never have been or never will be immature? I was immature! I still am! JUST LISTEN TO ME!!! Everyone is immature at some point in their lives, and if you're saying you weren't or won't be- you're lying. Bye then.

In response to Boys

By Jo and Sal, age 12 and 13, Nottingham, England.

We agree, we think that boys are rubbish. Don't get involved and enjoy having a laugh with your mates.

Body piercing + tattoos

By Tianna +Laura+Hannah, age 12+13, Stockport, UK

Body piercing is dangerous, only ears and bellies look nice, but if u have a nice belly then why spoil it?


By Laura, age 13, Year 8, Cheadle Hulme College, Cheadle Hulme, England

I think that boys are so immature and dumb, they will get more mature as they get older but for now i've the best way to cope with them... ignore them and steer well clear, only date when you have left school. I admit that some boys can be cool sometimes but for now girls believe me you don't need them

By Tianna, age 12, Year 8, Cheadle Hulme College, Cheadle Hulme

I disagree with you. You obviously like boys in a lovie dovie way and think the world of them. I bet you've had more boyfriends than you change your clothes. Boys are immature and annoying but eventually as they get older they become more mature and sensible. Until then we'll just have to put up with them!

By Hannah, age 13, Year 8, Cheadle Hulme College, Cheadle Hulme, England

We know that you think boys are cool but to me you sound like someone who loves them to bits and think the world of them don't get me wrong i like them too!!!! It is different when they are older and more mature but at the moment they can be so annoying, ignorent and definitely childish!!!!!!!!!! So i say think you should get over it!!!!!!!

Girls r better than boys! and it should stay like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ed's note: What a shame.... and a little bird tells me there's a certain boy pining for Hannah!....)

Get Fit!

By Jenny, nearly 12, The King John School, Thundersley, Essex, UK

Have you recently looked around at the younger generation? We seem to be getting lazier by the minute - and no-one seems to care. When I am older I wish to be only about 10 stone, many people are looking more on the realms of 15. My advice is GET FIT! This need not be a chore - all sports are way of keeping fit if you are persistant! May I just warn you - unless you want to be in-active and unfit when you're older TAKE UP A HOBBY!


By Sarah, age 13, Port Byron NY, USA

Me and my friends will always be together through rain or shine, wind or no wind, we will stick together whether she lives in Texas or I live in New York. Friends always stick by each other, they don't say what's not true, and they don't say nasty things about you, and when someone has told them you said something about them they don't just assume you did, they find out the facts first.

That's my friends, my friends are the best. They might not be perfect, but no one is. They are always there when I need them to be, and I am there for them. When we see each other we have a blast, that's what friends are for. They cheer you up when you are down and make you laugh when you are sad, but most of all they are just there and that's enough for me.

Are your friends the same way? I do hope so, because if they aren't what are they, friends or not?


By Adam and Bryan, age 10, St. Dominic School, Cincinnati, OH USA

I totally agree to the girls about boys being cool. I know, I am a boy. I have friends that are girls they're cooler than boys sometimes.


By April, age 10, St. Dominic School, Cincinnati, OH USA

Most people think ghosts are real . Some people thinkthat ghosts are spirits and that there will be whitches in the futrue.I think ghosts are real. Some people think that ghosts were real or are real now. I don't think they were around when I was born. If I told my parents that I seen a ghost they woudn't belive me I know they wouldn't. I don't know if they're alive now but I think think they are. My sister doesn't think ghosts assist now or when she was born when my parents were born.

Boys rule/Girls rule

By S Loz, age 12, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

If you say that girls are better than boys, then you are being sexist. I don't agree with sexism, racism or most other kinds of ism! The boy who wrote in saying 'what if boys said that kind of thing about girls?', I'd be angry, but I expect there are a lot of angry boys about some of the girls letters.

Reply to: Boys Rule

By Lauren, age 10, and Jessica, age 9, St. Dominic School, Cincinnati, OH USA

We think boys stink girls are better. We think the world would be a better place without BOYS. Some are nice, but some act like BATMAN and SUPERMAN.Girls are the best in the world and that's all there is to it.

Reply to: Boys

By J@yde, age 13, Western Australia

I think boys rule!! O.K, I mean some can be pains but so can girls. Most of my friends are boys and they are not immature at all. All boys are different, same as girls so some suck and some don't, so if you say I don't like boys, it's like saying I hate girls. There is really no difference.

Reply to: Blood Sports

by Michael, age 10, and J.J., age 9, grade 4, St. Dominic School, Cincinnati, OH, USA

I agree I think it is cruel to all animals because you are not using it for any reason, your using it for a sport.


By Michelle, age 13, Glover School, Spokane,Washington-USA

What's so wrong with guys?? Some can be pretty cool. So there!


By SHERRIE, age 14, Year 10 Beaumont Leys School, Leicester, UK

I think boyz are so immature but we can't live withut them. Boyz really get on my nerves because they think that girls are just their slaves. When we're not were just human beings just the same as them.

Reply to Bloodsports

By Alecs, age 9, Year 5, Cila Primary School, Swansea. Wales. UK.

I have 14 bloodhounds. But they do not hunt people, they hunt well me..and my friends. But they do not hurt us they just hunt us and come and SLOBBER all over us . It is really very funny. But I do agree I do not like the idea of hunting foxes, badgers etc

But my dogs won't get put down till they either have an illness or they die naturally. They will NOT die when they are 5-7 years of age .
Bye Alecs

Reply to: Bloodsports

by Amanda, age 12, 7th Grade, New York, USA

Hi I totally agree with the person who said blood sports is cruel. It is every animal should be treated nicely.

Re: Is violence the answer, & Girly Make-up!

By Loz, age 12, Year 7, School, Derbyshire, UK

No violence is not the answer. What do wars solve? Nothing! I agree with Tim@thy. War should be banned and all the countries leaders should shake hands and agree not to fight anymore.

As for girly make up- TRIPLE YAY! I love wearing my make up, and it's not to attract boys! It's not a waste of money, we can spend our money how we want.

A few words about The Summer Holidays and School

By Ilyas, age 11, Year 6, St James Junior School, Derby, UK

I really like the summer holidays and I know that every one would like some more holidays but if we don't go to school we can't meet our best friends.And I want to read up to University and so I can have a big Job and so I can have my pension about £1000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blood Sports

By Loz, Roz, Tim@thy & Ry@n, age 12, 11, 10, 15, Ambergate, Derbyshire, UK

We reckon that blood sports are very cruel and unnecessary. In the case of fox-hunting, loads of people on loads of horses with loads of hounds are against a single fox - and when it is caught, it is killed brutally. It's not only the foxes who get a bad deal- sometimes, hunts can be so fast that horses may fall and break limbs or neck. When the hounds are 5-7 years old, they aren't sent to loving homes, they are simply put to sleep.

We think this cruel sport should be banned - what do YOU think?

Reply to: Boys

By Tim@thy, age 10, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

I am a boy obviously I agree with Loz and Cammi. I think that boys and girls have equal rights and black and white people have equal rights to be part of the human race. And I find it unfair that people should think otherwise. I also think that boys shouldn't call other boys girls as an insult because I don't see anything wrong with being a girl.

Please reply!

Summer Holidays

By Atif, age 11, Derby, UK

I think that six weeks is not good enough for holidays. It should be two months!

Is violence the answer?

By Tim@thy, age 10, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

Is violence the answer? I don't think violence is the answer do you? All these wars in different countries in the last few years have been started by arguments, little fights, and so on. I wish the world would try to be a better place.

The girly make-up - does it attract boys or not?

By Tim@thy, age 10, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

I personally think that all the make-up that girls wear is not worth it {if they're trying to attract boys that is.} My eleven year old sister wears make-up when she goes out and on special occasions. She doesn't need make-up to attract boys. Some people like wearing make-up everyday thats fine with me but I think it's a waste of time and money.


By Roz, age 11, Year 6, Ambergate Primary School, Ambergate, Derbyshire, England

Hiya everyone, I'm Roz and I am a total shopaholic. If you were wondering, I do know Loz from Belper High and she is one of my best friends. In fact I like to go shopping with her. We shop in Belper, a town near to us. If anybody here likes shopping please write and tell me what you like to buy.

The beach

By Stas, 12, 6th grade, I.S.30 School, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY, USA

My favorite place is the beach. At the beach I can see the sand dancing in the wind. When I watch the ocean I can see it change colors like a chameleon. The waves run over each other and little by little eat the sand. The light breeze is gentle, whispering to me. The white clouds are swimming in the sky like giant dolphins. When I swim in the ocean I can smell algae and taste the salty water.

Usually I go to the beach during the last month of spring and during the summer. The plants are all green, the sky is very blue, and the sun shines as hard as it can. At this time I feel very fresh and energetic. I think about whatever, but I do not think about school.

I like to go to the beach with my friends. When we get into the water, we splash, we play, we dive under the water, in short, we have a lot of fun.

One time me and my friend were jumping from the pier. My friend jumped from the low part of the pier, and I jumped from the top. It was like five or six meters to the water. That was scary to stand on the top of the pier. I knew that it's not gonna hurt, but I was scared. Finally, when I jumped from the pier I felt butterflies in my stomach. I got under the water and it was so deep that I fall like meter under the water. I burst out the water and I swam to the bay. It was one of the coolest and phat times in my life.

I still think that my favorite place is the beach.

Great Opinions!

Reply to: What do you think about school?

By Loz, 12, Year 7, Belper High School, Ambergate, Derbys, UK

Hi everyone! I'd just like to say that I thought Leslie's writing was great! Sorry about that writing I put on about Cat's ruling, etc. I love cats AND dogs, I was just a little angry at the time! By the way, the only good thing about school is seeing your friends there. The worst thing is nasty teachers and the dreaded HOMEWORK!!!

What do you think about school?

By Leslie, 13, El Paso, TX, USA

Hello! I would like to ask people what do you think about school? Like do you think it's fun or what? Well, what I like about school is my friends, I don’t like going to my class because some of my teachers are mean. I have 4 classes every day , next year I will have 8. Thanks! *Leslie*

Things to do on the weekend

(Reply to: What do you do on the weekend?)

By Joel, age 13, Seqouyah Middle School, Edmond, O.K, U.S.A

Hi Wendy, What I like to do on the weekends is, play with friends, ride my bike, engineer RC airplanes, listen to music and lots of other things. OK Bye

Big brothers

By Michael, Age 9, 4th Grade, Creek Valley School, Edina, Minnesota U.S.A.

For some people big brothers are gods, but for others they are devils. My big brother drops into the devil category. he never lets me go on the computer. He never will listen to me. He always acts like the king of the entire world.
He always gets his way with my parents. On the other hand for the people who have good big brothers you are really lucky.

Reply to: What do you do on the weekend?

By Laurie, 11, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

In my family:

  • I play with friends
  • I have sleepovers with friends
  • We watch movies and play nintendo
  • In the winter we skate, slide and ski
  • In the summer we bike, rollerblade, walk and play outside at the playground
  • In the summer we swim

Puppy farming sucks!

By Naomi and Lauren, Year 7, Belper High School, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

Hi! We're Naomi and Lauren and we think puppy farming sucks. It's so cruel and totally unfair. We saw a program on it and it was absolutly appaling. Puppys are locked up all day in a shed with no light - plus they didn't get to go for any walks! When they were older, crooked vets give the puppys fatal injections. Shortly after the puppys die . We think puppy farming should be banned forever-What do you think???

Reply to: Dogs Rule and Cats Drool

By Tom, Sam, Ellie, Alice,Year 5, St.Peters R.C. Primary School, Waterlooville Hants England

Hi, we are Ellie, Alice, Tom and Sam. We think that both letters are completely wrong. Dogs rule and Cats rule.

Reply to: Boys

By Lauren, Year 7, Belper School, Belper, Derbyshire, UK

I think that Michelle from Canada's letter about boys was totally out of order. Without boys, there wouldn't be girls. Does Michelle want the human race to die out or something? I have a ton of friends who are boys, and some are even better than friends who are girls! So there.

Reply to: Boys

By Cammi, Aged 12, Pierce Elementary Public School, Pierce, Nebraska, USA

I agree totally with you. I think boys are cool. Most girls don't like boys, but I think they're are cool because without boys we wouldn't be here today!

Dogs Rule and Cats Drool

By Nicole, Grade 7, Calgary , Alberta, Canada

Personally, I think cats are very boring. all they do is sleep all day and eat. You can't go for walks with them or even play with them exept for tugging yarn, but that's no fun. Sure they are cute and all, but in my case, very boring. Dogs are a ton more fun! At least you can do something with them. No offense to cat lovers!


By Michelle, Grade 10, Semi, Surry, British Columbia, Canada

Are boys a bother or can they be friends. I think boys are a bother because I think that maybe the world would be a better place if there were no boys! What do you think?

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