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 IMPORTANT: change to Kids on the Net

November 2005

Kids on the Net is changing! I hope this explains what’s happening.

  • Kids on the Net is moving its home on the internet (its servers).
  • We currently have less people with less time to look after it.
  • We are publishing only the very best writing - make sure your writing is properly spelled and typed correctly to have a chance at seeing it published on these pages
  • You may have to wait some time to see your writing - for this we apologise. Sadly we get a lot of rubbish that wastes the editor's time. It is still lovely to read the many pieces of excellent writing we receive every day. Thank you for writing.
  • ALL of the website is still open for reading, but parts of the website are not currently open to new writing, including Kids' Castle, Monster Motel and Adventure Island.


For parents and teachers please read on:

Firstly to reassure you that Kids on the Net and its sub-sites such as Dragonsville and Kids' Castle will remain open for the foreseeable future. There's lots you can see and do!

As a result of its success and popularity all over the world, Kids on the Net has outgrown its funding and its resources. We are taking some time at the moment to reflect on past success and plan what shape Kids on the Net can take for the future. We are actively seeking donated website hosting, partners, sponsors and additional volunteers so that as many projects as possible can be maintained.

The websites will *remain online* with currently published writing and lots of activities to be involved in. However, for the time being we are sadly unable to publish submissions of writing in Kids' Castle, Monster Motel and Dragonsville. The website will soon reflect this information. The main Kids on the Net (www.kidsonthenet.com) is still open to submissions of writing including stories and poems but we cannot guarantee that writing will appear quickly, because editing depends on the goodwill of volunteers.

There are LOTS of activities in Kids' Castle and throughout the site that can be used in educational settings, please see http://www.kidsonthenet.com/castle/plan.html to find out more about the games, puzzles and things to do in the Castle, including Dress the Knight, Quizzes, interactive online Wordsearches and instant stories. No password is required for these.

There's lots more to do even with galleries closed to submissions! In school we recommend publication in a class book or poster and you are welcome to take images from the site to use to illustrate it.

I hope this does not disappoint young writers and I am sure you will still find plenty to do. Please watch the eTeachers' Portal Newsblog for further news. http://www.kidsonthenet.com/teachers/blog/index.html and do join our mailing list if you haven't already.

Meanwhile, please make sure your bookmarks/favorites and links point to http://www.kidsonthenet.com (rather than http://www.kidsonthenet.com) likewise http://www.kidsonthenet.com/castle etc.

Kids on the Net is run voluntarily on a non-profit basis. We're looking for teachers, group leaders, interested parents, readers and writers, and young writers too - anyone interested in web-based literacy resources and digital writing - to help us with Kids on the Net. Could you help us promote the site to other teachers? Could you be an advocate and a point of support for teachers using the site in your country? Could you help us with a little bit of editing of submissions (can be done from anywhere with access to the Internet)? Would you like to respond to young writers with a helpful critique of their work? Are you a bit of a techie and able to help us improve and rebuild the website to be more efficient? Could you help with fund-raising? There are lots of jobs not too big for busy people, and the more people we have to help the more we can offer to young writers. The site has grown too big to be managed by one person with another full-time job! Let me know if you're interested in helping, even if it's just to be on our advisory board.

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