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  How to write about yourself

Kids on the Net is always interested to hear from you, wherever you live. Tell us about:

  • your family, friends and pets (two brothers and four gerbils?)
  • where you live (isolated mountains? busy city? rainy? sunny?)
  • your interests (swimming? play football for the school? enjoy reading?)
  • what you like to do at school (is your favourite subject writing?)
  • what matters to you (best friend, not being cruel to animals, Blue or Justin Timberlake?)
  • what's special about you! (dance in a show? the Simpsons' biggest fan?)

We are very careful about the privacy of Kids on the Net users. We don't ever give out email addresses. We're sorry but Kids on the Net can not arrange email pals.

You can write back to other children, if you would like to, but only on this website. If you ask for a reply, you will have to look on the site to see your message and come back to the site occasionally to see if anyone replies to you.

Remember safety when you write about yourself online

  • We only need your first name, age, and the place where you live (town/county/state/country)
  • Do not give out your full name, street address, telephone numbers, or personal information about family or friends
  • No-one online needs to know what you look like. Do not give any physical description of yourself.
  • And always get permission from a parent or teacher before you write to us.

More on Net Safety from our Net Rules! site.

If you accidentally include personal information we will delete it before putting writing on the website.

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