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For centuries on the site of the Galleries of Justice, at the Shire Hall in Nottingham, UK, citizens of the local community were locked up in prison, stripped of their civil liberties in the courtroom and sometimes lost their lives on the gallows on the front steps. Now some of the experiences have been recreated for visitors to the award-winning Galleries of Justice Museum.

You can find out more at the lively Galleries of Justice website. It includes three games:

At what age?
a quiz looking at the legal age for various activities in the UK, such as the age you are regarded as responsible for any crimes you commit and how old you have to be to get a part-time job.

Why collect objects like these?
A game based on the contents of an animated prison cell

R you Up 4 it?
A quiz based upon the objects in the Galleries of Justice collection

The entrance hall of the Galleries of Justice has
a collection of coats of arms of the sheriffs and
constables of Nottingham. If you would like to
create your own coat of arms you can
send a scan by email to info@kidsonthenet.com
to be displayed on the Kids' Castle website.

And at the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL) website you can find out about community and education programmes covering historical crime and punishment, crime reduction and citizenship.

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