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Ode to a Cricket bat

O, my incredible cricket bat
I am much obliged for your entertainment
I enjoy your companionship
In admiration I would like a toast
But unfortunately you don't breathe in and out
Without you I couldn't survive
I am certainly your admirer
I salute you
I approve of your greatness
Thank you my wooden cricket bat

Written by
Age - 9 years.

And I was there!

by Sam, 10, Lady Bay Primary School, Nottingham, UK

I played Kwik Cricket at a Test match
The excitement was in the air
Gough hit the ball into outer space
and I was there!

Bat 'n' Ball

by Charlotte, 11, Lady Bay Primary School, Nottingham, UK

I am the bat in the bowler's hand
I will hit a six, I understand
The leather ball is no match for me
For I am the descendant of the willow tree

I am the ball waiting to be bowled
I understand, I don't need to be told
I have to be caught, it's the only way
I must win for England
I'll make them play!

The Ball's Story

by Helen, 11, Lady Bay Primary School, Nottingham, UK

He's holding me lightly
With fingers and thumbs
He's about to release me
Here I come!
I spin through the air
The crowd gives a gasp
As the batter steps back
Lifting his bat


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