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Throughout history since humans started living together in communities, they have agreed rules to live by. Such rules describe the kind of behaviour that helps every member to live peacefully and prosperously with others.

There must also be rules about what to do with people who refuse to behave in a way that does not respect the rights of others.

The Net Rules! looks at the historical context of crime and punishment, focusing on the Victorian era in the UK. We also look at good citizenship and ways that children can have a say in what goes on in their communities.

Finally we look at what kinds of behaviour are needed on the internet and what rules children need to follow to stay safe from those who do not keep to those standards of behaviour.

The Net Rules! is part of Kids on the Net, a website facilitating children's writing. It was produced with sponsorship from Experian, whose international headquarters are in Nottingham; and with advice from the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law (NCCL) at the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham.

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