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 What will your world be like in ten years' time?

In 2008 Kids on the Net is ten years old!

Help us celebrate by joining our newest writing project.

Tell us:

  • If you are ten or over: what is or was the best thing about being ten?


  • What will you be doing in ten years' time? Can you picture the world that you will be living in?


  • What will computers be like in ten years' time? Will you still be using a keyboard? What kind of computer might you carry in your pocket or wear?

Be among the first to join in!

Write your response here


10 Years of My Life

By Amy, 9, Cardiff, Wales

10 years of my life,
Hope flying by,
Coming soon,
Can't wait til noon,
Til I am 10 years old.

10 years of my life,
Are flying by so happily,
All the times,
I sang these rhymes,
Oh, what a tragedy!

10 years of my life,
Are going by so quickly,
Sitting on my bed,
Thinking what I have just said,
Cause now I'm ten years old.

10 years of my life,
Have just went skating on,
There trip is to follow,
All the DVDs I borrow,
Cause 10 years of my life have passed.

10 years of my life,
Are becoming so divine,
Because of the wait,
Sitting with a mate,
10 years of my life has GONE!
(November 2008)

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Future Computer

By Taja, 10, Jakarta, Indonesia

In ten years, the computer will be a lot more futuristic. It has a big memory and is easy to travel with because it have a small size so we can put it our pocket. But it's easy for us to see because it use holographic feature and there is another screen that have the menu and it's touch screen.

It's waterproof and it doesn't broke easily. The computer also use voice command. So if we want to do something like save a document, we just have to say 'Save' and it will save. It also have built in printer so we can print things right away. The computer is also good looking and we can change the look by changing the casing.
(September 2008)

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The Tree Man

By Bradley, 10, Ancoats, Manchester, UK

School was out and the Easter holidays had just started. Tom ran out of school with the rest of his class but had to take a shortcut down by the canal because the main road was closed. As he was walking down the canal he noticed that a squirrel was gasping for air.

'This place is a disgrace,' Tom thought to himself, 'We need to have a good clean up around here.'

Then Tom carried along on his way home.

The naturist was watching some squirrels ' he had been watching them for a very long time and one of them was not doing anything:

Not collecting food.
Not feeding her babies.
Not doing anything else.

As Tom continued his journey home, he noticed that a lot of other animals were getting sick.

'It's all the trees they're taking and all the paper they're wasting,' Tom thought to himself.

When he got back to his house, he felt a tremble beneath his feet. He ran downstairs and asked his mum did she hear it.

'No, I didn't, but your father might have.'
'Dad, did you hear that earthquake?'
'No' replied his dad, 'I didn't.'

Meanwhile, the naturist was climbing up the tree to see if the squirrel was alright. As he did, one of the branches snapped and he fell out of it but unharmed. Suddenly a massive figure appeared 'it looked like a tree and it crushed his motorbike with one hand and said,

'This is how you treat nature and this is how I'll treat you!'

A split second later the naturist ran off and thought to himself, 'No-one will believe me.'

Tom was playing out with his friends. He felt the shake again and said to his friends, 'Can you feel it? Can you hear it?'

'Hear what? I can't feel anything,' replied his friend.

'Never mind.'

Tom went wandering off all on his own and arrived at the canal and saw a colossal figure and said to it, 'What are you? Who are you?'

The enormous tree figure answered, 'I am Tree Man and I have come here to save the future. If people keep going on the way they are with paper there will hardly be any trees left in the world. The way people fight over oil is the way people fight over trees.'

'Watch yourself, stay back little boy!' It was the naturist (Tim).

'I'm fine, he's not going to hurt me.'

'I'm sorry for what I did to your motor bike,' boomed Tree Man, 'I thought you were harming the trees.'

'It's okay,' replied Tim, 'What is your purpose here?'

'I have come to knock down the pulp factory.'

Tom screamed, 'You can't do that! Everyone in the town works there!'

The monster boomed back instantly, 'I am going to knock it down and build a recycling centre. You can't stop me.'

After he had spoken, Tree Man shot off at incredible speed.

Tom and Tim tried to think of something they could do to capture him.

'I've got it! I've got it!' shouted Tom, 'We could try and use a magnet to capture him to see if he's got any metal components inside him.'

Tom spotted the Tree Man and drove a huge machine towards it with a massive industrial magnet on the end but it didn't work. They found out Tree Man was made of one thing and one thing only:
WOOD! Lots of it!

They had almost given up when Tim said, 'We could try and get some outfits to disguise ourselves so that we look like him. Then we could stand on long pieces of wood to make us appear gigantic.'

When they caught up with Tree Man he was amazed; he thought he was the only shape-shifting tree alive in the galaxy. His big, black, football eyes were astonished and he boomed,

'Who are you? I thought all of mankind had been wiped out!'

Tom and Tim both said in a deep voice, 'We are baby trees. Our other siblings got destroyed and sent to the pulp factory.'

Suddenly Tom fell over and one of the pieces fell off and Tree Man could see quite clearly a fragment of his trouser; he had been sussed!

'Do you think I'm stupid?' boomed Tree Man, 'Nothing you can do or say will change my mind about that factory. It is coming down tonight. And there's nothing you can do about it.'

So they both sat down and thought about what they could do. Out of nowhere Tom could feel that rumbling again. Minutes later he ran to the factory to bring his dad his lunch. Whilst he was there he noticed that it was completely deserted. There were bricks flying here and there then he noticed Tree Man was there and he was demolishing the factory like a wrecking ball.

Tree Man said, 'I keep my promises. If I said it's going down tonight, it's going down tonight.'

But what Tom didn't know was that Tree Man was knocking it down for it's own good. He was planning to make a recycling centre so it wasn't all bad news.

Tom decided to go home.

The next day there was a new building in town, right where the pulping factory had once stood. There was a note on the gates,

'I told you. Not all of it is bad news. Signed, Tree Man.

PS Everybody can have their jobs back as long as they take care of it. Otherwise I'll be back!!!!!'
(September 2008)

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What Will You Be Doing In Ten Years Time?

By Ethel , 13, Koforidua, Ghana

In ten year's time the world will really change. There will be a lot of development all over the world with the help of science and technology. In the hospitals there will be a lot of machines that will be used to detect illness easily. The police will be able to detect where there are bombs and they will be able to track down criminals easily.

In ten years time we will have small computers that will be the size of a book and will not need the help of any keyboard because you will just touch the screen. Many people in the world will be literate and this will decrease poverty all over the world.

Most countries in the world will be using machines for processing of foods, building of houses and all other jobs that would have been difficult to do this time.

By ten year's time there would be a lot of development all over the world and there would be poverty reduction, this will make life very easy.
(August 2008)

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In 10 Years Time

By Laura Jane, 11 , Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

In ten years time I hope to be a famous author selling millions of books and novels a day or even have a professional singing career. I am quite good at both and I just love to do them both.

If I was just starting to reach my dream, for my part time job would probably be teaching or even just a babysitter.

I dont really know what the world will be like in ten years time but I do hope that people improve on helping the ozone layer and start respecting the world around us. It would be cool if there were hover crafts and there were no roads because all the cars would be flying, but with eco friendly fuel of course!

Anyway thats what I think but I am really just focused on my school work right now but I can have fun. ALOT OF FUN!
(August 2008)

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Ten Rules!

By Dana, 10, Millbrae,CA, USA

Being ten is great. Hello, double digits! Also,you get more respect, but you have to wash the dishes too. (Sad face here.) I think that your tenth birthday is the start of the rest of your life, except I said that about your fifth birthday.

All in all, ten rules!
(August 2008)

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Life at ten

By Emma, 10, Athens, Ohio, USA

Day by day a face is changed by the miracle of life,
Listen to its humble tune while it pushs past your strife.
Even when it's only an echo pounding in your soul,
Listen well and listen clear for that's what life is for.
(April 2008)

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