Krazy Kennings

from Year 6, John Stocker Middle School, Exeter, Devon, UK

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By Leah, age 11

a meat - eater
a park - walker
a water - drinker
a loud - barker
a droppings - marker


By Matthew and Laura, 11

A flea-eater
A tree-swinger
A rope-climber
A good-singer
A banana-lover
A baby-sitter.

The Monkey

By Andrew and Charlie, 10

A tree-swinger
A show-stopper
A banana-eater
A jungle-liver
A champion-stealer
A noise-maker

The Dinosaur

By Ben & Elliot, age 10

A man-eater
A fifty-footer
A flame-thrower
A blow-torcher
A tree-stomper
A rusty-ringer
A body-stealer
A meat-eater
A stone-ager
A fierce-fighter
A neck ripper

The No.1 Dragon

By Samantha, Age 11

A fire-fighter
A night-lighter
A brave-sighter
A clever-glider
A stupid-hunter
And of course a blood thirsty eater!

What is it?

by Leah, age 10

A carrot-eater
A hutch-walker
A lettuce-nibbler
A silent-talker


By Chloe & Miriam, age 10 & 11

A tree-stomper
A plant-eater
A fearsome-creature
A trunk-washer
A caring-mother
A defensive-mammal
A tusk-wanter
A long-liver.


By Laura & Matthew, age 11 & 11

A Meat-eater
A great-hunter
A prey-pouncher
A family-protecter
A night-watcher
A mane-cleaner
A light-sleeper.


By Emma and Sophie, 11

A Wave-Splasher
A Fish-Eater
A Water-Jumper
A Sand-Scraper
A Splashing-Flipper
A Ocean-Explorer
A Water-Squirter
A Good-Swimmer.

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