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Recipes from Class 5 at West Twyford

Class 5 at West Twyford Primary School in London has children from many different countries. We cannot all visit each other so we have shared our recipes by making a menu maker based on hyperlinks.

We hope you can find just the right meal from our recipes. Perhaps we should say, we hope you can find many right meals from our menu maker; there are so many combinations. You can have each course from a different country, all vegetarian, a couple of light courses to go with a BIG plateful of something else.

Please remember that family appetites vary so a recipe that serves four genteel appetites might not be enough for a family with heartier palates.

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Below we have a conversion table for quantities and another for temperatures.

Quantity equivalents

1 cup 8 fl oz = 0.5 lb fat, sugar, rice, lentils = 4 oz flour
1 oz

approx. 30 g

2 lb 3 oz 1 kg
1 pint UK 20 fl oz US
1.75 pints UK approx. 1 litre
1 teaspoon 5 ml
1 tablespoon

15 ml

1 cup 250 ml

Temperature equivalents

  Gas ° Centigrade ° Farenheit
Cool oven 0-1/2 107-121 225-250
Very slow ½ - 1 121-135 250-275
Slow 1-2 135-149 275-300
Very moderate 2-3 150-177 300-350
Moderate 4 190 375
Moderately hot 5 204 400
Hot 6-7 218-233 425-450
Very hot 8-9 246-260 475-500


Tbsp. tablespoon
Tsp. teaspoon

V vegetarian
S starter
M main
D dessert
Dr drink
TS time-saver

What would you like to see first?

Main course


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